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Started: 11/23/2014 Category: People
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I know that you're scared
and don't want to listen,
but let me tell you a story
before you make your decision.

There was once a young girl
in the same place as you,
she wasn't sure if this
she'd be able to go through.

She was trapped by her own choices
with no easy way out,
she chose the hardest choice
but the best without a doubt.

She was really just a girl
but was wise and chose the option,
to give her baby a better life
and give her up for adoption.

She knew what truly mattered
and decided to be brave,
'cause her life would be interrupted
but her baby's would be saved.

She had amazing strength and love
I hope I'll get that from her,
'cause I guess I didn't tell you
that woman was my mother.

So before you make your choice
put yourself in my place,
'cause I'm one of those babies
a mother chose to save."


I would like to start by explaining my views and opinions here are not intended to offend or upset you. I understand you are yourself alive because your mother chose not to abort you, so this topic will have great importance to you. If I, at any point, upset you with my opinions. Please do let me know and I will try to reign my discussion in a little. I'm here for a friendly debate. Not to cause grievance. With that said, I will now respond.

You explain that you, yourself are a product of the absence of abortion. That your mother chose the 'hardest choice' and she was 'wise' for her decision. And that may well be true for her, and indeed yourself. However examples such as yourself are not always the way they go.

There are children who are carried full term, despite being accidents, that suffer serious problems for the remainder of their lives. Children neglected, or even abused because of the resentment their own parents can feel for them. I can't condone these parent's actions, but I also cannot deny that they exist. This lifestyle is horrible for the child, and can be traumatising throughout later life. it only takes a quick look online to find cases such as this. Just the words "Parent" and "resentment" spring a deafening cacophony of neglect.

Then there are the parents who themselves have their lives torn apart. The parents who were on track. Perhaps getting top grades in University (Or college), or heading for that promotion in their job. An unexpected pregnancy hits and it spirals away. Of course not all do, but it's an outright fabrication to presume it doesn't happen. At which point, you have to agree that society is condemning the mother and father's lives as less than that of the fetus. They are expected to carry the child and give birth to them, yet all the while their mental and emotional well being is being stripped from them.

I believe that if you can carry the child to full term. Perhaps give it to adoption, or even raise the child yourself. Then that is fantastic. But for the parents who can't. To tear away the chance of abortion. To prevent raising a happier, more stable child within a loving family in years to come. To condemn the parents and child to sadness and despair because of your own idealistic beliefs is not a decision we should have.

The mother and the father in the situation are the ones who should make that decision.
Debate Round No. 1


We all know that the point of Abortion is for parents who cannot afford to take care of a child but does that mean that the child must be put to sleep? Its pretty much a slaughter at birth. Now this is not reasonable. People don't deserve this. If an adult brings a child into our world, they should live up to their responsibilities as a parent. My mom chose to save me. She didn't chose to abort me and I am grateful. You should also be grateful that you are alive today.

I have never heard of someone who cannot give a child up for adoption. That is nonsense. Adoption isn't something that just happened to me. My mom chose it for me because she knew that it was the right choice for her.

I hope you understand this that Abortion is a very cruel thing to do to someone. I accept that everyone has different opinions and I respect your opinion. But I hope who ever is with Abortion, I hope you all come to your senses and live for what's right! In any case, I hope you change your mind and know that you are alive today.


Abortion is far from just financial means of the welfare of a child. There are countless factors and, often, the mental well being of both the couple and potential child come into play. You refer to abortion as "slaughtering" and "put to sleep", however before the first seven weeks the foetus does not even have a gender come into play. The 'child' is a series of differentiating cells with no certainty in its outcome or future. It is not "slaughter at birth" but a discontinuation of potential life. However, the way in which you choose to determine life comes down entirely to the individual. Some believe life is at viability, others long before. Some at birth itself.

You have to remember, in a situation in which parents did not ask for the pregnancy. There was no planning or desire at that stage, continuation could be harmful to both of those involved. Mentally and, for the woman, physically. Many relationships that encounter an unplanned, unwanted pregnancy crumble. To determine that the parents should 'live up to their responsibilities' is condemning their current, established lives as less than a potential life with no certainty about it.

Anyone can give up a child to adoption, this much is true. But it is the long lasting effects on those involved that must be considered. The mother and father, now thrust into being parents will always have the knowledge that they gave away a child. That they thrust them into the unknowing and unforgiving world of adoption with no certainty that they will find new parents. There are all too many children already in adoption who are desperately searching for homes they might never find. The child's mental welfare is at stake as well. They could never be adopted, or conversely adopted by a cruel family. There are a large proportion of 'adopters' who do it purely for the money they will receive with no real concern for the child.

You stated " My mom chose it for me because she knew that it was the right choice for her." in relevance to adoption. But it is not the right choice for everyone. It suited her, and has evidently worked well for you. But not everyone, child or parents, see adoption as a possibility.

I do not believe adoption is cruel. I believe that those involved should take greater care in not getting pregnant. I do not believe abortion is a form of contraceptive that can be whipped out whenever required. But I do believe that people make mistakes, and childbirth is very unforgiving. Then there are cases such as rape pregnancies. Should they too be forced to carry a child forced upon them unwillingly as an every day reminder of the act?

Abortion is not something I would hope people need. However removing the choice of abortion is removing the freedom of women everywhere. Some may find it offensive and cruel, however it is not their choice to make.
Debate Round No. 2


Evaclair forfeited this round.


I shall presume you were either unable to add a response by the means of time, or by the means of a lack of further content. Either way, I shall not be so petty as to continue the debate without you.

The best of luck to you in the future.
Debate Round No. 3
10 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by One_Anonymous_Voice 3 years ago
That's fine! I understand entirely. Real life is always more important than the online world.

I wish you the best of luck!
Posted by Evaclair 3 years ago
I am sorry for not posting an argument on time. I was very busy and I hope you understand this.
Posted by Evaclair 3 years ago
I am sorry for not posting an argument on time. I was very busy and I hope you understand this.
Posted by cheyennebodie 3 years ago
Abortion is the cowards way out of an uncertain future.
Posted by ParkeProTennis 3 years ago
"Murder begins where self defense ends."
- Bill Buppert
Posted by Anunaki 3 years ago
i do not believe abortion should be us as a form a birth control because of irresponsibility. however i do believe, in some instances its necessary, beneficial and/or acceptable to have one. ex: rape/incest, potential fatal complications for the woman, completely unwanted pregnancy with use of birth control that failed, if the fetus has serous issues rendering it a "vegetable" or serious early on birth defects. those instances in my opinion have worse mental, emotional, physical and financial impact then terminating a pregnancy and therefore is acceptable. there is no right or wrong answer that everyone will accept. but i appreciate and understand both sides of the argument being that they both have good points. to me it depends on the totality of circumstances around it.
Posted by miraculous 3 years ago
Very sweet poem. I would've debated against abortion otherwise but I'll refrain from doing so, since you've caused me to waver a bit.
Posted by COUREE_FLUTE 3 years ago
Oh my gosh! I am so glad that she did that!
Posted by Evaclair 3 years ago
Thank you for the suggestion. It is actually a true story. My mom put me up for adoption and I'm so grateful that she did. I wouldn't have met the people I have today.
Posted by COUREE_FLUTE 3 years ago
That is a good poem. I completely agree with you! If you ever need help use science to your advantage.
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