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All Matter is Sentient.

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Started: 10/13/2014 Category: Science
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All Matter is Sentient.

Panpsychism holds this view as do I.
However Atheism would seem to hold the view that the opposite is true.
Correct me if I am wrong but the causation of the universe for atheists would appear to be the 'God of Random Chance, the last god off 'the rank' by default.

Updated - Max 3000 characters, 48hr response and 5 rounds.


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


All Matter is Sentient.
Hello to my opponent and welcome to everyone reading.
This debate is about the Old story and a New story.

Setting the Scene:
The Old Story has been central to Western philosophy and cosmology
which has shaped the story of science for nearly 400 years.
It is based on ontological dualism- a separation of mind and body.

This mistake started up around 4 BCE with Plato, later Plotinus and Christian followers
St Augustus jumped on board. The dualism was further family entrenched in the Western mind in
the 17C with Descartes' substance dualism.

Descartes: A fundamental idea of Cartesian ontology was that only minds or souls had sentience (could feel).
Whereas matter was dumb without intrinsic sentience. Descartes was aware of the problem that there needed to be a connection or mode of influence between the mind and body. It was solved by the miraculous intervention of god via the human soul located in the pineal gland.

After Descartes came Isaac Newton (1642- 1727) who concentrated on the dead side of the Cartesian split.
Using maths, Newton developed the fundamental laws of motion that dominated physics for centuries.
Briefly in a Newtonian universe all events that ever happened any where anytime were wholly determined by
prior mechanical causes. Bodies could influence each other only by local contact separated by dead empty space.
Bodies were sealed up in individual clumps of matter.

Following the scientific revolution 17th Century came scientific positivism which meant the only positively certain knowledge we could have is what can be revealed by scientific method. If you could not see it or measure it with the 5 senses it was not real. Since science couldn't see or measure mind , the positivists dispensed with the ghost in the machine and declared that only matter was real.
By the way I do not blame science for its use of Default negative methodology, but it must be seen as just that a methodology or means to an end.

Another landmark in the development of the old story was Darwins' theory of evolution 1859,
Darwin said all varieties of life on earth are the result of chance variations subjected to natural selection.
(a very very good theory that has never been usurped.)
Combining Newtonian mechanism materialism with Darwinian evolution argued that all life forms were the
result of chance mutations and No room for purpose in nature blind selection of a dumb and blind natural watchmaker.
There was no room for purpose in nature. All done by chance and necessity.
Consciousness was viewed as a by product of chance events in mechanical nature.
Arriving late in the game consciousness was explained as an epiphenomenon emerging out of the
complexity of dead matter. The universe consisted wholly of insentient dead matter in motion until nervous systems and brains evolved.

The source used here for most of this debate- Radical Nature. The Soul of the Matter. Christian De Quincey PhD
(Please buy this book)


Envisage forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


kebomystic forfeited this round.


Envisage forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


The reason all matter is sentient is because quantum events are non causal. (the most obvious reason).

Events such as the jumps of electrons or for that matter the production of electrons or antimatter
in the wake of an orbiting electron is entirely unpredictable.

Quantum events are self caused not uncaused and not random.
to an observer the event might seem random but to the sub molecular particle it would make a world of difference,

Sorry to cut this debate short.
I always get diverted when I read this subject deeply.
All a bit mind-blowing.
Thanks anyway, I may not be able to complete the last round as it is a holiday weekend here and I am going a
away for a few days.
cheers Kebo


Envisage forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


kebomystic forfeited this round.


Envisage forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by mightbenihilism 2 years ago
To my mind, bigfoot may be a relic population of Gigantopithecus, or something descended from them. As to the lack of available corpses, it is possible that the bigfoot purposefully place corpses of their fallen comrades in areas which, strategically, they know carnivorous animals will soon dismantle them. Unless one is an expert in bones, the many bones which one may find out in the wild may not register as "bigfoot" bones on immediate analysis. The bigfoot may have a post-animal-feast burial ritual which involves crushing the skull and other clearly identifiable bigfoot bones, keeping themselves hidden.
Posted by kebomystic 2 years ago
Might be...
Yeah I think they might be the same as the large number found in Peru.
But has anyone ever found a bigfoot skull or remains?
Seems they had the materials and knowhow to make sail and head north.
The strange thing is that none knows where they came from as we know where
we came from or gorillas.
The recent genetic tests done blind revealed that the the samples were some completely different kind of human with unique DNA sequences not found in the world genome database.
Posted by n7 2 years ago
Pro, I'd debate you on this subject
Posted by kebomystic 2 years ago
I know a little about a lot. I was always interested in biology.
Ended up with post grad qualifications in Microbiology.
Worked in a microbial genetics lab as a research technician
playing God.
Later I was a technical rep for radio labelled biochemicals
for the research industry for a big american chemical company.

Nowadays semiretired and interested in cosmology, quantum mechanics,
molecular evolution, and modern mysticism - (self knowledge).
Posted by Tweka 2 years ago
What course did you take in your university/college?
Posted by kebomystic 2 years ago
Tweka, I would guess so,
Moments after the BB when energy was being materialised, it was thought to have been created in equal
parts matter and antimatter. so that in that respect the total matter/energy approaches zero.
We live in a positive matter universe (by nomenclature) and the negative matter is mostly confined to storage in black holes guessing so it does not cancel out positive matter en masse.

The positive and negative matter was further separated by charge. like our atoms have a nucleus that has a different charge to the orbiting electrons say. So that the total charge approaches zero for both when all the energy in the universe is accounted for.

That is how we attribute the creation of matter from nothing. A large amount of nothing was dissected.
Finally the BB imparted another important aspect to existence, that of angular momentum.
Again so the total acceleration of positive and negative spin to the resultant systems approaches zero.

Antimatter /electrons that are created and uncreated in the wake of an orbiting electron only exists for around 10^ -21 seconds when the local energy is not equal to zero. Such as when a packet of action
(quanta) makes its presence known from a non local vantage point. By non local I mean that the quanta have reproducible effects on matter at distances by action greater than the speed of light.

And this is the current worldview of absolute materialism. That telepathy, psychokinesis, clairvoyance and PSI phenomena are impossible. Yet parapsychology manifestly contradicts this.
Posted by Tweka 2 years ago
Is antimatter sentient?
Posted by mightbenihilism 2 years ago
Kebo, have you considered that the modern Bigfoot phenomena --- also called the Yeti, Skunk ape and Sasquatch --- may not be remnants of the ancient Nephilim?

It is my opinion that they indeed are. I have tried to get local Churches and Synagogues to go on expeditions to hunt them down, but no luck.
Posted by kebomystic 2 years ago

Hi, Think it would be vain to suggest we were the only ones.
I mean we are separated from the others by not only huge distance
but also by nanoseconds in time.

Not to mention that Nephilim (giants) DNA was sequenced and found not to slot
in anywhere on the molecular genetics 'tree of life'.

Let alone radiometric dating of many artefacts puts other intelligent civilisation back 150,000 odd years
further back than the considered as the world view.

Posted by mightbenihilism 2 years ago
I suspected as much, kebo. In the science section I'm having a nice debate with Atmas about the likelihood of extra-terrestrial life. I'm taking the side that we're the only ones, and most of my argumentation hinges on the inability of amino acids and molecules to be anything but dysfunctional Rednecks. Your theory, if correct, would tear my weltanschauung to fetzen.

Self-organizing quantum psuedo-minds, arranging themselves into primitive life. . . hmmmn.
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