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Alcohol Should Be Illegal

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Started: 4/1/2013 Category: Health
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The topic for the following debate is, 'Alcohol Should Be Illegal'


Alcohol - a liquor or brew containing alcohol as the active agent

Illegal - prohibited by law or by official or accepted rules

First round is of acceptance. I look forward to a good debate


Good luck for the next round, then!
Debate Round No. 1


Okay thank you, let's begin:

1. Addictiveness and Influence

Alcohol has become a substance that has been easy to possess because of it's legality. It has caused plenty of controversy and problems because of it's negative affects on consuming it. It's addictiveness causes loss of concentration on many tasks like school, studies and jobs. One major factor of alcohol is drunkenness. Drinking and driving is prohibited due to dangerous risks formed by consuming alcohol. People who are under the influence of alcohol tend to lose their consciousness, and have potential for road accidents. Banning alcohol minimises danger on the roads to the driver and those around them, making it a safer environment.

2. Damaging from Alcohol

As mentioned earlier, alcohol can have an impact on driving. This includes difficulty walking, blurred vision, slow reaction time and impaired memory. Clearly alcohol affects the brain. Apart from driving, alcohol can also produce long term influences such as breast cancer, oral cancer, heart diseases, strokes, and dysfunction of the liver. These facts emphasise on the point why alcohol should be banned.

3. General Well being

Consuming alcohol leads to long term negative affects which can affect daily activities and health. Broken relationships, loss of jobs, imprisonment can all be consequences from undertaking alcohol.




1. Drinking Alcohol and Benefits
Studies has show the benefit of moderate drinking. Men who consumed alcohol between three and seven days a week had fewer heart attacks than men who drank once a week. Moderate drinking also leads to a lower risk of diabetes has been seen in women and men. There is also evidence that moderate drinking may prevent silent strokes or other subtle types of brain injury that we know over time can predispose to dementia.
Alcohol is not only something kind of drinks, it is also Culture. Harmonious combination with foods, alcohol bring exquisite taste for the diners. A dinner, a party, a celebration, a romantic date... can never be complete without champagne and wine.
Alcohol industry also creating jobs for millions of people and make a great tax supply to the government.

2. Everything, not only alcohol, has the advantages and disadvantages. It is not a effective solution as we ban something because of its disadvantages while trying to ignore its advantages. And which every government should do is to control the effects of using it rather than try to ban anything that can cause harm.

3. It is a lousy confusion as the Pro think banning alcohol will stop its harm. The truth is banning alcohol even make things become worse.

In theory, banning alcohol will decrease the Supply in short-term, while the demand of it is remain the same. On the other hand, the banned rules can create psychological effects which the demand of alcohol raise even more (we want something even more when it getting harder to get it). It lead to the result of increased sharply in the price of alcohol. Alcohol will become a new kind of "drugs" with a great profit for people who make it. For the lucrative profit of making alcohol, people will be willing to break the laws. There maybe create a new kind of Mafia which deal with alcohol.

In fact, the USA government had tried to ban alcohol (1920 - 1933) but it turn out even worse. Effective enforcement of the alcohol ban during the Prohibition Era proved to be very difficult and led to widespread flouting of the law. The lack of a solid popular consensus for the ban resulted in the growth of vast criminal organizations, including the modern American Mafia, and various other criminal cliques. Widespread disregard of the law also generated rampant corruption among politicians and within police forces.
Prohibition stimulated the proliferation of rampant underground, organized and widespread criminal activity. Many were astonished and disenchanted with the rise of spectacular gangland crimes (such as Chicago's St. Valentine's Day massacre), when prohibition was supposed to reduce crime. Prohibition lost its advocates one by one, while the wet opposition talked of personal liberty, new tax revenues from legal beer and liquor, and the scourge of organized crime.

At the end of Prohibition, some supporters openly admitted its failure. A letter written in 1932 by John D. Rockefeller, Jr., states:
When Prohibition was introduced, I hoped that it would be widely supported by public opinion and the day would soon come when the evil effects of alcohol would be recognized. I have slowly and reluctantly come to believe that this has not been the result. Instead, drinking has generally increased; the speakeasy has replaced the saloon; a vast army of lawbreakers has appeared; many of our best citizens have openly ignored Prohibition; respect for the law has been greatly lessened; and crime has increased to a level never seen before.

For conclusion, alcohol has advantages and disadvantages. But banning alcohol doesn't solve the problems.
Debate Round No. 2


The-Red-Outlaw forfeited this round.


Since you forfeited this round, I think you've been getting to agree with me.
So I am not post any arguments for this round.
Good luck for the next round if you have some new arguments.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheSlenderMan 4 years ago
I hate to use a comment to ask this there a way to follow a debate besides using twitter or posting a comment? Is there a button I'm not seeing that will send you updates through email?
Posted by Ragnar 4 years ago
Should be a good one to follow.
I imagine there will be a lot of information on prohibition going around.
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