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Amanda Todd: Does she deserve recognition still?

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Started: 8/9/2013 Category: News
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Please watch this video before debating if you have not already seen it:

I know that she's apparently an "Inspiration" but, does she still deserve all the recognition she's getting? It doesn't seem like she does. This all happened a while back. I don't think she deserved killing herself, but I don't think she can just get off scot-free. Because she brought it on herself. When the guy in the chat room asked her to flash, she had two choices, flash or don't flash. She did. Strike one. Then, she wanted all of that crap to get behind her. However, she decided to have sex with a guy who she knew for a fact had a girlfriend. And then she tried to cry and say it wasn't her fault on the video. Though, she was the one who accepted the invitation, and she was the one who had sex with him whilst knowing that he had a girlfriend. I agree, those girls didn't have to beat her up, but all the girlfriend knew was that
1.) Her boyfriend was cheating on her at a party
2.) He's having sex with a girl that no one liked

So, though she didn't deserve it, she brought it all on herself with all the decisions she made. Does she really deserve the recognition and the love from all of the people out there? While there are people who make fun of her and hate her and mock her (which she definitely doesn't deserve because she's dead), are the people who are arguing with them telling them to kill themselves really justified for still focusing on her?


I accept your debate. However, I am in shock of your argument of Amanda Todd. I do not want to be offensive but I know without a doubt, over 90% of the time, a person will never, in their entire life, would have the courage to set up a video and show what she had to face. She, who had already a lot of people hating on her, made a video for people to know what she had to face. I find it disgusting that you would be so ignorant of the pain and suffering that she must have gone through. She is still young, and yes, she made a share of mistakes, but there is no person ever on this planet who never made a mistake. I know even you may have made mistakes in your life. Your mistakes may not be as big as hers but you make your mistakes. She had to face comments about killing herself, found a Facebook page with her breasts on them, and having a video of her being beaten up on the ground, and she faced it by herself. She had no one standing up for her and she has faced this for a long time. When she attempted suicide with bleach, but failed, she even had comments of trying different bleaches, pushing her to re-attempt of suicide. She had the courage to show a video of what happened and that took courage. She has been tormented wherever she went, with no friends or anyone to support her. I feel enraged of your comments because you are being inconsiderate of what she went through. I know that if you were in her situation, you would possibly have suicide a long time before she did. She was strong and had courage but that is something that I can't find within you.
Debate Round No. 1


You really think I don't see the suffering she went through? I do. Clearly. I too had thoughts of suicide. But I didn't do it. (I know you probably hope I did) I'm just asking if she really deserves all the recognition for doing something anyone can do. Yes, she made a video. That does take courage to do. But she should have found someone to talk to. There's a suicide hot line if she needed it. Just because I didn't show remorse for her in my debate doesn't mean that I don't at this very moment. I've seen her video multiple times. She didn't have to kill herself. Sure, there were people in the comments saying that she should retry her suicide, but she didn't have to listen to them. She just had to move along with her life. If all of her friends abandoned her, her parents were still there. I don't think that she's an inspiration in the same ways that people are saying she was. She was an inspiration in the fact that she actually had enough bravado to actually confront her bullies and problems, but she wasn't an inspiration for just posting the video. She, in order to make a difference and show really bravery, should have actually told her parents that she needed help, told them that she had attempted suicide, and gotten her parents to bring the kids to justice. Bullying is a HUGE problem in our society nowadays, but if all of our 'inspirations' are killing themselves, what example are they to those who are actually being bullied hardcore?

I'm not saying that she didn't go through immense pain and suffering, but what I am saying is that she did it SO long ago that she doesn't need the attention still. A girl posted a video. Great. What about all of the other children and teens killing themselves? Are we really not focusing on them? To call me stubborn to her pain is pointless. If you find her to be such an inspiration, do you find the other kids who are killing themselves for 'better' reasons an inspiration? No. Because they didn't make a video showing their 'struggles'. You really think that she's the only one out there who has gone through this? She isn't. If you're going to call me ignorant, I'm going to call you dense. Dense because all you see is one person out of millions. One person who did one little thing. Just because she made a video doesn't justify her actions. I'll go ahead and quote something that EVERYONE has already heard before: "Suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem."

Have a great day.


Jathushan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


So....what you were saying in your last debate was that she went through so much, that she had the right to kill herself? 0.o Wait...are you one of the people who wanted her to die? Because saying that it's fine that she killed herself means that you are one of the people in the comments on her video saying that she "Deserved to die". So you're saying that we should support her death because she went through so much. Like it was taking a weight off of her? I am just utterly shocked and dumbfounded that you would think such a thing! You're rather insensitive...

