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All Confederate flags and symbols should be removed

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Started: 9/29/2015 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think that the Confederate symbols need to be gone cold turkey. all it is, is just a stupid piece of history waiting to be forgotten. Goodbye Confederate symbols!!!!


I think we are going to actually start the debate next round, so this will just be for my opening statements, things I expect, etc... First of all I thank my opponent for adding this debate to's vast list of arguments. This is a topic I have a definite opinion on, so I shall debate to the fullest. I also expect a few things to be obeyed by my opponent; rules, if you will. I expect that my opponent will respect me, and I will respect him or her. I also will not do Kritiks'; do not even go there. And finally, any evidence that is not widely known to most people needs to have a link/book title or other form of reference or accessibility. I urge the voters to disregard any unsupported evidence. To you, the voters: I recommend that you cast your vote not to the debater who upheld your side of the value, but the one who best upheld his or her side of the value. Thank you, once again, all.
Debate Round No. 1


pinkie_pie forfeited this round.


Regardless of my opponent's disregard of this round, I shall post my arguments anyways.


Confederate: Related to or pertaining to the Confederate States of America, the CSA.

Symbols: "something that stands for or suggests something else by reason of relationship, association, convention, or accidental resemblance;" (

Contention I: The Confederate States of America are an Important Part of the USA's History

The Confederate States of America are an important part of the United State's heritage. The War Between the States, though tragic, influenced our country greatly, brought the US's citizens together, and achieved equal rights for all. It is generally thought that the entire south was for slavery, however, this is false. Only the 1%, the rich slave owners wanted to keep slaves, which I think we can all agree is bad, but the normal, everyday citizens of the south believed the US government was denying them basic rights. The southerners were paying 75% of the United States Federal Government's entire funds; money was being stolen from the south. The USFG was centralizing, withdrawing power from the people and from the states. The everyday soldiers were fighting for freedom. This is important to our history. We must remember we have the right to fight.

Contention II: The Symbols of the CSA Remind Us We Have the Right to Fight Against Oppression

The symbols of the CSA help us remember our rights given to us in the constitution. The symbols and flags aid us ro remember that we can fight against oppression. As the USA citizens we have the right to fight back against oppression. The USFG, in the 1850s-1860s, was oppressing the south, and they used their right to fight back.

Contention III: Removing CSA Symbols is Denying the South Its Right to Its Heritage

The southern states, whose great-great-grandfathers died for their rights, deserve to be able to remember their ancestors. Removing the CSA symbols is negating the basic right of the citizens of the southern states.


Judges/Voters, I urge you to vote for the side that upholds freedom, the side that wants you to remember that we have the right to fight against an unjust government, Republican or Democrat, Liberal or Conservative, we Americans all have the god-given right to make our country into what we want it to be.
Debate Round No. 2


pinkie_pie forfeited this round.


As my opponent neglected to present his case and rebut my arguments, I should win this round; my arguments stand.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Jonbonbon 2 years ago
Eh, I kinda feel like pro is a troll. No one can be that dumb.
Posted by Ayden_Linden 2 years ago
I agree with con on the grounds that even though the Confederacy was a negative imprint on America, it is still History, and although History at times can be horrible, its not like we have just all started denying the Holocaust because it, too, was a horrible moment in human history, there have always been ups and downs throughout history, but who are we to be the arbiters of what parts of the past we can remember or not? The remembrance of history, the good and the bad, is how we humans shall never repeat it. I would've joined this debate if I found it, but because I didn't, I just figured stating my side in the comments was alright, good luck to both of you, I will be watching this debate with interest
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Vote Placed by AtkinsonCameron 2 years ago
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro forfeited his rounds so Con got my better conduct vote, more convincing argument vote, and reliable sources vote.
Vote Placed by lannan13 2 years ago
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