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Acts of racism should be illegal

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Started: 12/31/2017 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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You always make country specific or racist suggestions and arguments on this site. To see your true ideologies, I want to see what you think about racism...

Should it be illegal to make acts of racism? similar to how it's illegal to post threats.

you're the con with 5,000 characters for each of the 4 rounds.


So I should say why acts of racism should not be illegal or prohibited. Please define what racism is. I see racism as purposely discriminating or mistreating certain people based on their race, culture, ethnicity, or skin color.

Using my definition, I don't see anything wrong with racism or stereotyping. Why did you issue this debate to me? I think it;s because you saw my debates about schools segregating by race or limiting each family to one African family. The main purpose of those debates was to deal with black violence and deteorating, negative black culture.

I don't see anything wrong with racism. As a Russian myself, I am not at all offended when somebody calls me Vladmir Putin, or asks me if I would like lots of alcohol, or asks me if I am an orthodox. I don't care if white people think all East Asians are Chinese and highly intelligent, or if they think all Irish people have red hair.

There is nothing wrong with being racist. I mean, you would definitely think that your race is superior to other people's race. The concept of race, just like the concept of height or age, can never be abolished. With that said, racism is inevitable, so why bother preventing it?

Thank you for offering me this debate. I'm enjoying it. And I am glad somebody pays attention to my profile and debates.

Good luck!
Debate Round No. 1


Your thought of racism says that it's simply discriminating others for their race, cultures, nationality, etc. But you just proved how it is a bad thing.
But of course you were seeing it more as a humor side, with like funny "blacks can't swim" or "Asians can't drive" stereotypes.
As a Hebrew-Black, I'm not offended by Jewish or Black jokes. But I'm talking about racism where the person believes those stereotypes are 100% true, and should have all members of the race faulted for that. Like how "all blacks are criminals", You debated to make Neighbourhoods only have at least 1 black household and to put the rest and Muslims in prison.
As crazy as that suggestion sounds, you were totally serious. Like how a good man said:
"Judge a man not by his skin, but by the content of his character"
- Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.
Jokes once in a while or ok, but people shouldn't be judged for it. Like how you say 1/3 blacks get arrested, a black has higher odds of getting in trouble than a white person, after doing the exact same thing. They also get paid less from the same work, and hired less often from the same resume.


We have to have a strict limit of one black family per neighborhood.

Black people are nothing but a bad influence on the world.

Here are the facts about black people that we must seriously consider:

1 in every 3 black men will end up in prison.

Many black families on being headed by single mothers making barely more than minimum wage. Those families often have kids and youngsters who get in trouble with the law.

Many violence in public schools, especially in downtown and big metropolises, are inflicted by black students.

Furthermore, there have been many incidents where white people were attacked, targeted, and assaulted by black people.

If we completely segregate neighborhoods and cities into black people and non-black people, it is downright racist and cruel towards black people. The only way to prevent black violence from occurring, or at least to minimize it as much as we can, is to have and enforce a strict limit of one black/African family per neighborhood.

Please think carefully about it: once there is already one black family in every neighborhood, what can we do with the remaining black families? We cannot put them in ghettos, because that would be very racist and reverting back to the 1950s and 1960s. Nor can we kill them because that is simply immoral. (I mean, isn't that what Hitler would do?) Instead, the best solution is to throw them in prison, and then let them out of prison once there is a neighborhood with no black family living in it.

Furthermore, if we put black families to prison, we will put them under control. (I think we must segregate prisons by race too.) No offense and not at all being racist, their dark skin absorbs too much sunlight, reducing the total amount of sunlight white people can harvest. And beyond that, throwing them in prison is a solution to overpopulation, because the world will be less crowded. You see what I am saying here?

Now you might be thinking that it's racist and cruel, but it's not. Just read on.

No, I am not being racist. It's true. How would you like to be assaulted by black people or a gang. You said that you are not a black person. Non-black people are vulnerable targets to black people. Since no people want to be assaulted by black people, but we cannot totally segregate the world based on race or skin color, the best way to combat black violence is to limit each neighborhood to one black family. If we throw remaining black families in prison, we are also combating overpopulation so they won't be crowding up the Earth.
Debate Round No. 2


You must a total troll, you didn't even read my previous argument since I explained why that 1/3 black people nonsense was flawed (go read it). You also just copy pasted your previous rant to mine.

