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Airsoft Or FPS game?

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Started: 2/25/2016 Category: Games
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Hello ,I'm here today to debate on pro for the topic"Airsoft is better than FPS gaming"
I think that airsoft is WAY better than just sitting in your room playing games all day all night,YES I DO GAME sometimes I've played FPS on pc before and it was fun but it's not that much of a good thing to do i guess.Nuff said let's talk bout that! Shall we?


I accept this debate.

I will be arguing that FPS gaming is better than Airsoft.

Since my opponent hasn't laid down any rules and did not give an argument in round 1, I am assuming round 1 is acceptance. We will begin on round 2

FPS (First Person Shooter): A type of computer game whose gameplay involves shooting enemies and other targets and in which a player views the action as though through the eyes of the character they are controlling.

Airsoft: A sport in which participants eliminate opponents by hitting each other with spherical non-metallic pellets launched via replica firearms called airsoft guns.

Airsoft Gun: A replica gun that fires non-metallic pellets. Non-lethal, but still hurts.
Debate Round No. 1


I think airsofting is better than FPS gaming
Because if you ask someone that is being honest and is living his life to the fullest(or almost)He will just say"I like airsoft better ,because it brings me outside and run around with my friends."
In my opinion ,I think that airsoft is better because it trains people to have a strategical mind ,Become smarter in the perspective of doing something.
To the con please.


I will refrain from a rebuttal until round 3


1. Scenarios
You can do so much with a video game. You can play in various different timelines and worlds, with varying landscapes. From Gettysburg to Future Combat, you can play in pretty much any time or world. Can you do that in Airsoft? No. Can you have large battles set in the future with lots of players on each side, no. Can you re-create a historical battle set in the Colonial era with Airsoft? No. You can play in so many epic scenarios in FPS's, in the comfort of your own house.

2. Population
How many people can you scramble up for an Airsoft game? Only what friends are available and maybe a couple other guys. What do FPS's have that Airsoft doesn't? Online multiplayer, yet another advantage of video games. You rarely have to worry about not having a lot of players, your favorite FPS almost always has lots of players ready to play. You can have tiny squad battles, focused around team work and strategic play, or have large army battles, focused around large army tactical game play or a run and gun type game. Airsoft can't do this.

3. Comfort
Let's be clear, Airsoft hurts. You get shot, you get hurt, and it could leave a mark there for a while. Over 2.4 million eye injuries are caused by Airsoft guns [1]. Additionally, it causes corneal abrasion and hyphema. FPS's can't hurt you. The most a FPS can do to harm you is either you hurt your toe by kicking your desk or hurting your hand for lashing out in rage (next to no-one does this, but there are some people...). In addition, you can play FPS in the comfort of your own home. To play Airsoft you have to go out and get yourself hurt. In FPS's you can stay at home and be comfortable.


Back to you. Rebuttal time.
Debate Round No. 2


Hello Again,I understand you completely about everything you've just said ,But I think that if it's about numbers of players then
You've never beem to a serious field then ,In there we have thousand of players ready to play waiting for commands,Just like Arma2,3 ,About gamemodes ,Yes we have run and gun,Gungame
And stuff like that,Comfort? Welp,To this one I lose completely because it's runing and shooting everybody in real life,BUT remember respawn??? If you get shot you go there,Wear a thock clothes then you won't get hurt.Also what about loving being shot? It teach us,train us to learn from mistake.And everytime I had an accident? EVERYBODY IS RIGHT THERE FOR ME.


Thousands? I think you might be exaggerating. Probably around the lines of several "tens" of people on each team. Also, not all teammates may follow commands. Some may venture out on their own or refuse to listen. This is also the case for FPS's. This was just to show that when it comes to population, you can have a lot more players than Airsoft.
Dying in FPS's also teaches you. When you die, your team loses a point, gives a point, or loses a player. This is especially evident in tactical squad based shooters, where every player is important in needs to play strategically. Dying and losing in an FPS teaches you what not to do and what to do better next time.
FPS's have more gamemodes, some are traditional while others are just fun. TDM, DM, Search and Destroy, Bomb Defusual, Hostage Rescue, VIP escort, Attackers vs Defenders, Spies vs. Mercs, One in the Chamber, Gun Game, Sticks and Stones, Uplink, Capture the Flag, Domination, Conquest, Rush, etc. There are so many different game modes in a video game, because you aren't confined to reality in video games.
Respawn is faster and more efficient in FPS's. You can't the shot on your way back to respawn in FPS's. Also, it's very hard to cheat in these FPS's compared to Airsoft. In Airsoft, someone can just decide to not go back to respawn or shoot somewhere or someone they aren't supposed to. In FPS's there are hackers, but those are rare and it's hard to hack.
Finally, on injury. Yes, your teammates will probably comfort you if you get injured, but what if it's something permanent. What if someone shot your eye, or something soft or fragile. That would definitely leave a mark or may permanently damage your hearing or vision. In FPS's you can't get injured.

Sorry for the sloppy argument, I'm busy.
Debate Round No. 3


Ok, I understand that respawn takes way longer than FPS gaming
But About that thousand player?,It's true most of the times In milsim we have about Two to Three hundreds players but sometimes like in copperhead or huge events we have a lot
,About gamemodes ,We've copied all of your FPS's gamemodes
We have Escort(I like this one best)Capture the flag,Bomb Defuse,Team Deathmatch,Deathmatch,One in the chamber,Intel,Even knifematch!,Control points,Gun Game(We Call that Arm Races from CSGO),Search and Destroy and many more,But I accept that a lot of gamemodes are hard to prepare and eats up a lot of time,About permanent sight or ear damage,You wear safety goggle and ear protection,Many strict field doesnt let you in with a gun that is too powerful or with no safety tools
On friendly fire,Yes you go to the respawn for that Because it's Milsim,Airsoft were based on real military combat ,If someone gets shot no matter who's the shooter ,hes dead ,It trains us much more than FPS to think strategical.
What about planing?? We do plan everytime before runningbin the field and our socalled"Maps" were way bigger than your "World"In FPS gaming.


I'm very sick, I won't be able to post this round

I hope you understand.
Debate Round No. 4


Frisk forfeited this round.


Hylian_3000 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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What's airsoft?
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