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Advertising at christmas should be illegal.

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Started: 1/11/2017 Category: Education
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The Canadian advertising industry continues to thrive even as the industry continues to evolve and change, according to the latest annual report compiled by Statistics Canada.Did you know that in a 2008 survey from Consumer Reports, about 12 million people are still paying off credit card debt for purchases made last holiday season! Why are we paying for gifts instead of paying of our debt. Hello judges, timekeeper, audience, and our most honoured opponents. We are here today to discuss a topic of the utmost importance today. This house would limit all advertising around all major holidays. Why people, are we not paying off our debt but instead are buying gifts for people. As our first speaker I will present to you our first 2 pillars. Our first pillar is that advertising is a way that companies use to convince you to buy their product. Now advertising is one thing that promotes the sale of a good or service. Different companies will use advertising to convince you that their product is the best and that you should only buy their product. Most advertising is usually around the holidays for a sale on a good. But the companies are smart, they will put a better sale after the holidays and advertise that. I mean, who wants to watch this much TV during the holidays when you"re supposed to be spending time with their families. our second pillar is that advertising promotes the unnecessary need to buy products. You should be saving and spending very little instead of blowing money away on presents. Christmas, for children used to be about the spirit but now its all about presents. I rest my case.


What authority dsoes the state have to tell you that you can't advertise?
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Posted by sboss18 1 year ago
I'm willing to accept this debate as well.
Posted by CosmoJarvis 1 year ago
Could I debate with you?
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