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Alexander the Great is the best military commander in history.

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Started: 3/24/2013 Category: Miscellaneous
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Con should pick 1 leader and say that they are the greatest ever. The first round should be for acceptance and con should state their leader. The second and third round should be for arguing. The 4th round should be for rebuttals, so no new arguments. Good Luck to Con!


I accept your debate. I will be arguing that Subutai is a greater military commander than Alexander the Great. Good luck to you!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for accepting. I believe that Alexander the Great is the best military commander in history because he never lost a battle. He won 10 major battles. It took him 11 years to conquer the whole known world. He was 32 when he died, which and he was still able to conquer all that land. calls him, "The undisputed greatest military genius who ever lived" on their list of top 10 military commanders, ranking him #1. Subutai is not even on that list. also ranks him # 1. "They write he's the leader who hasn't lost a single battle for a long Eleven years of fighting against forces beyond his forces number". Subutai is not on that list either. On this link, ABC news wrote a multi page article depicting why Alexander is so great. Here are the first three paragraphs
"Caesar crossed the Rubicon. Napoleon had a good run before he met his Waterloo. But when it comes to capturing the popular imagination, they can't hold a candle to Alexander the Great.

"When you look at the imagination that was necessary to be Alexander, the effect he had on other people's imaginations -- he was head and shoulders above them," said Thomas R. Martin, author of "Ancient Greece."

"Alexander is a legend, but he's not a myth. He's real. What he did -- for better or worse -- shows in the starkest and most exciting terms the lack of limits of human possibility."
Alexander the Great even has Great in his name. Click on the links to read the articles. Vote Pro!


I will start not with a rebuttal (as stated in the rules), but simply something I have noticed in your "argument". In it you use three sources, and, and ABC News. I would like to point out that your first two sources are not reputable. Free Republic is a forum site where you can also look up an article about the Huffington Post seeking people who have had sex with aliens. Next is a HubPage where the author has a profile that says "I Looooooove M i C h A e L J a C k S o N ♥ ♥". Is that really a sight you use for a REAL debate? Finally, I would like to talk about the information you got from ABC news. The info you COPIED from the article. While it is fine to copy small paragraphs, to make 3/4ths of your debate space be covered by it is ridiculous. This is YOUR debate! NOT, a space to paste someone else's article instead of presenting your own ideas backed up by REPUTABLE sources.

I will now begin with my own arguments. Subutai was the greatest military commander in history. He directed more than 20 campaigns, won 65 major battles, and conquered 32 separate nations. He didn't lose a single battle, and only ended his career when he was recalled after the death of "gedei Khan. In fact Ch 1 Great Captains Unveiled Liddell Hart ISB 0-8369-0618-7 says, "He conquered or overran more territory than any other commander in history." That is a good record.
Source: Ch 1 Great Captains Unveiled Liddell Hart ISB 0-8369-0618-7

Subutai wasn't just lucky though. He incorporated the use of new technologies, and creatively used them to gain victories. As New World Encyclopedia says, "He gained victory by means of imaginative and sophisticated strategies".

Finally, Subutai was the greatest military commander ever because he could control vast armies from large distances away, and use them comprehensively to create victory. In fact in two battles on the same day against the Polish and the Hungary he commanded two separate armies over 200 miles apart for a victory. 40,000 casualties inflicted to only 1,000 of his own.

I rest my argument for this round. Good luck!
Debate Round No. 2


I would like to clear some things up about my sources. The ABC news article contained some of my arguments. I copied the paragraphs as an introduction to how amazing he was, and to show some expert's opinions. This round I will add some arguments from that article, and I put the link there so people could read it, so I don't have to copy the whole article. My opponent also called my sources unreliable, but my opponent has used wiki answers and yahoo answers as sources. Anybody can post anything on those sources they want, so those are not reliable. My opponent never rebutted my main points that he never lost and that he conquered 2 million square miles in just 11 years (History Channel). I would like to rebut some of my opponents arguments. He claims that Subutai was the greatest military commander ever because he conquered the most land. Alexander conquered all of the known land in 11 years, without maps, (abc news article) and some of the unknown. He was on his way to conuering China, when he developed fever and died. So he would have conquered a ton of more land, but he got sick very young. It is that amazing that he could do in in such a short period of time. I would also like my opponent to show a direct number on the amount of land Subutai conquered, with that source.

