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All school kids should complete 2 hours of homework each night.

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Started: 2/13/2014 Category: People
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I believe school kids should not be completing 2 HOURS of Homework each night! Kids need some leisure time as well! If we wake up at 7:30 in the morning and leave for school at 8, there is no time in the morning to play games, check phones, etc. That means you start the day with 6-7 hours of SCHOOL! Nonstop Work (Besides snack/lunch breaks) After school you shouldn't have to do more work. 30 mins to 1 hour of work is fine but not 2 hours +! 1 hour at a max! 7 Hours of school then another 2 at home? That's a joke! Where is the time for PS3, Xbox, phones, etc?


I accept your debate. I have mixed feelings about this issue, but this sounds like it will be fun.

"I believe school kids should not be completing 2 HOURS of Homework each night! Kids need some leisure time as well!"

My opponent's reason for not participating in a educational activity crucial to their success in school should be limited, because they need "leisure time." A self-centered ideology. By answering this question, i direct one i would like you to answer, what harm can possible come from doing homework?

"That's a joke! Where is the time for PS3, Xbox, phones, etc?"

My opponent's reasons for opposing this topic, is not at all logical. In fact, it spits in the face of rationality. By supporting a claim based on personal beliefs, even worse, a selfish ideology. Is not a viable reason to debunk a topic.

I would like my opponent's rebuttals to answer the following questions:

"What harm comes from homework?"

"Why play Xbox, check your phone in school, instead of bettering yourself in knowledge."

If you don't like the concept of school, which I'm getting. Then i suggest you don't go to school, homework is a gigantic contributor to your succession in school.
Debate Round No. 1


Nice Arguments, Now on to the rebuttal!

"What harm comes from homework?"

There is NO harm from Homework, just that the fact that students should be doing more work once they get to home sound stupid!

"Why play Xbox, check your phone in school, instead of bettering yourself in knowledge."

Some students just need a break from knowledge and learning. Also, what if Schools ban phones? For example, myself, I am a B - A+ Student and I rarely do homework. I complete it at school OR when I am bored. So even without Homework, you can still get good grades and improve in your knowledge.

This is an snippit from an article from

"Stress is very unhealthy for growing teens and statistics show that 29% of 13-year-old students report spending 2 hours or more on homework daily in the U.S. Isn"t that a bit much?"

13 Year olds going to school every day for 6 hours and then adding another 2 hours on top of that? That is quite a bit of time to be spending on knowledge everyday. There is nothing wrong with Knowledge, just too much is bad. Knowing too much might make you scared of real life.

Thank You :)


GudjonN forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


No Argument given by the opponent = No Rebuttal.

Another point I would like to show is that kids DO need other things to keep their mind active. Instead of just work work work. They could play Brain Training games or even some board games? Wouldn't it be wiser to invest their time into that?

Thank you.


GudjonN forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by live_laugh_love 3 years ago
Con is right
Posted by Jdshuffle 3 years ago
Hey! Yeah comment it up!
Posted by GudjonN 3 years ago
Still here, haven't had access to a computer to post rebuttal. Please comment to allow my response.
Posted by DrKenGoldberg 3 years ago
Two hours seems like a lot. But the more important question is not how much homework kids should have, but what does "two hours" or some other standard means. Six and a half hours of school each day means six and a half hours. You can measure that with a clock. You cannot measure two hours of homework on a clock. There is no homework assignment that takes exactly two hours. Even if two hours is what the average student takes to finish the assignment, it still means that children who work quickly have less than two hours of work and children who work slowly have more than two hours of work. A child who requires more than the estimated amounts of time will inevitably get turned off to education if he is forced to keep working without relief.

The rule of thumb among educators is ten minutes per night per grade which would create a two hour norm for those in 12th grade only. I would go with less, but regardless of the decisions we make, it is critical to let the child stop doing the work, without penalty, once that standard is met.

Regarding the words "leisure time," it would be very difficult to distinguish the concepts of leisure time, play time, creative time, and personal learning time. Children learn through their play. Often the kids that have the hardest times at school are the ones whose skills lie in other areas (building things, fixing things, walking through the woods and observing things). The continuation of schoolwork at home can stifle those learning activities. I don't think we can give homework and then micromanage the child's activities between the video games and these other things, yet we need to insure that children have time to explore their personal interests.
Posted by Drizzy101 3 years ago
I agree with jdshuffle because people talk a about how kids are behaving bad and we act ignorant. Well that is a result of the stress we are put on. I watched this video in class. In high school TDI class technology design and innovation. The children in middle and highschool are learning to do problems that dont exist or are problems that may be possible in the future but that puts stress chase we have to wake up at 5:00am at my school and the majority of us public high schools,go to class at 7:00am finish at 3am Really? You expect us to learn at early in he morning, learn things that don't exist or adults can't even solve and come home and do 2hrs of homework, AND THEN COME HOME AND TRY TO BE HAPPY WITH OUR LIFE?? that is why kids do drugs, have sex, and do bad thingsbeecuase we try to get away from our stress we try a way. The county's superintendent and government don't know how to handle the school system. Plus the season wwe are put through these problems and are putting pressure. On us is because theory have created problems and. Issues that they have created the government I mean about it on is and. This stress the whole system is fucked up and the parents don't know.
Posted by phLOx 3 years ago
Homework is essential in my opinion. I didn't do mine or copied it mostly, now I'm a bit of a washout... But seriously though, it helps to understand the teachings of the day. If you don't practice what you learn you forget it. This makes for harder learning during exams. And if you never understood think to begin with, you will have trouble learning it on the week of the exam.

2 Hours is a bit much but should be expected a few times a week.

Spending 7-9 hours on school is about the same as work. Getting used to it might be a good idea. Very very few people have TV, xbox and a phone, and there are many who doesn't have the opportunity to even go to school. This means they will stay in a circle of poverty, never learning the life skills to escape their current situation.

You hear this perhaps too often for it to have any effect anymore, but count yourself lucky.
Posted by Claudio 3 years ago
Yes...i am on the positive side too.I guess limiting the kids for homework is not a problem, as one devote all oneself into it, you won't feel tired, and that is the real meaning of school.
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