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Absolute Zero makes it impossible to exchange atoms

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Started: 2/21/2016 Category: Science
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Absolute zero is the temperature in which molecule stop moving; When there is no energy molecules stop exchanging atoms.


Absolute zero refers to the motion of the atoms nucleus. The electrons circling the atom are still in motion. My position proposes that these reactions can take place if certain parameters at met.
Debate Round No. 1


Are you saying that you don't need energy to exchange atoms? That is clearly breaking the laws of physics.
But, if you're talking about the Heisenberg Uncertainty-we cannot measure the position (x) and the momentum (p) of a particle with absolute precision (The guardian)- principle then it is possible for electrons to still be moving. However, atoms stop moving, so it is impossible to exchange atoms.


No an electrons velocity can not equal zero unless you serve a standing wave were it is centered at zero according to the uncertainty principle. But as the temperature of a system does not necessarily need the input from the electrons. Therefore at absolute zero the electrons are still in motion and can change position connecting a system of atoms into a molecule without the atom itself moving there as in keeping the close system at 0k and it may even enter a lower energy level a releasing potential energy as a photon and create heat although this is not necessary. This proves the motion controlled exchange of atoms irrelevant as the exchange only needs position and exchange in electrons.
Think of this " only for the temperature and positioning"

There are two bananas and 9 fruit flies.

Each banana can support 4.5 flies

So one banana has 4 the other 5.

And the bananas are positioned closely we will say butt to butt
The 9th fly can feed were the bananas intersect for its meal

The bananas never move so the system never gains any velocity and the position of the bananas allows for the transfer of the fly with no extra expenditure of energy.

In A similar fashion two atoms positions primly.
Can bond without motion or expenditure of energy as the electrons probability cloud envelopes the second atom.
Debate Round No. 2


Give me an example of an element that could do this? Apparently you can conserve energy, but it is too minuscule to be used to change atoms. Prove me wrong otherwise.

And are you saying that there are only anions inside an absolute 0 field? two bananas as nucleus and fruit flies as protons and electrons (1). There is clearly an uneven number


Many chemical reactions are exothermic
Where breaking the previous reaction bond release energy from electron as the electron changes from a bond at a high valence to a low valence.

Simply look up exo thermic reactions and you can find those.

Absolute zero is unobtainable so we cant be sure of how the nucleus will react it may simply cease to exist or become a super atom.

But i will explain how a system can react.

This will be in simple terms to avoid a complex mathematical explanation

I have two carbon atom.
I place the carbon atom really close to each other.
As the distance between the atom decreases the probabilty cloud of one of the electrons envelopes the second atom.

Ok now let freeze Time
Now let place. The carbon atoms very close to one another and synchronize their motion so it is absolute zerothe electron clouds ( also frozen in time) currently do not include the atom next to it yet but the position of the atom is that it is in the exact position it would be if the atoms were bonded
Now start time as the electons circle in the cloud cross a point were it is a 50 percent chance do to charges that they will go in either direction so 50 percent of the time they go toward the second atom and create a bond simply because it was in in probabilty wave once time began again

So the two facts that held that i preposed is that in an substance at absolute zero if electrons are present they don not need to be and nor can they be stationary
And secondly in quantum mechanics the probabilty wave is king so if the position is prime to be included in the probability wave it will be regardless of velocity

The banana was the whole nucleous the charges didnt matter it was an explaination of valence electrons

Again i know the probability is not 50 percent it would really be some crazy fration but it was for explanation purposes
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by geartech 2 years ago
I find that quantum mechanics makes this a debatable question because he was simply stating temperature and this allowed me to provide the probability wave as a strong arguement as electrons (and most other particles have p-w duality. This holds so that at worst quantum tunneling at best good position sinces positioning of outer shells could find strong placement in a distance at absulute zero would be miniscule.
Posted by condeelmaster 2 years ago
Who would take this debate? Is like taking con position in the debate "This website is".
Posted by MagicAintReal 2 years ago
...this idea of exchanging atoms needs to be clearly defined, because that would be the in for Con to argue.
Posted by OreosAreCool 2 years ago
Yea the argument the OP gave is basically a truism, don't think anyone's gonna choose con for this.
Posted by Black-Jesus 2 years ago
To exchange atoms is to go through a chemical reaction. All chemical reactions have activation energies, and catalysts can lower that activation energy but there are no catalysts out there that can lower activation energy any where near that low. The premise of this challenge is so patently true, that I can't imagine who would accept the con position and if they did, what would they say?
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