Alexander was an influence to future conquerers such as Caesar, Pompay, and Napoleon. (Alexander the Great biography). At the battle of Granicus, Alexander faced an army similar to his size, at 40,000. In the battle he only lost 120, while destroying the other side. There were 2,000 survivors from his opponents, who were captured. (Alexander the Great Biography on historyofmacedonia). During the battle of Issus, Alexander was GREATLY outnumbered, while facing elite soldiers from Syria, along with Persians. King Darius fled in terror, and Alexander dominated.
In India, Alexanders greatest achievement came during the battle at the Hydaspes, against king Porus. (One of the most powerful men in India) They invaded the heavily guarded river and won a battle even though the Indians had horses, which the Greeks had never even seen before. That just about sums up Alexanders incredible campaign. He marched into land he wasn't very familiar with, fought against totally new tactics, and NEVER lost.
Vote Pro!


I would first like to talk to you about my sources and their sophistication. While I did use to sources as reference, they were not my ENTIRE argument like my opponent. I used my sources to show that their was a common thought in my argument, and that it was not a made up fact out of the blue.

You next say that I did not rebut your "fact" that "main points that he never lost and that he conquered 2 million square miles in just 11 years". That is true in a way. At the beginning of the debate i was unclear on the rules. I believed that we weren't aloud to rebut in the first 3 rounds, but only in the last. For that I apologize. Either way was that a point to rebut. Facts are just that FACTS. We agree (I hope) that we are both using real facts, and not fallacies. This is a debate. We debate an opinion not squabble over our opponents facts.

I would like to address it though. You say that he was on his way to "conquering more", but he died as if he was alone in this. As I stated earlier in the previous round Subutai was recalled in 1241 after the death of the Khan. Imagine if he had had more time.

I apologis in its shortness and lack of more points I have been very busy the last 2 days.
Debate Round No. 3


In this round, I will rebut my opponent, clear up my sources, and boil down to show why Alexander really is the greatest. First off, most of my agreements have come from ABC news, history channel and History of macedonia, (Alexander the great biography), which are 3 reliable and respected sources. My first 2 sources were just websites that published lists on the greatest military generals ever, so they were not used for pure fact. I was just showing why some other people think he's the best ever. I would also like to rebut my opponents argument on "Imagine if he had more time". Subutai was called back at the age of 65, and he died at 72. So even if he wasn't called back, he would only have had 7 years to keep conquering. If Alexander had to stop fighting at the age of 65, he would have already conquered Europe, Asia and most of Africa! Subutai had 33 more years to fight then Alexander, who died at 32. That means that Subutai had more time to fight than Alexander's time! (That is dating Alexander and Subutai started conquering at 1) I would like to continue to rebut my opponents point on that Subutai conquered the most territory ever. I have stated and given a source that Alexander conquered 2 million square miles. I would like to know, from my opponent, how sure miles did Subutai conquer. In the 11 years Alexander spent fighting, Alexander conquered 181,818 square miles per year.That is incredible. Now I will boil down and simplify my arguments to show why Alexander it truly the greatest.
1. He never lost a battle
2. In just 11 years he conquered 2 million square miles
3. Alexander lived almost 2,000 years before Subutai, so he had little to no maps and knowledge of where he was going
4. He fought different tactics than he had ever seen and still won (Such as India using elephants)
5. He had a significant amount of less time than Subutai to conquer
For all these reasons, Alexander is better than Subutai. Good luck to con and Vote Pro!


TheSophisticatedIncumbent forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by twilke 4 years ago
Good point. Here is a fun fact: When Alexander was born, his father Phillip told him, "Macedonia is to small for you. Go conquer the world", or something like that.
Posted by Apeiron 4 years ago
Fun debate, Alex was the pupil of perhaps the greatest philosopher in history, Aristotle.. maybe that had something to do with it? ;-)
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