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Abortion stay a legal option in the US.

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Started: 2/25/2017 Category: Politics
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I will be arguing that abortion stay a legal option in the US nationwide. Con will be arguing that it shouldn't. As this is a fairly controversial topic, I have added 4 rounds instead of my usual 3. If you need more rounds or wish to continue the debate, please message me afterwards. If you need more room for text, you can put your argument on a Google document and have the link as your argument. I would highly suggest you use the check your spelling button before submitting your arguments.

Round 1 - Opening statements
Round 2 - Opening arguments and rebuttals
Round 3 - Rebuttals
Round 4 - Rebuttals and closing statements/arguments

[1] Don't troll
[2] Post your sources
[3] Don't use religion as justification
[4] Try not to use logical fallacies
[5] Stay civil

Good luck con. I hope this debate will be interesting.


I will be arguing for the safety of our unborn babies, around the world, the US, UK, Australia, Poland, everywhere.
Debate Round No. 1


Great. Also sorry for forgetting to add should in the title. Let's begin.

What is abortion?

First we must understand how abortions happen. Usually we see that abortions happen via pills or surgery, but it depends on which trimester they are in. The pills contain mifepristone which prevents progesterone from being created which makes the uterus relax, thus expelling the embryo from the body. A vacuum aspiration is used 16 weeks after birth, and it empties the contents of the uterus via a vacuum. A dilation and curettage is similar, but instead is uses a metal ring like device. These usually happen between Week 1 - 16. Dilation and Evacuation is the third and rarest option as it usually happens during the 21st week.

What would happen if it was banned?

Long story short, people would still do it. As many people would want one, they would still do it but by themselves with unsafe procedures. Because of this every single year 68,000 women die and over 6 million get disabilities. The WHO calls this a "preventable epidemic." Now of course this must be ignorant people, right? No. Let's take a field trip, shall we? Where are we going? Mexico, Ireland and Brazil. What they have in common is that abortions are illegal. And yet they have the same amount of abortions but they're all dangerous. Of course with everything there are exceptions such as Texas, but most just go to a place where they're legal (for the trimester they're in).

How do we fix this then?
[1] Better sex education
Better sex education helps teens and other people how to not get pregnant (if that wasn't obvious enough). Between 1990 and 2014, sex education has improved and with it abortions.
[2] Make our orphanages and foster houses safer and better. They're a mess. Many orphanages result in the child becoming poor, homeless or they commit crimes.
[3] Support foster homes and encourage adoption
[4] Easier access to contraceptives

By doing this we can keep abortion legal, we can improve our foster homes, we can bring up our adoption rates and at the same time lower abortion rates.




The late-term abortion technique is horrific. People say abortionists crack a full-term baby's skull and remove their stuff. Abortions kill babies. Those countries are right in banning abortions. You forgot Poland as well. Also, abortion facilities transport women to hospital every now and then. FPA sent 4 patients to hospital in 5 weeks.

Debate Round No. 2


First I should point out that your source seems to have 404'd.

Now you claim that people say abortionists crack a full term baby's head open. This, in most cases doesn't happen. Also to say "people claim" is honestly bad for your argument. People are wrong a lot of times and regarding abortion, many people don't know what really happens.

In the rare case they are sent to the hospital, the abortionist failed a test or examination (ie an incident at the Annaland Planned Parenthood facility.)

You also claim that abortions kill babies. I realize that. The thing is banning it doesn't work in most cases and legalizing it (and also providing better sex education) is a far better solution to stopping abortions then banning it (the same thing that happens when people try to ban drugs.)


First you need to separate text, then remove one link.
Right on...


You claim I am wrong. Then check this video: Then tell me I am wrong.

Again, wrong. Women are commonly sent to hospital AFTER abortions and could even DIE! Cree Erwin died in Michigan from an abortion. They told her it was "safe". This is the cruel truth of abortion.

Debate Round No. 3


You are wrong. You claim that they occur by breaking open the head. That occurs during the second trimester. 80 - 92 percent occur during the first trimester. During this time, most are aborted via medicine.

So why vote pro? Con has shown little attempt at refuting my claims but instead makes more claims on why abortion is wrong. Furthermore he has shown little knowledge on how abortions actually occur, but instead uses biased sources that get stories and interviews instead of using cold hard facts. For all of the "facts" he did present, I either refuted them or the links didn't work, once again from a biased source. Please vote pro.



Phoenix objects!

Wrong. What happens in a 2nd trimester abortion is a D and E. That is Dilation and Evacuation. They use a weighted speculum, and then use a catheter to take the fluid out, and then crack that out. You're right, but forgot the parts BEFORE that. Late term is more horrific. They inject a killing drug, then the baby gets shot out of the woman's bum into the toilet.

Wrong. Only 88 percent of abortions happen during the first trimester. At that time they do a suction aspiration D and C. They open the cervix with a speculum and use dilators to open the vagina even more. Then they use a suction vacuum to suck the baby out of the vagina and then scrape with a curette to get more parts out.




Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by newarksonic33 1 year ago
Vote Con, why? Because Pro uses pro-choice stuff that are not true, and even if it was true, babies would die because of abortion.
Posted by newarksonic33 1 year ago
I am sorry if I merged the links.

Remove one or the other.
Posted by Xenoth 1 year ago
This was already accepted, sorry. I could set up a debate on the same topic if you want.
Posted by David_Debates 1 year ago
I'll debate you, if you'd like.
Posted by Xenoth 1 year ago
I meant stay. With a pro life president and vice president, I'm sure they will try to get rid of it.
Posted by paintballvet18 1 year ago
Abortion is a legal option nationwide.
Roe v. wade you fool.
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