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Aliens do exist.They just haven't made themselves public yet.

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Started: 5/16/2013 Category: Science
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I believe extraterrestrials are real.They just haven't made themselves public.My opponent will be the skeptic.
Here's how it will work.
Round 1- Key Concepts and acceptance.
Round 2-Debate
Round 3-Debate
Round 4- Conclude.


Key concepts

An extraterrestrial is an intelligent being from a planet other than Earth. The proposition that Pro is defending is that there is sufficient evidence for a reasonable person to conclude that extraterrestrials are currently on Earth. I deny that proposition, and will address the evidence Pro presents to demonstrate that a reasonable person would not conclude that extraterrestrials are on Earth but would instead draw another conclusion to explain the evidence (or fail to draw any definite conclusion at all).

As a threshold matter, consider the following:

1) Eye witness testimony is extremely unreliable. People have been misreporting and misremembering their observations for all of human history.

2) Literally thousands of examples of intially unidentified flying objects (UFOs) have subsequently been explained and identified, having been shown to be, among other things: flocks of birds, stars, planets, atmospheric phenomena, insects, photographic flaws, buildings, and conventional aircraft. Even experienced pilots have reported "impossible UFOs" that were later conclusively demostrated to be civilian aircraft or naturally-occurring phenomena. Because of so many "false alarms" over the years, there is a high threshold of evidence necessary to determine that a UFO represents an extraterrestrial phenomenon and is not more likely to be something else.

I look forward to addressing Pro's evidence.
Debate Round No. 1


You cannot just go on to say that " Eye witness testimony is
extremely unreliable. People have
been misreporting and
misremembering their observations
for all of human history." without being able to back it up.If your claims are true then it means all the.hieroglyphs ancient humans left for us are misleading and that they "misremembered" what they saw.I believe extraterrestrials have been on Earth for reasons such as:
1)Ancient humans have left clues behind,clues in the form of hieroglyphs of aircrafts which look more like modern flying machines.It is quite impossible for humans living miles upon miles away from each other with no.means of communication whatsoever to depict what looks almost the same.This leads to one conclusion,which is that they where being visited by some sort of advanced flying crafts which where obviously navigated by intelligent beings.
2) Close Encounters are one class of encounters reported by our people.It is one thing seeing a UFO but it is entirely another having been taken on board one.I'm sure you want proof,of which I don't have but many victims have had radiation poisoning from these objects and have been treated for radiation poisoning.
3) I believe the fact that most UFO sightings are nothing but misidentified objects.In fact,stats have shown that approximately 95% of these sightings can be easily explained,it is the remaining 5% that worries me.And no I am.not suggesting that if it cannot be explained it is alien.
4)The universe is too big of a place to think that we are "alone" There are over 1billion known galaxies in our universe,each of which contains millions of stars,stars which,much like our own.sun,have planets orbiting them in the habitable zone.To think that we are alone in this universe would be really an ignorant thing to do.The Drake Equation also supports my claims.


You presented nothing new or solid, so my response will be brief. I am happy to provide any specific clarifications.

1) Outside the scope of this debate.

2) Debunked here:

3) Pro admits that most sightings are false. Not an argument.


Anything else?
Debate Round No. 2


Quite a boring article I must say... Nonetheless,proceed.
Apart from that article you provided no other evidence whatsoever to debunk my claims which is quite disappointing really.You couldn't explain ancient hieroglyphs,the remaining 5% and you mocked the Drake Equation.Well what I provided isn't new yes but you haven't been able to debunk it either.You said it's not solid,prove it! Anyways,let me go on.

(If the links aren't clickable please copy and post)

1) Have you ever heard of the Black Knight Satellite? Please try and debunk this.

2) We both know from our history that our ancestors weren't able to do certain things by themselves e.g Nasca lines.If you've heard of them you know they are only viewable from high altitudes.Hence having been constructed to serve a purpose for those coming in from space.These lines make images of animals,human figures etc.

That'll be it for now.Since we are debating the fact that can my evidence convince an ordinary citizen into believing the existence of aliens,I think I've done so and until you can debunk some of my evidence,instead of mocking it maybe you'll achieve something.


AvalonXQ forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Seeing that you weren't able to debunk any of my claims,AGAIN! I will just put more evidence for you.
1.The Belgium Wave:
Residents of Belgium reported dozens of sightings of unidentified flying triangles which the military couldn't account for,they weren't picked up on radar and numerous photographs where taken to.prove it really happenned.
2. Washington DC 1952
This has to be some of the military best evidence.Back when people were being ridiculed for claiming they've sighted a ufo,the beings seemed to introduce themselves to the world leaders as they flew past the White House in Washington DC.
3. Even more intriguing is the fact that astronauts have seen ufos,Buzz Aldrin and Neil Armstrong saw them when they where headed to the moon but you see,NASA prepared for this and therefore told the 2 astronauts to call back if they noticed something unusual,which they did.The Ufos where given code names,one being "Santa Claus" so the public wouldn't know what was being witnessed.Quoted " Every
time it occurred, the astronauts
informed Mission Control, who
ordered absolute silence '. He added
'I think Walter Schirra, aboard
Mercury 8, was the first astronaut to
use the code name 'Santa Claus' to
indicate the presence of Ufos '. But
it was James Lovell, on board the
Apollo 8 Command Module, who
came out from behind the Moon and
said, for everybody to hear 'Please
be informed that there is a Santa
Claus!' Even though this happened
on Christmas Day, 1968, many
people sensed a hidden meaning in
those words.'
That'll be all for now until your next response.


AvalonXQ forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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