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Airmax Shrugged Redux

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Started: 9/8/2016 Category: Philosophy
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Airmax wept. His tears ran down his cheeks, drop after drop landing on the opened book - Hawthorne, perhaps - that sat on his lap. He did not care that its pages were turned to pulp; he would never need to recall its story again, and realising this made the moment that much heavier. “Airmax, Airmax, Airmax, what are you doing, Airmax! O, Airmax, forgive us, forgive us all!” That was the chant, the only chant, nothing else, just that.

He had nowhere to go. If he did it, he would leave everything behind; nothing would be left of him except for the memories of those he was determined to abandon.

He sighed, his stiff body becoming limp in preparation for what he was about to do.

So much pain, so much anguish… There was only one way to get rid of it. To finally obtain the sort of happiness he had only heard stories of during odd jobs, retreats from normal life, like when that one sex line worker talked about how proud she was of her son, her son, he didn’t have one, and time was running out, he knew, and he wanted one, so he was determined to do this, because why want a son if you can’t have one, right?

People like to say that, right before you finally make the leap, you have an epiphany: “This isn’t worth it!” There are two types of people, determined by how they continue. The first take a deep breath, realise that they’re making a mistake, and enter a crying fit. They are those who back away. The second take a deep breath, but don’t stop. They are those who do what they felt necessary. They, the most dedicated pragmatists, stopped wasting time.

The above is incomplete. Its author did not anticipate the sort of mind we are dealing with here. There are actually three types. Airmax proved as much.

He didn’t have the initial hesitation.

His finger slowly contoured, millimetre by millimetre, in preparation. It rested on that which would, whenever he willed, would end it all. All, obliterated, in a single motion. That was what he wanted, wasn’t it? Wasn’t it? Wasn’t it?

It was.

O, the problem I have, and the solution I see, both make me, me, going for it, doing it, it isn’t so hard now that I finally have my mind set - mindset, that’s what was missing! o, mindset, mine was unworkable until now, now it perfectly works, works perfectly as I want it, it, it, giving me, letting me, out, out, out!, escape, escape from what? I know all too well from what, escape from that! asking won’t do much now, mindset has been set, after all, after all this time, it’s time to finally go, end it, finish it, complete it, release myself, free myself, liberate myself, myself, myself! that self I myself never cared about until now, for if I had I would have made now much sooner, sooner, but at least now - better late! better late indeed, it is after all happening now, not before, not later, but now, that’s what counts to me, and why shouldn’t it? all my sins, sins all of others, sins by myself to myself by others to others by others to myself by myself to others by all to all to all to all! not an innocent one left, so why stay is what I mean, why, really, why would you if you don’t have to, if you could just leave just exit just take your leave hang up your hat grab your coat Airmax has left the building what a ring to that there is! no ring before, ring now, depend on that, need that constant ringing no constant silence no constant void no constant voice no constant constant no no! no no! no no!no to the great no of staying! the regular blueness is traded in for a regular redness, a regular vitality, a regular cholera, a regular plague, a plague cast on them who stay, a plague on both their houses, their houses on fire, the fire consuming, the fire consumed, the fire, the fire, the fire, all in the name of g-d it seems, g-d must be a good guy, he cares, he lets me leave, he gives me the out, praise him for giving me the match, letting me spark the flame, letting me light the fuse, letting me blow the motherf-cker sky high, oh man! praise the l-rd, the word of the l-rd, THE WORD, THE WORD, THE WORD! what else but the word, the word which gives me a tongue, that tongue that I do not choke on but others do choke on their tongues especially they will yes when they see what I’ve finally done yes but no they won’t be my concern no no no what they see will be what they get and what they get will be what they see, boy will they regret all that! all that is going to be in the past, this is the now, the future is now, arrow, up not back never ever back never back there never back to that kind of there not that kind of life not that kind of man no I am not that kind of man and what I know is that I was dealt a hand but f-ck the dealer f-ck the house f-ck this game I’m cashing out whether you like it or not! whether they like it or not ha like they’d like it I’m sure they’d like it but only till they figure out what it is that I’ve done and then they’ll take back each and every one of their words they’ll say oh I appreciated you oh what will we do without you oh what oh will oh we oh do oh oh oh! reverberating in their heads over and over reverberating because there’s nothing there to stop it ha ha ha, what’s this talk of sound, like echoing, what does that mean, the question is the following, is their regret a word or just a sound, they don’t know the difference, I do, I know, I am the knower here, I hold it, they lack it, that’s why I have to make them know, pontiff I am, I make myself pontiff, kissing your hand, good evening, you are forgiven sir! except I will not forgive I will not be there to forgive no forgiveness no forgetfulness surely you’re joking they said to me but I said no I was not joking there is only one thing only sin only eternal sin sin sin sin sin sin sin sin YOUR SIN you caused this you could have prevented this you drove me to this YOUR SIN YOUR SIN YOUR SIN

Airmax did it. There was a click.He had finally done it, he had banned himself, G-d ending his power with his power, G-d ending his burden with his burden, G-d ended.

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Posted by 1harderthanyouthink 1 year ago
Tell me...The WORD.

Also, now this debate will indefinitely be in Dylan's notifications.
Posted by SeventhProfessor 1 year ago
Posted by ShabShoral 1 year ago
Posted by sdavio 1 year ago
Airmax = Airmax
Posted by dylancatlow 1 year ago
I don't know what this is or what would be expected of me if I accept.
Posted by ShabShoral 1 year ago
shrug emoticon
Posted by bsh1 1 year ago
Lol...this is...novel...
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