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Started: 11/4/2013 Category: Society
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Ok OXface i say abortion is wrong. I challenge you to prove me wrong or at least try. (:


Alright I will do my best. I would first like to say thank you for not coming at me in a hostel manner. Second you either misspelled my name or that was intentional but very humorous( I laughed pretty hard). The point of this debate is not to insult you or what you believe, I do not mean to offend, I will explain why I think what I think. And I would appreciate if you would simply do the same.
A few things I want to clarify before I get to the meat of the subject.
1. This is not a religious debate, your god has no part in this.
2. The bible is not a valid source of information, and is incapable of proving anything.
3. I would not encourage someone to get an abortion, it is not my body and therefore not my decision to make.
4. I think that a woman has the right to do with her body as she pleases for it is hers and hers alone.
5. I am hoping for a mature conversation and a civil debate, which is free of senseless bashing on ones character or beliefs.

Let the debate begin.
First, you said that abortions is wrong....under what grounds. Could you explain why you think its wrong?

Second, I am pro choice. If the woman wants to terminate the fetus, then that is her choice it is her body an no one has the right to tell her what she can and can not do with it.

Third, consider this..... you have a wife for which you love to no end. She's pregnant. Your going to be a dad. As the pregnancy continues the unthinkable happens..... there's a complication with the fetus's development. Its terminal to the mothers health. You now have a choice, terminate the fetus and save your loving wife. Or you can not terminate and lose them both. You love your wife and don't want to lose her. which would you chose and why?

Fourth, I am for abortion in cases of incest, rape, terminal to woman's health, etc.... Its not fair to the mother in the case of rape, why must she suffer the pain of birth for a child that she doesn't want, cant support and will never love, why must she keep the fetus. Why must she have a baby that she does not want?

Fifth, I AM NOT FOR abortion in the case of "OK I got pregnant again time for my tenth abortion." That makes me rage when they don't learn that you don't go fooling around with sex unless you want a child. its plying with fire eventually your going to get pregnant fooling around like that. I absolutely can not stand women that do that.

As a side note, I may not believe in any god, but I still do not believe that a man and a woman should have sex outside of marriage. Or you are undoubtedly going to marry your other, but must wait due to finances or other circumstances.

That is my opening statement.
Debate Round No. 1


Sorry for spelling yout name wrong but im glad it was funny(:I know that this is off topic and I mean no disrespect but what do you mean by "my god". He's everybody's god even if you don't believe in him and the bible is a valid source of information.Ok back to the topic. Ok first I'll say why I think abortion is wrong in "worldly" terms which means I give my statement in a way that a man without god would understand. I mean no disrespect by saying a man without god. Ok reason number one a women should not give a abortion: even if she does get raped, she shouldn't kill a human being. It's wrong and I know you might say a fetus is still underdeveloped for the first 6 weeks or something like that, but lets be honest it's still wrong. Every person from the moment of birth has a purpose(well at least I belive so) in life(even bums and homeless people).Getting a abortion is like stopping the person who is supposed to be born not to complete his or her purpose.
Note: please give your next statement. (:


OXace1 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


OXace I'm sorry if I offended you but please. Give me your response.


I apologize for not responding but I was unable due to an unexpected emergency room visit. I was not allowed to use my lap top. Due to policy and other reasons.

You have in no way offended me. I was just unable to reply.
Let us continue.

Now in my eyes the fetus is not alive until it is fully capable of living on its own energy for at least a day. And when I say own energy I am talking about if you cut the umbilical cord and it dies immediately then it is not alive it is simply leaching off of the mother, it is not independent, its sole being relies on the mother for existence. Now I'm implying that the fetus is protected, it is in a safe environment and is under no outside threat. it only has to survive without the umbilical cord for a day.

Now this has to be said, you said that they all have a purpose. By that meaning it was meant for the woman to be raped. That to me is unacceptable that any one should be forced to be raped in the name of purpose.
I do not understand why anyone would have the purpose to rape someone. And free will is not an excuse. if everyone has a purpose and everything happens for a reason. That is a pretty sick thing to think about in my eyes. If that is not what you meant please clarify because that is how I have interpreted what you said.

Another thing you said "from the moment of birth". They haven't been born yet. Does that mean they don't have purpose? And if they do then how do we know what their purpose is? How would we know for 100% sure that any decision that the individual makes coincides with his purpose?

As another point I would like to make, how is it wrong. There are so many accounts of murder and abortion in the bible. Don't just take my word look these up for yourself.
NUMBERS 31:17-18 God commanded Moses to kill all of the male Midianite children and "kill every woman who has slept with a man, but save for yourselves every girl who has never slept with a man."

DEUTERONOMY 21:10-13 According to God"s law, if an Israelite soldier was at war with an enemy, and he saw a beautiful woman that he found attractive, he could capture her to be his wife. She must then shave her head, trim her nails and discard the clothing she was wearing when captured. She could mourn her father and mother for a month. If the soldier wasn't pleased with her for any reason, he could "let her go wherever she wishes."

