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Age of Reason

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Started: 7/12/2013 Category: Religion
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Age of mystic
I challenge your ignorance, i challenge your

indoctrination, i challenge your beliefs, i

request your presence at the voting chamber. i

request your presence at the public gallery, i

request your presence at the library. i

challenge you to think less of north and south

and think more about counties...i challenge

you to spread the wealth i challenge you seek

the truth, do you believe in a god... are you

praying in the correct way...I want you to

believe in freedom of consciousness. stick an

x in the you believe the tories are

irish....that labour's 'in bed' with a trade

union, where are the minor parties...we all

need to get on....its not a band wagon...i

want to challenge your predisposition to

cliche, your livelihood and your

morals..ethics anyone...any idea what ethics

are...educate yourself...too much tapping on

an iphone for some, lucky you haven't got the

vote yet, who died to give you your vote,

anyone die today...i challenge the marketeers

and advertisers of political debate in this

country who want to scare and demonise should

you not have more honour, more respect...never

scratch your head...that's why the knights

keep their hand by their sides......i

challenge your honour system are you stuck

consciously, free your mind or wait to be

freed. pray for enlightenment not necessarily

going to come from tibet or china, this is a

new age of mysticism and spiritualism yet i

challenge the mystics to hone their craft.

everything is a sign, but is it significant...

i am not appreciating your self satisfaction i

am challenging you not to rest but to

think...i am aesop, i am martin luther king...

i am gandhi...i am socrates, plato and payne.

i am king and serf yet fool to none...i am and

i always will be your friend...i

On building a future
Why is it only architects build homes...we

have land yet we haven;t the wisdom to live

together as a family why are we moving away

from our friends and family to seek work...why

are we buying second, third, fourth houses yet

the youthful cannot purchase ...where are the

bakeries...the fishmongers...the

i need a car now to shop for essential

items..we have a limited amount of fuel might

as welll solve that problem now...instead of

for another generation. why are losing cd's do

i need to be a computer programmmer to install

a computer program nowadays, why is it so

difficult because it's not destined...choose


On the Special Relationship
America has a Statue of Liberty who do we

have.. Ronald Reagan....what does that say

about your political system...your political


On Solidarity and the Greeks
We're beautiful people but we're not all wise

but we have solidarity.. we can see the

manipulation, i get injected twice a month on

a community treatment order for being

schizophrenic yet i have no schizophrenia, i

claimed to be on a spiritual journey and the

doctors have dismissed it as abnormal...they

are not considering my spiritual beliefs and

they won't consider yours...some are wise

others foolish. we have our styles of

consciousness and we have moved mountains.

On the House of Lords
A tribal council of elders...where are

they..they're not the lords...i don't believe

in lords and ladies' i believe in elders, i

don't know who they are, they have steer

groups.. there's always a way, a path, a

trivos.. why is it important to speak

articulately because they need to understand.

don't say love children.. imagine that love

equals sex...then you'll get it...

On a constitution
By the people for the people..we have a

constitution is it heralded....

On Mysticism
Revelations can happen...through a mystical

third eye we can be divined and great

consciousness can be bestowed upon's

an a ge of age of energy...i

have seen the vampire...the werewolf

exists...i have seen the smile of Sataniel,

What is Good? is what it asked....that and the

Art of Happiness, I've seen the diavolos i

don't speak metaphorically the gods live among

us as do the demons, some play at being the their peril...i don't like

some...angels walk among us...and they're

sometimes just as dangerous....who to trust

there are forces you can rely on...i see the

signs...i've seen the cosmic wheel. i've seen

my family change in front of my's

all out there.. we can all stand straight and

walk tall, fed on grain and vegetables we can

all look characteristic, we have our place.

i've seen the gnome and the pixie what of the

unicorn...a return one day I am sure....i

counted with a horse...I asked the horse a

question and he repsonded by tapping his fooot

the correct number of times...the alien exists

and doesn't look too dissimilar to the human

as well as many other faces..... they're

timing and logic is not what it should

goes against the grain... that's why they

should not be here or affecting us...councils

of elders in the stars decree that home birth

natives hold a greater place than visitors

from other planets. they'll leave one day...,

still it's not so bad...but it's a our petty

squabbles and our reluctance to accept the

reality of the situation that prevents

friendship. stupidity is to be scorned as is

reliance on a fifth eye instead of a third

WHatever the faeries do is sacred mystery

pray for light...
revelation experience. I had a vision of

troops on the streets of world war...I tried

to change it...I believe in the Greek Orthodox

church and their works...a belief in

polytheism as the ancient ones are mysterion.

and should not be played or pretended...

On Characters Comedy and Drama
Some characters live on,there is sucha thing

as the immortal, through rebirth

On ritual
In order to appease the spirits and faeries

ritual is wise, it's evident in our religious

ceremonies apparently already over 90% believe

in a deity we attend their churches we believe

in their prayers.
I believe superstition among the masses is

inevitable.Nature is Queen and the Deity's

King and rule with their minions, they were

often historical figures or popular ideas that

became. Becoming energies, energies such as

the great spirit of Ancient Western culture,

Zeus of Ancient Greek culture. These energies

inform as they are mysterion

On thomas Paine's works
Revelation confirms natural religions and a

natural design of the spiral of nature...
have written will publish...

On the eye of providence
HElios is Ra, it's part of a system, depends

on how the mystical mysterion are called upon.

but they can be called upon.
many forms of prayer but which system to

believe in? a Natural system I feel of

polytheism, inclusiveness and
happiness is a japanese term there fore a

japanese ideal, we have a multi rooted

language and a belief structure that is

multilevel, hence the rise in secret societies

over the ages, is it a system that works, are

some systems more powerful than others

absolutely. Some deities identify with peoples

and others don't so make sure you are praying

to the gods of your peoples. stick to a system

. there are many choose your own, make up your

own...we each have our own personal variation

on a system.. depends how strongly we call

upon or command the our peril do

we command some deities.

On the Logos
A translation meaning 'ratio' and 'word' and

not just 'word'...

the egyptians have light from another place we

have light from this place
I am laughing but not happy, my sex has been

annoyed i don't know who you are but you're

going to die,

we are the greeks and we don't know you.

The soul, Plato teaches, consists of three

parts: the rational soul, which resides in the
head; the irascible soul, the seat of courage,
which resides in the heart; and


Penis Penis Vagina balls

Your move con
Debate Round No. 1


greatzeus forfeited this round.


Yeah I thought so
Debate Round No. 2


not adding anything further


So from what source did you copy/paste your opening round from? The spacing of the whole argument highly suggests that it was simply copy pasted from somewhere else.....
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct to PRO because CON skipped a round. No one made any arguments or provided any sources, so no points there.
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct: While con skipped a round, pro accused him of plagiarism in the final round when he could no longer respond... I did a websearch, and could not find anything matching sections of con's statement. I assume he mistook this for a rap battle website (take of such a bad mistake whatever you will). Argument: Pro did not try to make me read through so much meaningless crap, when nothing could support the meaningless resolution; organization of arguments is 1 of 3 factors DDO wants us to vote on, which pro takes in strides!