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Academic is losing its value

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Started: 10/19/2012 Category: Education
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Before we start debating, I would like to set out a few formats:

Affirmative side state the case
Negative give question based on the affirmative case and Affirmative will answer in affirmative next turn
Negative state the case
Affirmative give question based on the negative case and Negative will answer in their next turn.

Before I start stating my case, I would like to base my case on the UK academic education system.

Yes, academic is arguably losing its value. For example, in the UK, higher education like University is not seen so important and alternatives option would be looking for a job and by that I mean the students graduated from colleges in the UK rather than entering university, they would be interested in doing apprentice in a job they want to do in the future. So after they have done the apprentice course, they can then work in that job.
The number of mainstream students set to start higher education courses in England this year is down 62,000, or 17 per cent, on last year's figures, analysis by Times Higher Education suggests. COMPARE TO 2011. A drop in the expected number of students with AAB from 85000 down to 79,200 students based on the the estimation of Higher Education Funding Councils for England.
Hands on practical experiences + rather than theories in Universities. For example working for apprentice in Unilever with PHds workers and international workers "-> many knowledgeable people.
So why uni? Where u could or often need to get student loans and have to work to pay it back? When u can go and earn money from apprenticeships.
The Uni fees seem to be so high that it makes the student no longer want to participate in Uni while they can go out there instead of wasting money and get in debt while doing Universities.

The latest rise in tuition fees have led potential students to reassess whether or not a university education is worth the price tag. Some are wondering whether attending the "University of Life" " by which they mean bypassing formal education and diving headfirst into the world of work " could be a better way of providing them with the education they need to succeed in the future.
the combination of funding cuts, higher fees, restrictions on Visa's and a lack of any structured management of this affair has resulted in disaster for the Universities and ultimately the UK.


I agree with what your saying about the fact that UK is losing interest in Education however UK is not the only country in the world.

Check out Japan.

Japanese government has produced a JET scheme which is where British teachers are able to live in Japan just to teach English. Japan are putting in money towards education to benefit Japanese children. By learning English they are becoming versatile and its all part of globalization.

Check out India.

The amount of effort Indian children put in no matter what country they are in, you see Indian kids pass with flying colours. They are able to handle hard mathematical formulas at the age of 7 in India.


The world is dependant on the Chinese economy, despite the poverty in china, look how far its progressed!
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