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Allah's pre-determination means we are not liable for Actions.

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Started: 12/30/2016 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Now, I have debated this before, although I was not able to finish the debate, due to me being inactive from

Allah has predetermined everything, as said in the Quran. Yet we claim we are liable for our actions, and that Allah is fair and just.

This is only a platform to justify suffering and is illogical to say that an artificial intelligence has predetermined your actions, yet he holds you liable for them.


For us to not be liable for our actions, this god, Allah, would need to exist to begin with and have pre-determination of our lives. Not only do you need to prove Allah exists, but you also need to prove he pre-determined everything.

I believe burden of proof is clearly on pro, and I will not need to prove anything until they sufficiently proved these two things:
1) Allah exists
2) Allah pre-determined our lives.
Debate Round No. 1


Allah does not exist.

But he has pre-determined our lives as said in the Quran.

It is illogical to say that. If you are self aware something is going to happen, you can, as a creative intelligence prevent anything.


Pro admitted that Allah does not exist, which means if he does not, he did not pre-determine our lives.

Pro has also not provided any evidence from the quran that Allah pre-determined our lives.
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 1 year ago
You should attend this debate:
Atheism- A lost reality! A hopeless, helpless cause!
Posted by GoOrDin 1 year ago
I know that the sun will rise in the morning. I am not responsible.

Moaad2 is a fawking bigot. what a fawking loser.
Posted by SamAL 1 year ago
Time is the study of change of matter. If you want to ask where God came from, you are including God under time. For us muslims, it is logical that God didn't come from anything; he always existed since something outside time can never fall under change, just like 1+1=2 exists outside time and is impossible to change. Now let's define God and see who/what is he. First, lets look at what is a human. To know, ask yourself what am I. A person is a set of characteristics like generosity, kind hearted, sweet, etc. Logically, one only gives what he has, meaning God is all those characteristics. (Take note that all negative characteristics like selfish can be defined as the non-existence of sweetness, the same way darkness is the non-existence of light and can't be studied, meaning god can't be evil.) Now if you ask if we are material then God must be material! Well no its not possible because mathematically all matter must fall under time; He is Abstract. Now for the part where you say if Allah knows everything why do we have free will. Now let me put it that way: If you are a teacher and you know that your student Sam will get an A 100%, but you still let him take the test since the grade will have more value than if he didn't do the test; logical right? And since one of God's characteristics is he is generous, of course he knows who will do good and who will not, but wouldn't the person be more happy if he was put in this world and work hard for the big prize. Imagine how proud both God and the person would be when they die and he gets heaven for all his/her hard work.
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