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All lives matter and not just police lives and not just black lives. ( Dallas shootings)

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Started: 7/13/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Debating Period
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All lives matter.I don't think that people realize that but all over face book people are specifying what lives matter and all the lives mater no matter what type race color ect.


Of course all lives matter. We are all equal and we all deserve to be treated as equal. If your debate is targeted towards the Black Lives Matter Movement, that is a different story. Are we going to be debating on that? because if we are, I am prepared to defend it.
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Posted by Spiffy-Gonzalez 1 year ago
I support part of what the movement WANTED to stand for, but sadly it just isn't So.
Posted by yellow15 2 years ago
white lives matter
Posted by dalnk 2 years ago
The ignorance is deeper than being for or against. Simply being against #blacklivesmatter and the way they organize themselves - not using their exact slogan and saying #alllivesmatter is arguably a better step in the right direction. Getting angry and publicly shaming people who instead of using an explicitly racially driven slogan like #blacklivesmatter use a more general #alllivesmatter could only be considered racist by ignorant people sitting in an echo-chamber of socially acceptable #blm hashtags everywhere. Not strongly supporting the black panthers or any other civil rights advocacy group does not a racist make. It is terribly sad that people can't take criticism of a movement especially with such an easy to reinterpret name. Criticizing the name, regardless of it's momentum isn't a heinous crime and I shall continue using #alllivesmatter to support #blm's cause. I simply cannot subscribe to a cause that is so ignorant about human's nature to evolve and iterate on slogans and explosively calling out people who aren't using their exact hashtag as racist.

It's hard to start a movement, it's hard to maintain it's momentum. You lose credibility when you "simply cannot understand" why anyone would use #alllivesmatter instead, even if they are an ally to your cause. Tolerance is a two way street and fearmongering through jargon terms isn't the way to go. Good on BLM for sparking important discussion. Bad on them for playing the race card ad nauseam.
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