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Aegislash v. Magikarp

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Started: 1/8/2015 Category: Games
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Friendly debate between me and my opponent (YamaVonKarma) to determine which Pokemon is better, Magikarp or Aegislash.

I will be arguing in favor of Aegislash.


R1: Acceptance from opponent
R2: Both sides list their Pokemon with their selected moveset and items (if desired)
R3: Both sides will argue how their Pokemon should win.
R4: Continuous arguments to an eventual conclusion.

This is by no means a serious debate, as such it should be taken in a light way.

If opponent has any questions regarding the layout they should feel free to address it in the comments upon which I shall make the necessary changes. If opponent accepts that implies they accept the rules and structuring of the debate.

I assume opponent will treat me with respect, and I shall do the same of opponent!

Good luck, Karma! :)


I fully accept and will be arguing in favor of Magikarp's glory.
Debate Round No. 1


Alright! Thanks, now we can get this argument underway.

PKMN: Aegislash

Shadow Sneak
Swords Dance
King's Shield

Ghost Plate

Onto opponent :)



Dragon Rage (Japan FTW!)

Shell Bell
Debate Round No. 2


Alright, let's get this debate underway.

Reasons Magikarp would lose ;_;

1. Magikarp has very low damage unboosted.

As the title says, Magikarp, without the proper boosts, has very low damage. This allows for an easy swords dance in turn 1 by Aegislash. With the low damage output, in fact, many Swords Dances can be set up without worry.

2. A majority of Magikarp's kit is useless.

2 of his moves (Flail and Splash) are completely useless (one being useless because it doesn't affect Ghost Pokemon and the other for just simply doing nothing, respectively). Bubble doesn't affect Aegislash much at all due to its low damage, and Dragon Rage only does 40 each turn. Assuming these pokemon are all high levels, this isn't much in comparison to a lot of damge-dealing moves available on other Pokemon.

3. Aegislash's Shield Forme base stats are high in defense.

Another valid point, as HP isn't the only thing that matters (with the exception of Dragon rage which is still very low damage). Bubble wouldn't deal much damage either.

4. Substitute soaking up that damage

This allows for more sword dances from Aegislash.

5. While slower, Shadow Sneak/King's Shield are Priority moves

In other words, they always move first. With enough attack, Aegislash can OHKO Magikarp. If not, he can prioritize King's Shield and cause Magikarp's damage to be reduced, not to mention an attack block. Then Aegis can try again (with that many SDs, Magikarp should be dead, but hypothetically speaking here), and the second would be sure to kill.

All reasons why Aegislash could win in a fight vs Magi.

I await my opponent's refutations.


How I would win with Magikarp:

    1. Dragon Rage

      1. Deals 40 DMG (20 to Aegislash - as it is a Dragon Type move) everytime used
      1. Costs 10 PP
      1. 100% accuracy

    1. Flail

      1. This unholy cannon of glory gets stronger with each damaging blow you land on my Magikarp.
      1. If you managed to get me down to 1 HP, I'd deal 200 DMG and recive 20 HP from the attack.

    1. Shell Bell

      1. "The Shell Bell is an item that restores 10% of all direct caused damage from the target to the user. This means that over-time effects such as poison or burning will not heal the target."

    1. Magic
        1. With literally every possible advantage of mine nulified, I'd only have one resort left. Depending on Magikarp's will to live.
Debate Round No. 3


I thank opponent for their response.

I. Dragon Rage
Opponent brings up the possibility of Dragon Rage. However this is easily nullified by:
1. King's Shield
2. Substitute
3. With HP EVs Aegis can have up to 167 HP [1], which is 5 Dragon Rages. This allows for Aegislash to do 4 Swords Dances (which is insanely high attack) and use Shadow Sneak to easily wipe out Magi (even with 2-3 this is sufficient enough).

II. Flail
Flail would be an important factor if Magikarp were somehow able to withstand the Shadow Sneak. However:
1. Normal type moves don't hit Ghost types.
2. The SS could easily kill if Aegis got 2-3 SDs off.

III. Shell Bell
Viable if Magi wanted to attack if the SS were unable to kill and it was low health, however this is near useless as the SS is most likely guaranteed to kill.

IV. Magic
Assuming this refers to Bubble, which deals magic/special damage, overall it deals very low damage to Aegis and is blockable by King's Shield/Substitute.

Awaiting refutation.



In place of forfeiting, I have decided to announce my opponent as the victor. It is no secret that I have been severely beaten and am in need of a Pokecenter.

In hindsight, I should've picked a real pokemon instead of a joke pokemon... because let's all face it, it doesn't get much suckier than Magikarp. Even Vanillite, a living ice cream cone is a stronger pokemon.

*Leaving on a high note*

Vote Pro
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Valkrin 2 years ago
Thank you for the debate. I hope we can debate sometime in the future :)
Posted by YamaVonKarma 2 years ago
I will think of some way for him to win!
Posted by Valkrin 2 years ago
Well that worked XD
Posted by Valkrin 2 years ago
Of course "\_(|84;)_/"
Posted by Vox_Veritas 2 years ago
Of course, the Magikarp could just evolve into Gyarados and use hyper beam.
Posted by Vox_Veritas 2 years ago
But nothing happened!
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