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All sporting events should not charge the US Military

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Started: 11/8/2015 Category: Philosophy
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Since the US Military crosses all religions races of men and woman who put their lives on the line for this country, it is total disgrace for the wealthy to charge the US Government for being at the event. If it wasn't for the military, the event might not ever being held


Pro barely tackles the resolution. "All sporting events." This means every sporting event in the world, so therefore, the (only) argument, "if it wasn't for the military, the event might not ever [have been] held" is pointless.

Pro provides no argument to account for those who live in countries not saved by the American military. Such countries exist, especially in Africa. Why should they let the US military into their sporting events for free?

Even so, other countries are not due eternal debts to when the US helped them in the past. For example, the US military helped liberate France in the 1940s. However, no one who was in the military then, is in the military now, so why should someone currently in the US military get to enter French sporting events for free?

Seeing as Pro has burden of proof, he lost this debate being unable to explain circumstances such as these.

For my argument. Those hosting sporting events should have freedom to do as they wish. For example, if they're ideologically against the action committed by the US army as a whole or a specific member wanting to get into free, it would make sense for them to want to force them to pay (if accepting them at all.)

Vote Con.
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