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African American are born out of the anal cavity and Caucasian humans are born out of the vagina.

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Started: 7/11/2014 Category: Science
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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My opponent must first accept.
You can take this serious or not, it's up to the person.
I am for me saying that what the topic of this debate is true. My opponent must prove my statement false. I will prove it to be truth.
Accept, and then round 2 will commence, and the debate will get rolling.
I hope to get a worthy opponent that know his science and like icecream. :P


I accept this debate. For clarity, especially since my opponent has chosen to be CON, by his own comments in the first round, CON will be arguing the dual resolution that African Americans are “born out of the anal cavity” AND that “Caucasian humans are born out of the vagina.” I will concede this second point leaving CON to demonstrate that African Americans are “born out of the anal cavity.” I will show that this claim is false.

Debate Round No. 1


I have no idea what Pro is talking about as he has already conceded saying that I am actually in his stance for the topic being untrue. Vote CON.

Had you going there, haha. Ignore the first sentence that was said of course.
Thank you for clearing the smoke so everyone can see. I wished to be Pro for this debate as he has said.
I wish I was high right now.

That being said, thank you very much for your timely acceptance of my debate, this is an important one.
First I will show you proof of the statement "African Americans are conceded from the anal cavity" and that "Caucasian humans are born from the vagina".

First, an African america after birth.
Another joke.

But getting serious now more than ever.
After some searching on google, I found a clear picture of the act of caucasian birth. If you have a weak stomach or you are younger than 15, you should not click this link. The link is a picture of a uncensored birth.
You can see in the photo that the fetus is coming from the vagina.

The birds and the bees: If a caucasian male ejaculates (Or emptys his nuts is the way I would put it) into a female vagina, then 283 days later (according to wikipedia[I couldn't care less if it isn't a reliable source] ), a newborn caucasian is born. That baby's life will begin or end abruptly depending on the AA (African American/s for short) population in his environment. I will not bother posting a link to porn.

Now for proof for the anal African American birth, but first I will show you a chart for different types of African Americans.
Breath taking stuff.

How AA are born: Newborn AA that come out of a woman appear to be normal feces. It is up to the responsibility of the AA woman to remember the sexual intercorse to know that she is giving anal birth so she does not kill her child by flushing it.
When an AA woman has semen introduced into her anal cavity, another AA will grow inside of the AA's large intestine. The seman that is fertilized by the large intestine will soon be ready for anal birth in the next 2-5 hours. Depending on the woman's diet before or during the intercorse, larger amounts of healthy foods (That are high in protein, fiber and so on) produce larger, stronger AA but the AA will have a darker skin tone. If the AA woman consumed fatty foods or unhealthy drinks ( Such as soda, KFC grilled/fried/ or roasted Chicken in large amounts, etc.) then the fetus will be overweight and likely grownup, commit crimes and also be fatherless. The chance of a healthy conception of a AA not having a father is still 50% compared to unhealthy AA which is 75-80%.
Contact the CPRC if you see an overweight AA on the loose.

Beside separate AA and caucasian births, there are cases of a rape that involves one or more male AA, a female AA, and single or simultaneous penetration, the semen will all fight to become the newborn AA.
The chances of that newborn AA having parental problems will be 100% and drug addiction 60%. If every single AA was saved from being flushed was saved, then the ratio of AA to caucasians would be 15,000 to 1, and 5 billion kilowatts would be saved every year.
6% of all woman say that they have flushed their child on accident and regret it and 96% say they have on purpose. The study asked roughly 400,000 AA women. I can not post the article of the survey because.

DIfferent info: In the case of and AA woman having entercorse with a caucasian male, the male would have to ejaculate into the AA anal cavity to provide a child. The act of a Caucasian ejaulating into an AA womans vagina has no effect on the woman.
In the reverse case of and AA male and a caucasian woman, the male would have to ejaculate in the woman vagina cavity to produce a child. The result of both cases have a 50-50 chance of either anal or vaginal casaption. For example, if a AA male came in the woman vaginaly, the woman would ether conservative anal in the need few hours or many months later vaginaly. The same goes for the reverse, expect the ejactulation would have to be anal.
The baby will have half of the genes from each parent. The behavior the newborn will have for the world its coming into is completely random. There have been many studies to try to find a pattern of behavior of the newborn cross. To date, there is no method to determine the outcome of the child's behavior. Behaviors seen in grown up adult from both anal and vaginal birth range. Exempts are a TV Personalities, president of a former superpower, professional wrestler, Pro Golfers, Models, Fashion designers, Athletes and Musicians.

