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All Animals should be given the rights to enjoy there natural environment

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Started: 6/25/2015 Category: Education
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Good day ladies and gentle,I am debating on the topic "All Animals should be given the right to enjoy there natural habitat" and I am for the motion.
However, before I go further I would like to give the meaning of important words on this topic,and I will like to start with the meaning of 'Animals".
Animals are a living organism which feeds on organic matter,typically having specialized sense organ and nervous system and able to respond rapidly to stimuli. In actual fact animals are creatures


While it would be nice to allow animals to roam free, it is not logical in today's society.

1) Animals spread disease

2) Humans Eat Meat

3) The Ecosystem can no longer support it.

I am going to make a few assumptions in order to make this argument valid. the first one is you want humans to live and not go into the stone age. Or else how can you log on to The second is that you value human life over animal life.

Those "Fillthy Animals?"
Antrhax, Rabies, Hydatiosis(worms), Leptopirosiss, the black plague... Just to name a few disesas are some wonderful gifts from ou animal friends. Allowing animals to have a right to roam around in their natural environment left alone to romp around with no human intervention will just set us up for a battle of survival against diseseas. Animal control and monitoring allows us to prevent diseases such as these from spreading and becoming a major issues in the human world.

Debate Round No. 1


Med_Hassan_Bangs forfeited this round.


Everyone gives up against me ;) just kidding
Debate Round No. 2


Good day my dear friend, I felt it so much for not replying you as I have forfeited round 2 because my internet was faulty but thank God I have fix it now.
1. Capturing animals is cruel,
period. Animals have their own
rights, and they have their own
lives in the wild. Capturing
them destroys their routines
and their way of life. For
example elephants travel long
distances in the wild in large
groups that is their way of life.
When elephants are in a zoo,
they can"t travel long
distances, in fact, the amount
they can move can barely be
named as worthy of travel.
2. Moreover, animals that are
confined to the zoo suffer from
negative psychological effects
due to the confinement. It
doesn"t really matter how good
the facilities of the zoo are, or
how much space the animal
has for itself, it will still not be
comparable in any way to the
freedom they would have in the
3. Furthermore, animals that
are born in zoos and confined
to their boundaries their whole
life never get to see their
natural habitat, and never get
to live life like they should be
living it. This is something that
can be noticed by their
abnormal behavior, since
they"re not where they should
be " it is not natural for them.
If these animals ever get
released to the wild for any
reason, they will have an
extremely difficult time
adapting to their natural
habitat, because they had
absolutely no former
experience of it. They were
taken care of all their lives,
and now have to provide for
themselves, something they
are not used to.
4. Regarding education in
zoos, although they do provide
a lot of it, most of us go to the
zoo as a way to spend time
and for recreational purposes.
No one really goes visit the
zoo with the same mentality
people visit the museum with.
Moreover, some visitors
actually don"t care about the
well-being of animals, and
many of them actually abuse
them by throwing them
objects, teasing them, yelling
at them, and so on. This kind
of behavior has an extremely
negative effect on animals, and
it can often result in
psychological damage to
animals, and sometimes it can
even prove to be fatal. Animals
caged in zoos aren"t able to
exhibit their natural behavior
as they should, and teasing
them will greatly damage their
self-confidence and their
comfort in the zoo itself.


your question was animals in general not zoo animals. I think you have asked the wrong question l as you argument now is just on zoo animals. I can agree that some zoo animals would be happier outside of the zoo but you should think of the needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.

1) zoos rescue animals.that would not survive in the wilderness

2) zoos raise awareness and funds about endangered species and are one of the few communities that do an amazing job preserving the animals in the wilderness outside and inside the zoo.

3) zoos inspire children to save the animals. would you ever debate this had you not been taken to a zoo? zoos can really bang out the inner love for animals and people's careers to save animals was launched because of those caged animals.

now I want to remind everyone that the question was all animals so my arguments outside of zoos still stand.
Debate Round No. 3
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