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Allow Muslim immigrants equal opporunity.

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Started: 8/13/2016 Category: Places-Travel
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Allow Muslim immigrants equal opportunity.

I see no reason to place a ban on Muslim immigrants. I feel that banning Muslim immigrants would be a victory for evil and terrorists. Yes, a few more terrorists may immigrate and thus incidents may happen in our country and people will probably die. Yet, this is the price for doing what's right and freedom.

Furthermore, the terrorists would have just found a different target anyways. So, instead of killing people in country A they kill people in country B. Instead, we should be merciful and allow Muslim immigrants, many of which are women and children into our country.

Thanks for the debate.


To the US government America always comes first. We have to stop the terrorists from coming in even if that means stopping Muslim immigration. Once we get them out of our country then we can focus on country B. And we have to ban these people from coming in the protect freedom. You're suggesting that we let innocent Americans die for the sake of "freedom" which judging by your argument means surrendering our country to Muslim terrorists.
Debate Round No. 1


A good portion of the terrorists are American born. [0] Second, if the enemy is capable of suicide bombing, then they surely are capable of lying. Simply put, the infiltrators can claim they are Hindu or Christian. Meanwhile, innocent and truthful Muslims get stopped at the gates.

"Jihad Jane, the American-born Muslim convert convicted of plotting to kill a cartoonist" [0]

Nay, we will only alienate potential allies by banning Muslim immigrants. Consider most attacks are Muslim on Muslim.

"""In cases where the religious affiliation of terrorism casualties could be determined, Muslims suffered between 82 and 97% of terrorism-related fatalities over the past five years.""" [1]

I think the nation will be a safer place in the long term if we allow Muslim immigrants equal opportunity. Though kindness we will win over allies.



I have made my argument and have nothing to add so I will pick apart your argument.

"A good portion of the terrorists are American born. [0]"
[0] refers to an American born Muslim who didn't actually do it but was plotting to kill a cartoonist. So apparently one example is enough to prove that the majority of terrorists are American born? No, just no. And I assume you are only referring to terror attacks in the US (and you claim still wouldn't stand up). Any terror attacks around the world hint towards a possibility of one happening here. This is true even more so now given the current epidemic of ISIS terror attacks in Europe.

"Simply put, the infiltrators can claim they are Hindu or Christian."
If you knew even the basics of Islam you would know that a true Muslim wouldn't say they don't believe in Allah even if they weren't being sincere. So no, the "infiltrators" aren't claiming they are Christian or Jewish.

"Meanwhile, innocent and truthful Muslims get stopped at the gates."
I feel like I went over this. If their were 100 cups of water would you take a sip out of each one even though one of them is poisonous. They wouldn't be held at the gates if they realized that their religion is one of violence and has no place in the world.

"Nay, we will only alienate potential allies by banning Muslim immigrants."
Potential allies? Are you kidding me? 66% percent of Muslim immigrants in Europe want Sharia law to have power of national law. Let me just highlight some of the thing Sharia law includes: beheadings, stonings, burning infidels alive, genital mutilation, slavery, sex slavery, rape, child marriage, death to homosexuals, prohibition of music and singing. Shall I continue? Every single one of these violate the rights in the US constitution. And these aren't just a few bad apple this 2/3 of the immigrant population. They aren't our allies they are enemies to our freedom.

"Consider most attacks are Muslim on Muslim."
What effect does the identity of the victims have on the identity of the attacker? In this discussion the identity of the victims doesn't matter. What your saying is this: "If I push you then I jump off a bridge it justifies me pushing you because I pushed myself back." This makes no sense.

"I think the nation will be safer place in the long term if we allow Muslim immigrants equal opportunity."
Do you have any supporting evidence for your opinion? No? Didn't think so. I think I have explained pretty clearly how allowing all the Muslims in isn't safe,
Debate Round No. 2


Banning Muslim immigrants would aid jihadism by promoting resentment and radicalization in American Muslim communities.

"There is no reason to think that Trump is deliberately aiding jihadism, but the policies he promotes would have that effect. By communicating to American Muslims that they are all presumed to be terrorists, the chief impact of Trump’s proposed restrictions on Muslim immigration into the United States would be to foster resentment and radicalization in the small portion of the American Muslim community that has the potential for radicalization." [2]

" the highest reasonable total number of Muslims in the United States is 2.8 million. " [3]

The threat is clearly within the United States already. We should not be looking at immigrants. The real threats are Muslims, Christians, Atheists, etc who will resent and be radicalized by banning Muslim immigrants. I know Muslims are only about .5% of the population, but if we ban Muslim immigrants they could all radicalize and mass invade.

The Muslim revolution would probably fail, but the causalities would be enormous.

"According to CIA estimates, about 2,000 Westerners have traveled to Iraq and Syria (many via Turkey) to join ISIS. Of these, more than 100 have come from the US" [4]

In other words even if we completely wall off the USA and let no immigrants in of any kind, the threat within will still persist. People have this image of mass amounts of Muslims immigrating and attacking. I worry about the Muslims and non-Muslims already inside the USA borders suddenly becoming Jihadists. In otherwords, banning Muslim immigriants is like shutting the gate after the predators are already inside the gate. It is too late! Thanks for debating.

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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheBenC 2 years ago
Radical Muslims have killed 1000s of people in the last year. There is a wave of people fleeing their homes because of radical Islam. Radical Muslims are murdering people because of their religion, happy to chop off their heads.

You act as if other religions are doing this. No other religion is doing this! I am sure you will bring up what Christians did 1000 years ago or some other strawman, but Christianity has grown up and evolved. Or you will bring up how one small church did something 25 years ago. Those examples are pure BS because they are not a current situation and are too small to matter when compared to the 1000s being killed by radical Islam.

So you don't get why people think radical Islam is the problem? Really?

OK - what are radical Buddhists doing? How many have they killed in the last year? What about radical Christians, how many deaths are because of them over the last year?
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
muslims are terrorists.. its in the koran
Posted by Anonymousbuddy 2 years ago
I really don't get this! Why do peoole keep assuming that Muslims are terrorists!! Terrorism has nothing to do with any religion. If you're a terrorist, then you have no religion because no religion on earth asks people to kill others and torture them. And btw, many muslims were killed by the ISIS members and other terrorists. So, muslims are humans, and all the humans have rights and they should take them.
Posted by Stupidape 2 years ago
Accept the debate then. I don't view all Muslims as terrorists. Most terrorists attacks are Muslim on Muslim.

""In cases where the religious affiliation of terrorism casualties could be determined, Muslims suffered between 82 and 97% of terrorism-related fatalities over the past five years.""
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
muslims are terrorists
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
ban islam
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