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Affirmation Action should be abolished/changed

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Started: 1/11/2015 Category: Education
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1. If there is "free market" in music, sport, movie, TV, etc. industry, why does there have to be a restriction in the academic realm? I never heard people saying "oh, we have too many black NBA players, let's lower the bar to get more white and Asian players so we can have some diversity."

2. If you have at least a clue about the American history, you should know that black and Native Americans were not the only ones that were being discriminated against. Sure, slavery and Trait of Tears were some of the most hideous and racist crimes committed against humanity in this country. But what about the poor treatment of Italian, German, Irish, and many other European immigrants in the 18th century? Indenture servitude is basically a nicer way of describing "European slavery." What about the Chinese Exclusion Act and the Japanese Interment Camp during the WWII? People were prohibited the right to freedom just because they had the "undesirable" skin color according to laws? Unless you're an elite WASP, almost everyone and/or everyone's ancestors were being discriminated some point along the way.

3. There is a fair portion of wealthy black and Hispanic people in this country. Vice versa, there are plenty of poor white and Asian people in this country as well. If we're going to implement Affirmative Action, shouldn't we at least try to benefit those who are at disadvantaged, particularly the ones who came from a poor family? Isn't that the fundamental purpose of Affirmative Action?


I accept this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


Then, tell me why Affirmative Action should not be abolished or changed.


The Education Gap

There is a large gap in academic achievement with race. Those who are black tend to fall behind whites in high school (not trying to be racist). These results were gathered largely from Elementary schools, but it is clear that students who are minorities are expected to gain a lower income than white males, so we will accept less from them. If Affirmative Action is still around then we will be conquering stereotypes, and in the process decrease the racism rate in America.

Diversity Is Beneficial

Research has shown that diversity leads to higher levels of academic achievement, better intergroup relations, etc.;


With more diversity there will definatley be less racist people, and the amount of racism will die down, since they will be in more contact with minorities, and learn that all of them are not bad. I do not have a source for this, but it is a pretty solid theory.
Debate Round No. 2


perfectjfl forfeited this round.



I am dissapointed that my opponent has refused to debate.

Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by rethinkbans 2 years ago
Affirmative action allows for white students to get discounts at historically black colleges and universities. It also assists women of all colors. Affirmative action doesn't just assist black people.
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