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Adolf Hitler Proved Time Travel Can't Change History.

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Started: 6/24/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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(To be clear, this is a half-joke debate. Obviously, Hitler didn't travel through time to do what's supposed here, but we're saying he did.)

In our timeline, Joseph Stalin actually took over the world and spread communism to the four corners of the planet. There was no WW2. Instead, the Weimar Republic carried on, and the Nazis never came to power. There was no Night of the Long Knives, there was no Beer Hall Putsch, there was no Anschlaus, and there was no German Holocaust. Instead, Friedrich Ebert, Zentrum, and the Freikorps maintained stability, and there was no militarized opposition to the worldwide permanent revolution that lead to a dictatorship of the proletariat.

Adolf Hitler attempted to change this by originally going back to WW1 and expanded the "stab in the back" myth in order to unite the German people, and later advocated Lebensraum to focus that unity towards the direction of the Soviet Union after declaring that Aryan people were the master race.

Unfortunately for him, his plan failed massively because Nazi Germany was defeated, and the Soviet Union survived throughout the Cold War. While communism has not yet come fully to fruition in ths alternate timeline, capitalism has been struggling immensely while worldwide reform movements have been criticizing it. In addition, the efforts to reform capitalism have been met with tremendous hostility in conjunction with the real estate, financial, and sovereign debt crises not to mention ballooning social programs that have no end in sight. This has been supplemented by ideologies such as emotivism, contextualism, relativism, multiculturalism, and feminism which have similarly criticized capitalism's premises as historically oppressive.

In the end, Hitler's time travel attempt to screw destiny was in vain. Communism thrives anyway.


Hello, I accept your challenge. I say that Hitler successfully changed the past because Communism will not spread to the four corners of the world. The evil genius, though not succeeding in establishing his thousand year Reich, did help bring about the fall of Communism. Let's begin.

1. The Fall of Communism
In 1991 the Soviet Union imploded and the Cold War ended. Though not the last refuge of Communism, the ideological battle between Western Capitalism and Soviet Communism was over. The Capitalist nations of Europe had been victorious.

2. Capitalism thrives in China
With the Soviet Union dissolved, the Chinese became the largest Communist power. However, rather than making the same mistakes as it's mentor the Chinese adopted new reforms that jump started its economy. In 10 years China may surpass the United States economically. Not as a Communist power, but rather a State controlled Capitalist country.

3.The difference between Soviet Communism and modern Sino Capitalism
Though Sino-capitalism is a form of Socialism, it is not the same as the economic system that Stalin wished to spread across the globe. The Chinese are controlled by a strict oligarchy that are not bent on the spread of Socialist ideas, but simply to gain economic control of the globe.

4. Hitler stopped Stalin by giving the United States the Bomb
Hitler knew his time was limited so he recruited his top spy Albert Einstein (who helped him build his time machine in the first place) to the United States to convince President Franklin D. Roosevelt to start work on the Atomic Bomb. Knowing Stalin would defeat Germany, Hitler could not afford to allow the Soviet Union to gain the nuclear weapons. Hitler gave them to the United States who halted the Soviet Union from invading the rest of the world with nuclear weapons the captured from Germany in his timeline. Therefore, Hitler was successful at stopping the Communists from taking over the world, and eventually returning Germany to the power it is today.
Debate Round No. 1


(Again, this is a half-joke debate. :-P)

I thank my opponent for accepting this debate.

Unfortunately, the example of Chinese capitalism is unreliable. Despite China's enthusiasm towards Google, Walmart, and McDonalds, Feng Shui aligned "Made in China" exports have infected, infested, and infiltrated American consumer good markets. This cultural imperialism has propagandized Americans to Daoist thought patterns which are the precursor to nature worship required to become openminded to communist subversion. This isn't a recent revelation either as hippies have been fogging up America's social fabric since the counterculture movement back in the '60s.

On the other hand, as everyone knows, China reverse engineers everything it makes, so eventually, China's infection of Americana will revert China itself back to communism as it imports American production methods. This might even take place in terms of the military-industrial complex which China constantly attempts to hack into and capture hardware from. After all, the MIC is an output from the New York Intellectual neocons who were former Trotskyites that emigrated from the Soviet Union during the '20s. Also, the recent bubble of China's real estate State Owned Enterprises can be explained as a reverse engineering failure of America's Government Sponsored Enterprises: Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.

However, American subversion into communist thought goes back even centuries before communism first arrived. Heck, it can be argued to be tied to even America's founding itself. Back in the day of 1775-1776 when America was revolting, it was tossing tea imported from the British East India Company. The BEI, however, was the Western world's first exposure to meritocracy from Confucian civil service exams which were concerned with establishing an intellectually classless society, Confucianism which permeated into Maoist thought and is even followed today by managers:

In fact, it could be argued that communist, Confucian, meritocratic thinking permeated Americana even before America's foundation in terms of what Max Weber termed the, "Protestant Work Ethic". The original pilgrims believed people were totally depraved and had to represent a predestined calling through the performance of good works. If they didn't, then they were subject to witch-hunts where individuals who defied popular opinion were persecuted. Max Weber also wrote about Chinese culture in The Religion of China: Confucianism and Taoism where he showed how Confucian meritocracy influenced Western civilization.

Lastly, while Hitler may have enabled American nuclear weapons, Stalin enabled Chinese nuclear weapons as well.

I'm making this my last point because in terms of Western civilization, European "capitalism" is really just social democracy... which is democratic socialism... which is communism, so it doesn't deserve mentioning.


segijohe forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


Daktoria forfeited this round.


segijohe forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by HermitBoy 4 years ago
Interesting. But when I read the debate title I thought something completely different.

Hitler is easily the most disreputable figure in modern history. Few people even come close. One of the most popular theoretical questions that almost everyone has heard is "If you could time travel, would you go back and kill baby Hitler?"

I thought this debate was about proving that time travel is not possible, since if it was, the most likely thing for a time traveler to do would be to go back in time and kill baby Hitler, thus preventing WWII and the Holocaust. Since WWII and the Holocaust happened in our history, that proves time travel will never be possible.

Now THAT would be an interesting debate!
Posted by FrackJack 4 years ago
"Thrives" is not a good word to use.
Posted by Ragnar 4 years ago
I don't have the time for the debate right now, but with the first round being for setup... Wouldn't the world not being united by Stalin, be a change in history? I'd assume that pro shall in future rounds expand that the world is drifting toward the same global communism that Stalin would have enacted (a rather difficult thing to prove).
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