Conclusion: I have provided some very sound proof and I urge other AA and caucasians not to fight amongst himself in the comments or to vote rashly without abandon. Take what I have said, and vote on it.
This might be hard for some AA to take in for the first time, but that fact is that African Americans are very different than caucasians.
So that being said, I find that AA are a completely different species to humans. I would even say that caucasians and any other ethnic group in the world besides Africans or any group of dark skinned human look alikes are respectfully considered human beings.
Even though AA are no longer humans, this does not mean that they should be treated any differently than humans and nothing should change culturally for AA. I would like to name this recurring and successful species "Negro Sapiens"

*Takes a bow*
I very much would like to see how you react and reply to what I have said. Also, if everyone could thumbs up or thumbs down this topic, it would be appreciated. Sorry for any misspelling.


I would like to thank CON for his arguments this round. I can tell already that this is going to be an interesting debate.

Confusing the Point

CON has made all sorts of interesting claims this round; however, I will only be addressing the one claim that is the actual resolution being discussed this debate: whether or not African Americans are born from the anus. I will both show CON’s resolution to be incorrect, and demonstrate my own resolution presently.

The Real Point

African Americans and Caucasian Americans can copulate and produce fertile offspring [1]. This means they are of the same species [2]. Therefore, since CON has already demonstrated the Caucasians give birth vaginally [3] (and I will add a possible Cesarean Section [4]), it follows that African Americans give birth the same way. In case there is any question, no, African Americans do not birth their children via the “anal cavity” [5]

Closing Thoughts

I have shown that African American women give birth vaginally or via Cesarean Section, and not through the anus. I look forward to what CON will bring in the next round.



Debate Round No. 2


I may have confused the point, but I wanted to put more information out there so other could source me. If there was another debate about types of African Americans, they could source me.

It is very unfortunate that my opponents key argument for her stance that African Americans birth the same as Caucasians is broken link (5)
404 Error.

If my opponent will not source correctly, then she is not worth my time.

I will disprove what she has stated.
Pro has said "African Americans and Caucasian Americans can copulate and produce fertile offspring." Offered a link >
I saw no reason to read 50 shades of gray as this has nothing to do with this debate.

"This means they are of the same species" This can't be the case as African Americans are born out of the anal cavity like aliens. You find me another species that births out of the anal cavity.

"Therefore, since CON has already demonstrated the Caucasians give birth vaginally " That is because it is fact.

Maybe you should know the reason African Americans are born out of the anal cavity. African Americans have a different, messed up frequency, like they are operating on a different vibration frequency.
Replicate fast, those they are not at the same healthy frequency as humans.
Most African Americans do not clean there *** before anal sex, and this produces gang bangers, cop killers, and gangsters.
If more African American women did this, then there would be less of a stigma.

The reason most African American woman have quote "Fat bootys" is because it is used for arousing other African American males to tap that *** anally.
Video showing my point. There are some Caucasian looking woman, but they are most likely half black whores.

African American woman may not know it, but having a large gluteus maximus will increase their chances of becoming pregnant. Most black woman never become pregnant if they have small acres. Twerking is popular among a lot of woman nowadays including African Americans. It is their mating call mechanism in a way. Just like some birds in nature.

Many African Americans love to see a thick booty on a African American woman.

There is also a connection between waste feces and the African American skin color.
Feces is normally brown and the skin color of African Americans are brown.
Poop (Feces) is brown, African Americans are brown, they both come out of the anal cavity, therefore both are connected.
Some African Americans are darker than others, why is this? A lot of African American woman (Personally every single one I see) are largely overweight or obese. The more they eat, the more condensed the feces is and in turn a darker brownish tone.

The stereotype that African Americans can't swim or prefer not to engage in water activities is not a myth. Feces is deposited into a toilet, which has water in the bowl. After the pooper is finished, they will clean up, and flush the toilet forcing the feces down. All African Americans have a fear of this. They prefer not to swim, and be flushed down into a toilet as they know they came out of the anal cavity.

The act of pooping on another person's chest originated in South Africa at the dawn of man. They knew that feces was sacred, so they frequently pooped on each others chests and faces. They would often have ogres that was strictly anal sex. They would do this for weeks at a time. They did not have as much food as we have today, so they did not poop often. Some parts of South Africa today have starving populations and can only poop on themselves one every month. Primates like to poop in their hands and throw feces at each other. The African American evolved from monkeys long ago. Caucasians came from Ancient aliens that kill off the dinosaurs. After the dinosaurs were kill, humans could survive on the surface. The aliens taught the humans how to hunt and communicate. The primates had survived and evolved into today's African Americans. The aliens still watch over us today, eagerly waiting for us to come to our senses and become enlightened.

