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Started: 11/14/2014 Category: Politics
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I believe Abortion is wrong and should be illegal because the child inside the woman is a human just in a different state of growth period and is a vulnerable state and there for has the same rights as any other human. I only think abortion should be aloud in extreme cases for example if the mothers life was is in danger.


Who are you to say it is wrong? Are you a female? Do you have a vagina? Do you have to carry a baby in your abdomen for 9 months straight and then push it out of your vagina? Do you have to go through months of discomfort? Do you have something weighing on your bladder so you have to pee every 5 minutes? Do you have something inside you that will do damage to your body, wreck havoc on your emotions, and change your self image? Do you have the possibility of death when a baby is born? No. You don't. Men should never have any say whatsoever in abortion. You do not have to experience any of this. Men can leave if they do not want the child. If a woman has a baby and gives it up for adoption there will always feel like a part of her is missing. Women create life. Who are men to say they don't have a choice?

You are wrong. You are wrong when you say it is a baby when the abortion is performed. An abortion is performed within the first trimester. This is a period when there is no baby yet. There is only a sperm and an egg that have joined together. There is only a cluster of cells. That's it. Nothing else. There is no baby to kill at that point.

Abortions are a WOMAN'S personal, private medical decision. It is VERY personal. No one has the right to say what a woman does with her own body.

Do not come back at me and say it is against your religion. That is wrong. If someone says, "You can't get an abortion because it's against my religion," that's like saying "I'm a vegetarian so you can't eat meat."

People, especially men, have NO RIGHT to tell a woman what she can and cannot do with her body. An abortion is not killing a baby. It is the removal of a few cells. End of story.
Debate Round No. 1


First Point: Me not being a female does not mean I cannot have an opinion on the subject of abortion. You are basically saying that just because historians didn't grow up in their perspective times that they teach in means they can't have opinions or ideas of the time. I have a penis and no I have never had a baby in my abdomen for 9 months nor have I had to go through a change of self image and etc. All this doesn't mean I don't get to have a opinion on the subject matter.

Second Point: You stated this "If a woman has a baby and gives it up for adoption there will always feel like a part of her is missing." lets say a women gets pregnant from a one night fling or accidentally with a boyfriend/ husband. You are saying that this woman wouldn't feel like a piece of her is missing if she got an abortion? She would feel more pain by giving it up for adoption and letting her child live and enjoy life? Also women don't "create life" men are a huge part in the life making process.

Third Point: "You are wrong when you say it is a baby when the abortion is performed. An abortion is performed within the first trimester. This is a period when there is no baby yet." This is the mane point of the whole abortion argument so I don't expect to change your mind but let me say this. The first trimester means nothing. Just because the human hasn't fully developed doesn't mean it won't eventually develop into a human. For example before a tree grows and is a seed in the ground is the seed not an important part of the trees growing cycle and only when the seed starts growing out of the grown is when we should care? The answer is no. The beginning stages even though they are very early on are still significant and aborting during this time is murder. The early stages are when humans are at their most vulnerable and don't have the ability to defend themselves. So finally just because its the first trimester doesn't matter it IS still going to become a human at this point of pregnancy and there for it is a human no matter how early.

Forth Point: You say "No one has the right to say what a woman does with her own body [while pregnant]." You are wrong about this because once a woman is pregnant there is another life inside her and this life should have the same rights as her. The only difference is that the life inside her is in a development stages and just because it is developing doesn't mean it shouldn't have any less rights than you and me.

Fifth Point: I am not using religion as my reason against abortion.

Final Point: You act like "these cells" are not important and have no meaning. You are wrong this is a significant part in the development a human. "These cells" even though small and minuscule are still important and are still a developing human.


You are wrong. You are just wrong. It is not murder to remove a few cells. Every time you urinate you get rid of cells. Every time a woman gets a period, she loses eggs. You could go further and say "well if an egg gets fertilized it will eventually become a baby." It's just not true. It's not murder to remove a few cells. I don't know where you get your information.

A man does not have the right to tell a woman she can't do something concerning her own body. You don't. It's not your body so you don't get a say. It's not the same as telling a historian that they can't have an opinion on the time period they study. You are stretching what I say. Men do not deserve to have an opinion on a woman's own personal medical business as it does not occur in their own bodies.

Yes a woman probably would feel... Weird after getting an abortion, like wondering. But definitely not like a part of her life is missing because she wouldn't not have carried another life inside her for 9 months and given birth to it. She would not have had life in her body at all as at the time, there is no baby. Only cells. I cannot stress this enough: it is no Abby at the time of abortion. That's like saying we shouldn't eat eggs because they may turn into a chicken one day.

