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All opinions ought to be heard and understood, no matter how much you dislike them.

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Started: 12/6/2016 Category: Philosophy
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Three rounds. First is for making your argument, no rebuttals. Second is for rebuttals. Third is for conclusions.

I will be arguing for the giving credit to all opinions, no matter how disgusting, prejudiced, or fallacious you may think they are. My opponent will be arguing that some opinions do not deserve credence.

I am of the personal belief that even an argument you find morally or logically atrocious deserves credence. Even opinions that are threatening to other parties deserve to be listened to: how can one argue against Nazism without first understanding the argument it makes?

If, for example, one is homosexual and someone else posts something homophobic, the natural response would be to discredit or ignore that opinion. I am arguing to the contrary: the only way one can change these kinds of opinions is by understanding them. Even if you are a neonazi or something of that ilk, I think it is paramount that I understand your perspective, so that we may argue.


I want to begin by thanking the pro for creating this debate and I look forward to an interesting discussion.

Before I go into my arguments, I want to make it clear that I do not view this debate as being about freedom of speech in the legal sense. NEITHER side in this debate will argue that people should be allowed to yell fire in a crowded theater, or that Neo-Nazi groups should be prohibited from holding demonstrations in a legal manner.

In this debate, I will argue that while people should strive to be open minded, there should be limits as to what opinions should be heard at the individual and institutional level. This is become giving them a platform gives them legitimacy which can be extremely dangerous.
In an academic context, opinions which contradict facts or have been previously discredited, should not be heard as they do not yield any benefit to the academic community or undermine the academic debate and discussion. Holocaust Deniers, conspiracy theorists and flat earth proponents are not given credence in the academic community as their claims are not based son evidence. Only when they present evidence to support their claims, are people taken seriously in the academic community.
Outside the academic field, granting groups like neo-nazis a platform and subsequently legitimacy, which history shows can lead to disasterous consequences.
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Posted by fred70 1 year ago
I only care about my own opinions.
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