1 SAMUEL 15:7-8 God commanded Saul to attack the Amalekites and "totally destroy everything that belongs to them. Do not spare them; put to death men and women, children and infants, cattle and sheep, camels and donkeys."

These are only a few things that I have found to be incapable of a loving god. A merciful god.
I don't see how it is wrong when most people don't even know about all the abortions god has demanded his people to carry out.

If you could please answer my third point in my opening statement. I put the decision in your hands.

Thank you for waiting and I am once again very sorry for not being able to respond. I shall wait for you next statement.
Debate Round No. 3


Well I will clarify by what I'm mean by a individuals purpose. The purpose of a person who rapes a woman is not to rape. God gives each individual a purpose that has to do with his plan. And his plan is... well the second coming. Which is when god returns to earth the second time. Also god to,d Moses to kill the media items because it was vengeance. Gods vengeance is good vengeance. You won't understand if you don't have god. And it wasn't gods law that a Israelite soldier at war with an enemy could take a capture a attractive woman so they could get married. That was what the soldiers who looked away from god did. Also what god told Saul to do was also good vengeance. Now god doesn't kill. Back then I think Israel and all of those areas were a specific part in gods plan and I think god wants us to know what will happen to the people who reject or don't want to know about him. He won't kill us but he "allows" things to happen to us. Like maybe let us go through a "storm" so we realize that we need god. Unfortunately not everybody who's lived or is living now has believed in The Lord. Everybody coincides with their purpose even if they do is bad. They are probably the people who are going to be judged badly by god in the second coming which is also judgement day. God knows that abortion is wrong and will always say that abortion is wrong.
My god bless you.


Alright, I can see some frustration and I will do my best to calm the situation.

The reason for those quotes was to show you that the god in the bible dose indeed support abortion. He made his chosen people do it so he could play innocent, they where only following orders. In those days that was normal. If your god sent so many thousands of people free then why did he not free the many of thousands of women then and now. Instead he in slaved them.

Think about it if you where in the woman's shoes. Its a normal day, your 15, your a straight A student who is a believer and never gets in trouble that is as close to perfect as perfect gets. One day you decide to walk home from school. And out of nowhere a man comes up from behind and kidnaps you. Violently rapes you. And you get pregnant. You are physically unable to birth the fetus. There is no maybe, it is going to kill you if you don't abort. You have the rest of your life to live. And this fetus is going to take that from you. And that is assuming you have gotten over the fact that your god didn't save you and where violently raped.

You used a very common defense when you said,"That was what the soldiers who looked away from god did.". That statement is made by anyone who disagrees with actions when it comes to religion. He/She did WHAT! Oh well they weren't a true believer. Not true, they where under your gods direction therefore you god is responsible for there actions. After all it was your gods army shouldn't he have fixed any problems that there where in his own command?

As well as this you said he allows things to happen. That's just another way of saying He/She doesn't do anything. So if he/she doesn't do anything to enforce his/her law then he/she forfeits the right to have any say in the matter. Its just like a government that passes laws that it cannot enforce making it pointless. What is a ruler that cannot rule with power and authority. Religion in general blames natural disasters as Gods doing. this is highly untrue. They are simply naturally occurring forces of nature.

I don not see how vengeance of any form is good. No mater the reason, I thought your god was peaceful and loving, didn't he/she teach to turn the other cheek. Or is that just one more law that your god made that he himself cannot keep. Which would make him a hypocrite and a lair. And therefore not perfect.

Another point I would like to add is, how would an isolated people who have never heard of god be punished? They didn't know. Is your god going to send them to hell because he didn't tell them of his existence. Must they be punished because your god cannot show himself or Prove himself?

Weather you want to admit it or not your god does in fact approve of abortion. He/She just wont do it himself/Herself he/she will get someone else to do it. and then they will take the fall.

I hope your final statement will answer all of my questions, I do not know why you haven't. But that is one thing I would really like you to do. So if you wouldn't mind at least explaining your thoughts on the matter,
I hope that everything that is in this statement does not come off as hostel, unfortunately they may be a few occasions that you may find offensive due to your beliefs.

Please answer all questions and I shall wait for your next statement.
Debate Round No. 4


Well please tell me what questions you want me to answer. So I will just give my statement. God does things that we don't understand because we can't understand. We are not perfect. What you said about the 15 year olds case. Well only god could really answer that because like I said god does things that we don't understand. God saved us by getting crucified on the cross. Which gave us all a chance to go to heaven. Also god gave us free will so we could have an arbortion or do anything else that's sinful. And he does do something which is sending is to hell. Gods vengeance is good but once again we can't understand. If god was completely fair we would all be in hell. We all sin and god didn't have to die on the cross. But he did because he loves us unconditionally. God doesn't do natural disasters. He allows them to happen to send us signs or sometimes they just happen. GOD WORKS IN MYSTERIOUS WAYS MY BROTHER!!! :)
Note : please explain what you mean by isolated people.


OXace1 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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