You say your not a racist, but you say their dark skin absorbs too much sunlight for the whites... meaning you only really care for them. And the population doesn't change if your just putting them in a certain place, unless you plan to murder them like Hitler.

Over population isn't a problem, and even if it is, WHY INPRISON BLACKS! when there aren't the most populous people.

You are a racist! tell anyone your stupid ideologies and see them scoff at you.

You just try as hard as you can to find silly reasons why Blacks should be imprisoned. You say they're a bad influence, but if YOU SEE MY PREVIOUS ARGUMENT... you'd know it's not there faults for drugs, violence, etc, but it's the white's fault.

see this video for further explanation:

watch it until the end.


Let me say that there is noting wrong with racism. Nuff said. Yadda yadda yadda, I'm outta here.
Debate Round No. 3


We're all people until race divided us, wealth classified us, and stereotypes difined us.
You're clearly forfieting the arguement becasue you nothing to say when your primitive ideologies are tested. I assume your Christian or something... so do you think Jesus would agree with you, Do you think that GOD intended us to be divided. GOD is off no race, so he loves everyone equally.


God would be okay if black people go to prison or go to hell. Ham disgraced his father, and as the father of all Africans, black people are naturally cursed. As a 100% Russian straight and able-bodied male, I don't care what happens to black people, gay people, retarded people, and whatnot.

God wanted for us to be divided. He gave East Asians and Caucasians a high IQ (Russians include either way). On the other hand, he gave black people and Hispanics a lower IQ. On average, white people do much better than black people at most things except for basketball and rapping, so that is why God intended for races to be separated. Now that America is a culturally diverse nation, black people cause us too much trouble.

Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
Whoop whoop, I am winning!
Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
Whoop whoop. I am winning!
Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
Con points out that one would believe one"s own race is superior due to general human bias. It"s a good point.

Pro says 1/3 blacks do get arrested, but only because they"re being unjustly punished for their petty crimes.
I believe Pro is sounding like a black supremacist.
Con refutes and suggests we need a limit of 1 black family per neighbourhood in order to reduce the sheer amount of crime they commit.
Con points out that being racist is better than being beaten up by black criminals.

Pro calls Con a troll and begins an argument from emotion and suggests Con wants to kill blacks like Hitler. This is unfair to say and an assumption.
Con extends his argument.
Pro continues his argument from emotion where he brings up God and then transitions into all caps.

Con mentions how God gave different races different attributes and that blacks should stick to rapping and basketball instead of trying to over-step their boundaries.

Con wins arguments.
Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
Ok but black's aren't allowed to say ni**a because it's a word that's black specific and that's racist to exclude white people from saying a word.

Blacks aren't allowed to eat anymore chicken because that's self stereo-typing which is racist against one's own people and thus hypocritical.

Blacks have to pretend they can swim, regardless if they drown or not, because they need to prove they're equal to whites.
Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
I'm 100% in favor of self-autonomy for other countries and states, but not with other governments interfering to help you.
Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
I am 100% anti-gun violence, but not government regulation of arms.
Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
Using your logic, people like you accept state violence which only oppresses us more. See how absurd that sounds? I in no way support or accept racism, but I believe there is a line that must be drawn with what the government can do. Just because I oppose state restriction of something doesn't mean I'm against it.

I'm 100% for helping the poor, but oppose government subsidized welfare. I'm 100% for growing crops, but not government farms. I'm 100% affordable healthcare, but not government or subsidized healthcare.
Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
Using a low-quality rap to substantiate your point is does nothing to support your statement. Yes, everything has 2 or more sides, I don't see how that's relevant.
Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
You're making a false equivalency. There are some things that are objectively racist, but much of what could be racist, especially in today's world, is subject to interpretation. Murder is not subject to such interpretation. We have an objective standard on murder because it is a very direct action. We cannot have such a standard on racism because it entails language and is very difficult to determine. I've said it before but I'll say it again: legislating language is a slippery slope to tyranny.
Posted by Anonymous 2 years ago
Murder has been apart of history for years... should not be illegal? Racism is arguably human nature, but it doesn't make it good.
Humans are born selfish, so is being selfish good? NO!
People like you accept racism but that only divide us more...
watch this video for more concrete evidence:

watch until the end
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