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Started: 2/2/2017 Category: People
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Is it not Polite to take out a glass of water myself from the cupboard in my friends/girlfriends house ?


Tell that to these groups of people:

1) Extremist Thiests: These guys hate athiests, and often argue against them. Since extremist thiests have no evidence for God, they're usually the first ones to insult in a debate.

2) Internet Trolls: They're the opposite of nice. They normally act rude, either spamming in chat, acting wierd, or somthing else that ticks off other people.

3) Some people: This is just my personal experience. Quite a bit, I see people talking about, or making jokes about, sex or other related topics. They also use "sentence enhancers" (swears) more often than they seriously need to.

This is 2017. Donald Trump is our president, Africa has no food or water compared to most other places (not counting Antarctica), and Syrian refugees are denied. Well, those aren't exactly on topic, but our world's awful. "Polite" is hardly a thing, especially on the internet.
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Posted by Mharman 1 year ago
No, atheists are almost always the first ones to insult. I'm tired of these attacks on Christianity.
Posted by funnerisbetter 1 year ago
XD He just wanted to know if it was okay to be casual in his girlfriends house... I say if you've been to her house more than five times, and her parents are chill (If they are around) then yes. Otherwise no. And I wonder what sparked you to ask this...
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