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All High Schools should have recess

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Started: 11/13/2012 Category: Education
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Resolve: All High Schools should have recess.
Recess= A suspension of buisness or procedure, often for rest or rest or relaxation.

I will be affirming this resolution, and my opponent, whomever it is, will be negating it.

Good luck :)
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you.
To start it off, I will have three main contentions. These are:
1. Recess improves classroom behavior.
2. Recess improves academics.
3. Recess has numerous health benefits.

Recess improves classroom behavior. High schoolers typically have a school day for about 7 hours. These hours are typically jammed pack with acamics. For example, I am in high school and I have to rush from class to class because it's a full day. I only get breaks for lunch (25 minutes) and study halls, which, of course, you are expected to only study. The teenage mind has trouble consentrating on so many different concepts with few or no breaks. With recess, it allows a break to let your brain relax and soak in the information and take a breather. This helps seperate the beginning and end of the day, leaving the student more refreshed for the following periods after. This website shows us stidy done. It is conducted on third graders, but with high schoolers having more work, the results are significant.

Recess improves academics. Fact. Numerous studies have proven this.
Even principals believe this to be true. Getting freash air and excersize helps your brain to become, if you will, smarter. Having a break will improve concentration and eagerness to learn. Wil this being said, no recess has students forcing their brains to listen, but their brains are reluctant.

Recess has numerous health benefits. Apart from getting good excerisize, it's proven to help with healthy lunches, improves social skills and sportsmanship skills with games, kids without recess tend to weigh more, and healthy for your mind to take a break.
These websites show he studies done to prove this contention.

Now back to Neg.


emospongebob527 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


My opponent seems to have nothing to argue nor offer, so there is nothing to rebutt. Vote aff :) You will get free cookies!!!


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Debate Round No. 3
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