You have no right to tell a woman what she can do with her body. You do not automatically deserve it. It is a woman's personal right. A cell doesn't have rights. Abortion is not murder.

*also, you may want to check your spelling. You have a lot of misspelled words. It doesn't really help your argument.
Debate Round No. 2


Point One: This is where we disagree. You are trying to compare average everyday cells to that of fertilized human cells. One is going to become a human and one is urine. Also again when a women has her period the cells she is releasing aren"t fertilized and they are also just waist. You are comparing waist cells to that of fertile human ones.

Point Two: I wont tell a women what to do with her body until that women is responsible for another persons life. That is when she gains responsibility of the person inside them.

Part three: This is where we disagree. After a women gets an abortion they are going to feel a lot more than weird. Here are just some emotional outcomes form abortion
Also life begins at conception because when the cell becomes fertile it will become a human. Please tell me what is the fertile cell going to become? Is it fertile just because? There for by getting an abortion all you are doing is terminating the first step of human growth, there for killing that human. Finally store bought eggs will not become chickens because they are store bought eggs.

Final Point: Again I do have the right to fight for other people"s rights, which is what I am doing specifically those who are defenseless. You are right everyday cells do not have rights but fertile human cells do.


But you aren't fighting for human rights. You are fighting for the "rights" of cells. You continually say those cells with son become humans. But they are not humans the time of abortion so you have to admit it cannot be murder because there IS NO HUMAN TO MURDER YET. There are types of abortion when a woman can decide to terminate her pregnancy when there is a child. In that case, she needs to sign a form saying if the child is born alive, it will be put up for adoption and she will have nothing to do with that. I do have something against that type of abortion because there is a chance that child will still live and if it does live, there will be mental disabilities. At the time of the normal abortion, the one the debate is about, THERE IS NO HUMAN TO KILL. Do you have any other points besides "But it'll become a human"?

You say you will have something to say when a woman is responsible for another human life. Imagine you are a woman. Imagine you live in a very dangerous place, you have no money, no stability, you are scared, your boyfriend has left, you are on your own. You are pregnant. Do you really think that a wealthy white guy sitting in Congress of wherever has the right to tell you that you need to have that baby? They don't have to live where you live. They don't rxperience what you experience. They don't have a right.
My points:
There is no baby to kill at the time of abortion.
A woman's body is a woman's body and no man has the right to tell her what to do with it especially if she is pregnant.

Men may have an opinion about abortion, but you DO NOT have a right.
Debate Round No. 3


ryanwilson93 forfeited this round.


sjrrj forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


ryanwilson93 forfeited this round.


I realize I forfeited one round, so I want to apologize for that. Something has come up with my family and I have been standing by them all week and did not get the chance to come on here. Though I forfeited one round, my opponent forfeited two rounds, so I will reiterate my point that abortion is not wrong. If it is not available to women, they will be in danger because they will go to unsafe measures to get the abortion anyway. At the time of abortion, there is no baby yet. To take this away from women takes away some of their rights. I encourage voters to vote for pro because my opponent forfeited two rounds. Thank you and have a good day.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by sjrrj 3 years ago
WolfLover, please do not just throw your opinion at me without seeing the whole debate first. I respect your opinion but I will still fight for my argument so please if you like continue to read the debate. Have a good day.
Posted by WolfLover 3 years ago
A woman's body is a woman's body? Where did that come from?
You're not debating about the woman's body here, I don't think you've understood the topic yet.
Abortion does not KILL the woman. It does not KILL anyone. Except, oh yeah, the BABY.
And you say it means nothing if you kill a cluster of cells? Well those cells could have been a baby one day. He or she could have been an average everyday person, or they could have been the next Einstein, Michael Jordan, Gandhi, Mother Teresa, or even Prime Minister or President of an entire country. He or she could have had an amazing life, in an amazing home, with an amazing support system.
And then takes away all that. It takes away the baby's budding life. As soon as that egg hits that sperm, that's a life. Right there. That's when a baby starts growing, starts the first few steps of its long journey. And from then on, no one has a right to stop it.
It doesn't just affect the baby, too. Mothers are more likely to suffer from PTSD after having an abortion than after having the actual child. What does that tell you?
I'm interested to see where the debate goes. I'm hoping that Con wins the debate, though.
Good luck to both of you!
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