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Abraham Lincoln is the best American president ever

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Started: 11/6/2014 Category: Politics
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So as you can tell by my username and profile picture, I am a huge Abraham Lincoln fan. In my opinion, Lincoln is infact the greatest president of all time.


Lincoln didn't save the Americas from the Great Depression.
Debate Round No. 1


Abraham Lincoln saved America from division. Without him, there would most likely be a Confederacy here


Lincoln didn't even remotely match up to FDR's first 100 days' policies.

There's a reason we voted him consecutively for four terms, while Lincoln only two terms.
Debate Round No. 2


Lincoln was assassinated so he couldn't get more than two terms.

FDR was a great president, but Lincoln was better. I will list Lincoln's accomplishments:

Abolishing slavery
Winning the Civil War
Reconnecting America

It may be a short list, but the things I listed were big things.


Lincoln didn't exactly free the slaves...
"The Emancipation Proclamation ostensibly freed all slaves in the rebelling Confederate states; it did not abolish slavery in the Union states in which it was still legal."

Also, we don't even know if Abraham existed in the first place...

Opponent still hasn't rebutted the fact that FDR had far more helpful policies than Lincoln. My opponent can't list a single policy Lincoln passed, while FDR passed a bazillion in merely his first 100 days, which I will list below
  • A national bank holiday: The day after his inauguration, FDR declared a "bank holiday," closing all banks in the country to prevent a collapse of the banking system. With the banks closed, Roosevelt took measures to restore the public's confidence in the financial systems; when the banks reopened a week later, the panic was over.22
  • Ending the gold standard: To avoid deflation, FDR quickly suspended the gold standard.23 This meant that U.S. dollars no longer had to be backed up by gold reserves, which also meant that the government could print—and spend—more money to "prime the pump" of the economy.
  • Glass-Steagall Act: The Glass-Steagall Act imposed regulations on the banking industry that guided it for over fifty years, until it was repealed in 1999.24 The law separated commercial from investment banking, forced banks to get out of the business of financial investment, banned the use of bank deposits in speculation.25 It also created the FDIC[link to "FDIC" passage below]. The effect of the law was to give greater stability to the banking system.
  • FDIC: The Federal Deposit Insurance Commission backed all bank deposits up to $2500, meaning that most bank customers no longer had to worry that a bank failure would wipe out their life savings.26 The agency continues to insure American deposits today.
  • Federal Securities Act: This act regulated the stock markets and preceded the creation of the Securities and Exchange Commission in 1934, which continues to regulate U.S. stock markets to this day.
  • Agricultural Adjustment Act: The AAA provided relief to farmers by paying them to reduce production; this also helped to reduce crop surpluses and increase prices for crops.27
  • Civilian Conservation Corps: To reduce unemployment, put 250,000 young men to work in rural conservation projects, mostly in national parks and forests.28
  • Tennessee Valley Authority: The TVA provided electrification and other basic improvements the impoverished interior of the South.
  • National Industrial Recovery Act: One of FDR's more controversial measures, it created new agencies and regulations that tightened the relationship between government and business. It was declared unconstitutional by the Supreme Court in 1935.
  • Public Works Administration: Funded the construction of public works projects across the country, including schools, hospitals, airports, dams, and ports, as well as ships for the Navy and airports for the Army Air Corps.29
  • Federal Emergency Relief Act: Provided direct relief, training and work for unemployed Americans. It was abolished in 1935 and its programs folded into other agencies.30
Ignore the weird numbers at the end, they're all from

Debate Round No. 3


Con has made a false accusation of Lincoln not being real. Abraham Lincoln has birth certificates, and photographic evidence of him being real. (Rebuttals) Slavery was illegal in Union States even before the Emancipation Proclamation.

Here is a full list of Lincoln's acchomplishments:

Lincoln supported the Homestead Act, giving free land to American citizens living in the East
Lincoln signed a law entitled The National Banking Act, establishing national currency
Lincoln used leadership to win the Civil War

Again not a big list, but big acchomplishments

Lincoln is also known for some of the greatest speaches of all time (Cooper Union Address, House Divided Address, Gettysburg Address, etc)

In conclusion, Lincoln showed leadership and courage, fought things he dissagreed with, and never backed down. Lincoln lead America through thick and thin. FDR was great, but Lincoln is even better


The two acts are nothing compared to FDR's massive number policies.
The civil war was a tiny problem compared to the Great Depression; did 1/4 people lose their jobs during the civil war? I think not.
“Only Thing We Have to Fear Is Fear Itself”. This speech gave Americans great hope, and sure enough, they only had to fear fear itself, FDR moved America through the GD in his four terms

In conclusion Lincoln didn't compare to FDR. His security was poor so he was assassinated. He didn't exactly do anything to free the slaves through his famous Emancipation Proclamation, while every one of FDR's policies had a big impact to move America out of the Great Depression. FDR wins
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Mr.Lincoln 2 years ago
Oops forgot to show sources for Round four, here they are;
Posted by TK57 2 years ago
George Washington and Thomas Jefferson>>> Lincoln
Posted by Atheist-Independent 2 years ago
Uh... Spaceking the reason why Lincoln was president for only 2 terms was because he got shot...
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
kas......I pledge allegiance to the flag ,to the REPUBLIC for which it stands.

Like I say, a democracy is a horrible government.Under a democracy there is nothing to stop a majority of freeloaders to get into the wagon of the producer class and get a free ride.That is probably why you are in favor of democracy, You looking for a handout too?Or are you the one who wants to be in charge of the confiscated money that will flow through your paws of other peoples money.
Posted by kasmic 2 years ago
This nation has always been a democracy.... Our republic was, and still is, a type of democracy. This is basic knowledge.
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
Democrats are all for democracy, a terrible form of government. Just get enough people to want to take by government force ( law ) other peoples labor, and you have what we have today, a freeloader society.That could never happen under a republic, rule of law. We have laws on the books against stealing. Only under a democracy , socialism, communism does stealing become law and ultimately a way of life or lifestyle.
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
kasmic..... I do understand them. That is why I never change. Truth never needs revision. I have lived through conservative governments and socialism and communism. That is why I dislike and will never give them place to ply their lies. They are both founded in dominating other people through government.

So, if you think I do not understand a point of view and attack it blindly, why not enlighten me and point out the error of my ways?
Posted by kasmic 2 years ago
@cheyennebodie, All your comments on this website, and there are many, say the same thing. Do you ever get tired of saying you hate democrats, socialist, communists, etc... If you spent as much time trying to understand other's view points as much as you attack blindly you might actually learn something.
Posted by cheyennebodie 2 years ago
Roosevelt did not save America from the great depression either. In fact his communist policies caused it to go from a recession to a 10 years depression.

My pick would be Reagan.Mainly because I know more about him in recent history than those so long ago.I would never pick any democrats.
Posted by Atheist-Independent 2 years ago
Lincoln is my first cousin six times removed if anyone was curious.
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