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All video games should be banned

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Started: 4/14/2013 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello, I am Korean and you know, I am very young, 13 years old. I did many debating but I am still don't know English well.
I will start with video games.
I strongly think that all video games should be banned because there are many games that are violent so children or even adults would not realize the real and the game world. Also, video games can harm people's health and children can easily be addicted. Also, I think there are many fun activities to do except video games.


However, it can't be denied that there exists video games that people can benefit from.

For children, specifically, it can just be math, reading, or academic based games that will assist them in school.
I'm sure that they would much rather complete a math problem in a video game, where it is embellished, rather than a math book, where it's just "bleh".

I'm totally on board with placing limitations on the violent video games you have in mind, but I don't agree with removing ALL video games.
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Posted by TheGamer1998 3 years ago
I am going for con, I'm a gamer and love to play games
Posted by strawberryfieldsforever 4 years ago
ya'll are ridiculous.
Posted by pranmar123 4 years ago
Wow good debating!
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