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Started: 2/9/2014 Category: Society
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Accept this debate by typing "I accept".
The rounds will be divided as follows:

Round 2
Saying why you are pro/con to the subject.
This by defending your statement through argumentation and facts/numbers.

Round 3

Counter of the opponents arguments.
Do not be subjective, be objective.

Round 4
A defense from both parties, countering the counter arguments.

Round 5
A conclusion.
The influence of this debate on you opinion before the debate.
Has this debate in any way changed/modified your opinion on the subject?

For this particular subject I would like to ask the contender to NOT use god as a source, neither should he use the bible.
Religion is not a valid argument.


I accept

Good luck, I hope this will be productive
Debate Round No. 1


To start with I would like to repeat the condition on which you have agreed by typing "I accept": No religion shall be used in this debate, not any links to the bible, Koran or even Thora.

As of my debate, here I go:

In my opinion the decision is entirely dependant on the woman, no matter what the situation is, the woman should decide if she wants or does not want to abandon her child or keep it. This decision should of course be discussed with specialized staff.

Abortion should be allowed (By that I mean generally accepted) because some people, in some situations, need abortion because they are/will be unable to provide a stable living for their child. A stable living does not necessarily mean an economically safe situation, the morals of the mother to the child are also very important. If the child is the result of a rape, misbehaviour or abuse, the mother will most likely choose for abortion, which is a choice I would allow and could not possibly counter.

I personally am from Belgium, in my country abortion has been legalized since 1990.
I will take the numbers from my country as an example since I think my country (being a pioneer in terms of human freedom) can be used as an example.
So far, 13% of the pregnant population decides that abortion is a better solution. The reasons for this are quite normal and very acceptable, about 35% of them decides to abort for financial, material or relational problems. Only 10% of the woman do it because they feel like they have a complete family.

The cost of the operation averages 3 euros depending on the situation. This is a very fair price, this also means the operation is accessible to anyone.

Another important thing to note is that 60% of the people that abort did use means of anti conception to avoid having a child, yet, they got one.

My conclusion to this set of arguments is that there or plenty of reasons why abortion should be legal, and plenty of reasons it has to be accepted in society.

I look forward to an answer.

Sources used:

Send request if translation needed.


Sswdwm forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


As no arguments were given I can not provide a rebuttal.


FF, sorry I have wasted your time
Debate Round No. 3


No problem at all.
Wish to continue or to stop the debate here?


I am happy to take the debate loss.

I thought I could support some aspects of an anti-abortion position and I did write several arguments but I felt very dishonest disingenuous and thereby unmotivated in doing so.

I'll briefly summarize the points I do feel somewhat strongly about (and I would like you to address them, you can do so here or in private as I have already conceeded the debate loss)

My main argument was this:

Pro needs to discuss why the rights of a newborn or infant should be given over that of a foetus since
1. Both have been demonstrated to excercise a level of suffering
2. Both suffer from childhood amnesia, so it's dabatable if an infant has any intrinsic life-value over a foetus
3. Only difference between a newborn and foetus are varying stages of physical development and it's exit through the birth canal, is that really satisfactory reason to give an infant the same rights to life over a foetus

As for women's right to her body

1. Both infant and foetus depend on their mother/host family for it's survival anyway. Thereby we already have some agreement that a mother sacrifices a degree of right to her life/body in bringing up a child anyway. Why shall we expect differently just because it's carried within?

Alternative options:

1. Adoption remains a strong option for mothers unwilling/unwanting to raise a child, and suffers much less of the morality complications

Social Issues:
1. The issue of abortion becoming another means for contraception, whcih would erode into the progress we have made with contraceptives, especially regarding serioud STD's such as HIV

2. Women generally experience regret after abortions*
* I corrected myself on this when looking for the statistics, indeed I was wrong

As for positions on the points you already made
1. I agree, very strongly, that medical or traumatic (rape, etc) cases should allow for abortion
2. Also very early stage terminations should be acceptible
3. The morality, or rightness or wrongness of an action should depend on the affect is has on the consious beings

That's about it. I didn't elaborate, just asserted, so I don't expect any elaborative answer. I will the rest it up to you.
Debate Round No. 4


Thank you, con, for your arguments.

The rights of the newborn should be given over that of a foetus since the newborn infant has caused more suffering than a foetus. The newborn is also physically visible and unique, whereas the foetus look like any other foetus on a first glance.
The newborn has to be taken care of on another level than the actual foetus. This is mainly why woman have, according to me, the right to stop their pregnancy and abort a foetus.

The bond between mother and child is unique and only gets there when the child is born, at this very moment the bond between mother and child are physically made, the woman will recognise this as her real child.

As to answer your second question, the right to abort is the woman's, no other person and/or instance can take this right away from her, abortion has always been practiced (not officially that is) and has never been a problem for the mother or doctor (if followed correctly).

Abortion will never be seen as a mean of contraception since it is in fact much harder to do and to withstand, an abortion has physical consequences too that have to be considered. Whereas an official mean of contraception has no physical consequences whatsoever. (yet again, if used correctly, don't swallow a condom kids!).

Great debate anyhow and I truthfully learned from it, quite interesting to hear ones opinion.
I do admit that my point of view is more ethical and easier to defend.


Thank you for your points,

I hereby forfeit.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ZenoCitium 3 years ago
@kaister: I'm having a lot of trouble following your logic. Two questions: If there was a fool proof method for preventing abortion do you think it would make a difference? I guarantee abstinence will give you 100% success. Second question: you state that rationality should be weighted more heavily than morality. So how then is abortion rational (under any circumstance, as you said yourself)?
Posted by DarkChiyoko 3 years ago
religion is a reliable source.
Posted by Sswdwm 3 years ago
Thanks for posting your argument, I will hopefully get my argument posted tonight or tomorrow morning

Posted by kaister 3 years ago
There should be no ban on abortion. Even under any circumstance. Other than sticking to abortion in the very early stages and my reason for that is a more personal moral choice. At an early stage pain isn't as obvious compared to later stages. Even if obvious death is far quicker than a more developed foetus.

Other than abortion should be legal and available to whomever wants it. Life is not sacred. You can always say I will go to hell for murder and so on. However, most of the people whom need the abortion are the ones who never really wanted a child to begin with. Humans as much evolved we are do give in to carnal needs and it is not fair that in the moment of heat. A child has to be brought about. Just because it's sacred. A child should only brought up under very controlled measures. Careful planning and such.

If one is bound to hell to make such a decision so that a child wouldn't have to go through a miserable life. Then by all means it's a worthy trade. Many children are found in trash cans every where in the world. You can say man should use contraceptives to avoid an abortion and etc. However all of them are not fool proof, sure you can say permanent measures but people would like to keep their options open. It's like saying, either eat all the food now or starve forever. People want to eat when they want to not be forced.

Besides I personally say morality is very much man made as religion. I say so as if there were no humans, then god will not have any worshippers. Same goes for the former. Hence, rationality should always be weighed heavier than morality.
Posted by ZenoCitium 3 years ago
@Spips: You may want to refine your PRO stance. CON may argue that you are for abortion under any circumstances. If this is your stance, that's ok, I wanted to prevent you from getting tricked into a unfavorable position.
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