The government is trying to cover up the fact that African Americans give birth out of their anal cavities. It is a conspiracy for power, and money. They do not want you to know, because then you will know about the aliens. If you know about the aliens then the government can't make anymore money. They try to stop any chance of communication with aliens by making various harmless drugs illegal in the United States of America. They made Cannabis Illegal to keep us from seeing them and talking to them even though cannabis has health benefits. They keep tobacco legal because it make them money. pycholeices are very safe and no one dies from them. Pycholeices are a powerful easy way to see aliens. Most pycholeices are natural and come from plants, but are still illegal. Mushrooms that grow under cow patties, DMT that is produced by our pineal glands daily and in most organisms, peyote which is natural, Ibogaine which has a HUGE chance of curing addiction to any drug and still is natural but has psychedelic properties, and Cannabis sativa and indica are both plants that absorb large amounts of Co2 in the air and are harmless to the human body are all very obvious signs that our government is to cover up the existance of aliens for financial gain. They control media, education, what is legal and illegal. Cigarettes kill on average 443,000 Americans every year. The government does not care unless they were not making money off of addition or not keeping us away from the aliens. Cannabis and Ibogaine have amazing positive effect on the human body and are schedule 1 substances. Schedule 1 is defined as "a category of drugs not considered legitimate for medical use."

Milk of magnesia was made by pharmaceutical companies to keep us pooping. They tricked us into thinking we have free will, and we can take it whenever we want. The government controls when we take milk of magnesia or any other drugs that make someone poop. The government decides when we should poop our brains out (Figure of speech) using mind control tactics. The company Aeropostale and Fitch is working together with the government to make Americans want to lose weight and be fit. The government knows that the aliens don't like Aeropostale and Fitch and the government wants African Americans that have lots of incredibly dark children to wear their clothing. The alien caused the primates to give birth anally by using their magic anal probes some 600 millions years ago. The anal probes was so strong, that it rearranged everything within their bodys. They thought it would be funny but they did not think the government would cover it up. The government created a force field around the earth using alien technology in the 1920's to keep them out. The aliens have been sending in scouts to check in on the human race every so often. They watch BET often because they have their own inside joke about the whole anal birth thing.

African Americans are getting ready for a revolt against the aliens and the Caucasians. It is up to the Caucasians and the aliens to defect the poop throwing African Americans and win the war. The government will be making money off of the war, so whoever wins the war will have to fight the government next. The African Americans have been slaves for generations, teased and ridiculed. They want to make our woman give birth anally just like them, and give the Caucasian males testicular cancer. it is up to us, the Caucasians to fight this war, and win so we can move on to the next round with the government. This war might very well be the end of us, or the beginning of a new age. A age where we can be young and wild and free.


I would like to thank PRO for another interesting round of “arguments.” As before, I am not going to address the large volume of irrelevant material PRO has provided; I will focus on that which is relevant to the debate.

404 Error

I am sorry to hear that PRO was not able to access my source. Not only was I able to access it when I typed up my previous arguments, I was able to access it several times right now, on two different web browsers. If there is a problem, it is not with my link.

Even so, without the link and the point it supported, I have already demonstrated that African Americans are birthed either vaginally or via C-Section, not through the “anal cavity.” I only added that last point in the interest of a simpler path to the same point.


Other than the complaint about my source, the only counterpoints PRO has made is to make bald face assertions that my sourced arguments are false. I will be happy to revisit those arguments if PRO would like to provide sourced arguments that necessitate me to do so.

Closing Thoughts

I have both demonstrated my resolution and shown that PRO’s resolution is false. I thank PRO for his comments this round and look forward to his final thoughts.

Debate Round No. 3


Gogert777 forfeited this round.


I'm sorry to see that CON has decided not to continue with this debate. I have fulfilled my BoP, and CON has not. I would like to thank CON for a most interesting discussion.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Gogert777 2 years ago
Wow, i laughed my as$ of re-reading this. omg im funny
Posted by Max.Wallace 3 years ago
This is so funny, you really look that much like Putin? Up here in VT we eat Putin fries!
Posted by IndianaFrank 3 years ago
This is a stupid debate but it reminds me of the na"ve young lady who asked the doctor if it was possible to get pregnant when the sex was only anal. He replied, yes my dear, where do you think lawyers come from ?
Posted by Gogert777 3 years ago
NO!!!! let me change my con to for!!!!!! You bast*ard!
Posted by Gogert777 3 years ago
I did?
Posted by Martley 3 years ago
Are you drunk??? Or are you really that confused and bad at typing words into readable sentences??

Wait... so you are saying that not all blacks are born out of anal cavities.... just African Americans??? I would LOVE for you explain that one further......
Posted by Power-Is-Mine 3 years ago
"I am for me saying that what the topic of this debate is true. "

Why did you take CON if you wanted to affirm the resolution??
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Vote Placed by whiteflame 3 years ago
Who won the debate:-Vote Checkmark
Reasons for voting decision: Wow. Con's arguments were just so uproariously awful that I wish I could give Pro more points than just the 7 here. I see no proof, in any of his argumentation, that African Americans are either a separate species or that they are born out of the anal cavity, nor can I think of any physical way in which that can be made possible. It's just utterly mindboggling.