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Affirmative action is bad for society

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Started: 5/12/2010 Category: Society
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Some claim that Affirmative Action is needed to counter so-called "prejudice" within the capitalist system.

This is patently false. A capitalist system does not see race- it sees talent. Success and opportunity should be based off talent and utility, not skin color.


I thank my opponent for the debate.

You say that the capitalist system does not see race. I'm not sure what you mean by this. If you mean that the process by which we move our money about cannot see race, then you're right. Abstract concepts cannot see race, or anything for that matter.

But what i suspect you mean is that people, like employers, do not see race - that they only see talent and competency. This is obviously untrue. We all see race. It is impossible for me not to notice whether someone I'm talking to is Black, White, Asian, or whatever.

And unfortunately, we all have our own prejudices against (or for) everything, including race. This is a fact. Studies have been done where resumes have been sent out to business that are identical - except that one has a stereotypically "White" sounding name (Bill, Steve, Tiffany, etc.), and one has a typically "Black" sounding name (Tyra, Tyrone, DeMarkus, etc.) or the other "Asian" sounding name (Ming, Leng, Maria). More often there, the "white" name would be called in for an interview over the "Black" or "Asian" name.

Prejudice is real, and programs like Affirmative Action help minorities to succeed in a world that is engineered for them to fail. White people already have Affirmative Action working for them. Success is primarily based on who you know, and how much money you started out with. Think about all the jobs you've ever had. Did you get them all from your own pluck and determination? Or were some (if not most) facilitated by a preexisting relationship with someone withing the organization? There are more Whites in positions of power (a cursory glance at your parliament, monarchy or US senate will prove that), and therefore Whites are in a better position to become successful.

Now, I think I've proved that Affirmative Action (US), Employment Equity (Canada) or Positive Discrimination (UK) is by and large GOOD for society because it gives an edge to those who are already fighting against the current. Wouldn't you say leveling the playing field is good for society?

But your assertion is not that Affirmative Action is unfair to Whites or that it does no good for society. Your argument is that it is BAD for society. I'm interested in how you'll prove that. Supposing Affirmative Action works perfectly and all of a sudden there are as many Blacks, Asians, Indians, and so on in positions of power as there are Whites.

How is that BAD for your society?
Debate Round No. 1


BarCode forfeited this round.


I still stand by the statements I made previously. Please extend my arguments....
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by brainworx 7 years ago
My intelligent mary! I absolutely 101% agree with her!
Posted by SUpercalifragilistic_20 7 years ago
Well said... Currently where I'm at right now (UK) is really a place where races dominates. Just being observant though, seeing an area of black community (Southall) vs. the white (Ealing) really means distinguishing yourself to where you belong. I hope and pray that in the future, colors will be a mere history... Just my two-cent... :)
Posted by Digixom 7 years ago
let me tell you mary that i agree with what you all said. nice piece....
Posted by WorldTraveler 7 years ago
very impressive mary :)
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