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All people should join at least one kind of social networking site.

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Started: 10/5/2013 Category: People
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Of course it is beneficial since it has influenced our lives in many ways and it has become a part of our life. It lets you get updated with recent activities of your friends and more importantly recent social affairs. It provides you an option for participating in the social activities and a scope to bring a change in the society.


Let's get over this fast because this debate is so shallow even a frog-larva wouldn't be able to swim in it.

"All people" is a statement that won't hold up... period. People 80 years or older will have difficulty operating a computer let alone get on the internet and use Social Media (Notice: I said "will have difficulty" not "can't").
People who live on the street or people still living in the jungle (Papua's) have no internet, mobile phone or computer and are thus unable to use Social Media.
People who have a type of handicap which results in them not being able comprehend social media like Alzheimer won't be able to even use it.

But the true question is: Why would any of these people join a site, let alone a social media site, if it won't aid them in their day to day life at all?
I'm not denying Social Media is something great. In fact, I love Social Media myself, but for some it just doesn't fit their lifestyle. To say these people "should join" is a misstatement.
Debate Round No. 1


But it is the question about those people who can have access to these sites. These sites provide many facilities to them. Students can make their own groups share educational information with each other. People van also communicate with their relatives, friends, etc., all around the globe. So it's the question about those people who can afford these sites.........


So if I understand correctly; you made a debate topic saying: "All People" but now you think you can just change it to "All people who have access to social websites AND in who's livesstyle it fits"?

I am sorry but I do not think you can just change a debate topic while it is already halfway done.

I'm going to take the opportunity of your useless second round to have a rebuttal about your first round.
You give us the argument: " "Of course" it is beneficial since it has influenced our lives in many ways and it has become a part of our live"

First off, becoming beneficial to our lives because it is part of us now is not a valid explanation. Consider this: We are cutting down the Amazon forest because we need hardwood, it has become part of our lives to have hardwood tables in our kitchen but is it really sufficient enough to say, well than it means it is beneficial? We are killing possible medicine plants in that forest that could save you and me from future/current diseases!

The same goes for Facebook and other social media that connects you and your friends/family. While at the top you have this beautiful product (like the hardwood table you just ordered) but behind it, it is killing you slowly (the medicine you are destroying). People are becoming more and more detached from social interaction. A study from the Public Library of Science indicated that the more a person uses Facebook the more he/she is being dissatisfied with life. So explain to me how it is "beneficial" while it is ruining lives all around the globe and possibly yours?

And what about the fact that the integrity of your privacy is gone when you join these sites?

Social Media can be awesome, YouTube, News Sites and a lot of the other stuff is incredibly awesome (including this one). But to say you have to "join" is nonsense. A lot of people just use these sites without joining; they just like the content on it. If you want to contribute you are forced to join but a lot of people don't have any intentions of contributing but just love other people"s creations.

So here is the deal, your debate topic is rubbish (and you already confessed it is) and secondly even your second argument does not hold ground either because a lot of people don't need/want to join because the content that is provided without joining is sufficient enough for them.
Debate Round No. 2


You can't say like that. These sites have influenced our lives so much that people always read bools also only which saves their money. We can consult to doctors abroad through video chat. These sites are very helpful to us so we should see them as a good sign of the progress of the nation. But I also agree with your point that it is killing people as some children use these sites for bad purposes but what can we do? We can do that parents of these children should keep a check on them and then you see how these social networking sites will appear as important as they are now.


You seem confused. The debate is about whether everyone should use social media in his/her life, NOT whether social media can be very helpful or not.

To conclude: I still believe Social Media is not suited for everyone live style , thus not everyone should join them.

I hope I have convinced you and the jury.
Thanks for the debate and let us meet for a new one in the future.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by boom101 4 years ago
Nearly everyone agrees with you...
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