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Started: 8/30/2008 Category: Health
Updated: 9 years ago Status: Challenge Declined
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I deem that a women should not have to compulsorily go through the child birth process. The 9 month course is long and arduous, so why should a woman have to go through that because of an unexpected pregnancy? A woman should have the choice whether or not to abort a pregnancy because, after all, it's her life to consider.
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Posted by Jay1980 1 week ago
Abortion is murder. A fetius is a human being.
Posted by John_C_1812 12 months ago
Abortion describes something that is officially being stopped. What is being stop? Human life. If any person officially stops human life, how else can that be described by a witness? Murder? Can evidence be collected in a possible murder? Should evidence be collected in a possible murder?
A saying like Gender Specific Amputation describes an Emergency or Accidental removal. It has no confession tied to it. As a person defending the "United States Constitution" form an incrimination accidental or intentional, here is a question directly addressing the legality of abortion. A woman shouldn't"t have to confess to a crime to receive Emergency Medical treatment. Do people understand that "abortion" is describing a confession?
Posted by DrKaboom44 1 year ago
I feel like abortions should only be permitted to rape victims who's cases were proven.
Posted by ericanddianna270 3 years ago
Many people like to say that what this is all about is "a woman right to do what she wants with her own body" is it really? In this day and age why is abortion even an issue? How many different forms of birth control are there? Does a woman have the right to use any form of birth control she wishes? Can she tell a man no sex without him useing birth control? If a woman does not want to have a baby.... atke the responsibility to take the steps needed to simply not get pregnant. The liberals and feminists tell women that they are the ones that fight for the ladies best interest. Are they really? How many women have gone through serious mental health issues after an abortion? Some even have commited suicide. Since roe vs wade in 1973 there have been over 50,000,000 abortions in america. That is the amount of people that died in all of orld ar two. 50,000,000 ..... liberals and feminists have told ladies they are the ones prtecting them and their rights. Are they really? Out of 50,000,000 it should be noted that 25,000,000 would have been little girls and then women. There are other things the liberals and feminists do not want women to know. For example.... the conversion to christianity of the lady in roe vs wade and her feelings that what she did was wrong. Ladies you have been lied to. They have tried to pit men and women against one another for the purpose of their agenda. This has nothing to do with womens rights. If you do not want to have a baby..... any adult should atke the responsible actions to make sure they do not get pregnant. Yup it really is that simple. If you do not want to have a baby you have that right but you have the responsibility to take the action needed to make it not happen. If you don't then the baby has a right to exist. Remember 25,000,000 would have been girls.
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