With the comedy out of the way (THAT WAS COMEDY. Is that a big enough sign for you evangambit??) I believe that you see her as an inspiration for doing something cowardly. She should have stood up for herself. Why do you think that she was courageous?? Because she made a video? Look at the truly courageous people: Martin Luther King Jr: He could have died for what he was doing. He got bullied just like Amanda. But he stood up for himself. And what about Victoria Soto? She died just trying to protect children from a school shooting. She died for a cause, not because she was being temporarily hurt.

Let's look for courage more toward the actually brave men and women. Amanda Todd only made a video and chose not to do anything about the bullying. She needed to choose to stand up for herself rather than completely give up. There's always a solution. There are hotlines, friends, family, teachers, and even support groups. She could have done something about it, but instead chose to do nothing about it. Don't just give all your attention to the one person who went through something EVERYONE has and is going through. How about you open your eyes to the people that are in pain at this very moment rather than someone who has already made their decision? Instead of saying "I would have been there for her." How about you go out and find someone you can help today? Then you may be able to help stop another "Amanda Todd" from happening.


Jathushan forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by kmcbrair 4 years ago
What strikes me as so ironic about this debate is that it complains of giving Amanda Todd recognition. Oops!
Posted by evangambit 4 years ago
Thank you for your response, your forgiveness, and the well wishes. For what it's worth, I don't think you're an idiot and try not to judge someone by their age -- as an 18 year-old it seems rather counter-intuitive xD! Have a good day as well.
Posted by DevonAlixander 4 years ago
Awwww but that's the most fun! Offending people is great. And yes, we are different in personalities. I take great pride in offending people. Though you did misinterpret my comedy, I forgive you. (It's the Godly thing to do) Mostly, due to the fact that I am 15, I am here to fluck around. I will post some solid and deep debates and opinions, but because most won't take me seriously, I won't be serious that often.

I apologize for the way I am acting.....I'm just an idiot. And yes, I find suicide funny if you're joking around. The loss of life is not something I take lightly. However, if I don't think that person deserves all the attention they're getting, I will sternly post a debate. HARD AS A MOTHERFUDGER.

Have a great day!
Posted by evangambit 4 years ago
I wasn't trying to debate with you, nor do I intend to. I think both sides of the question have good points. I was informing you that you used a logical fallacy. I already stated that it was not without provocation. Are you upset that I did not criticize Jathushan's argument as concretely as I did yours? I must admit some confusion.

In response to your "retaliation", I like to believe I do have a sense of humor, but I find it hard to accept that a statement joking about your suicide is humorous, especially when you're accusing you opponent of desiring it. Perhaps this is simply a difference in personality.

If your line was truly intended to be unoffensive and humorous, then I apologize for incorrectly interpreting it, but I would have to ask that you refrain from making jokes that attack, whether intentionally or not, the moral standing of your opponent.
Posted by DevonAlixander 4 years ago
Wow. You are clearly a "skilled" debater. Way to flucking go. That was a single sentence. Why not talk about something that actually pertains to my argument? I said that JOKINGLY. Either: A) You have no sense of humor, or B) I should find a better way of saying something rather than do a shortened version of what the other contender was doing to me THE ENTIRE FLUCKING ROUND. (note the censorship because I wouldn't want you to get butthurt over something so small as a swear. I only watch out for your needs)

Have a great day! :)
Posted by evangambit 4 years ago
I have a number of problems with this "debate", but number one on my list is:

"Clearly. I too had thoughts of suicide. But I didn't do it. (I know you probably hope I did)"

This is what is known as an "ad hominem" fallacy - that is, attacking the arguer rather than the argument. Fallacies in general detract from an argument and make finding the truth more difficult; the ad hominem is one of my personal least favorites because it does not even attempt at rational discourse.

I recognize that Jathushan's original post is an attack on you, but recognize that his focus was still on the issue hand - it was focused on personal respect to Amanda Todd. To suggest that one wishes you had commit suicide is an enormous offense and doesn't contribute to rational debate in any sense. Please refrain from doing so again.
Posted by Jathushan 4 years ago
Do you really think that Babeslayer? That is very inconsiderate for what she has gone through. Do you realize the suffering and torment she had to face. You clearing don't understand the severity of the bullying that occurred. She is a role model to many people and I am one of them
Posted by DevonAlixander 4 years ago
Babeslayer, I FULLY agree with you. I don't think that anyone should still recognize her and overlook all of the other teens who are killing themselves for a worthwhile reason. Whilst I don't think that anyone should kill themselves in the first place, I don't think that that much attention should be paid to her this many months later.
Posted by Babeslayer 4 years ago
Look, here's the thing about Amanda Todd. She was a girl who flashed some dude on the internet without thinking anything can possibly go wrong from that, then slept with a dude who SHE KNEW had a girlfriend without thinking about the outcome. If she was alive today, would anyone give a s*** about her? NO. You know who should be an inspiration? The teens who kill themselves all the time because they don't have the social skills to get ahead in life. The teens who decide they have no future and make sure of that. The teens who are bullied for something they had no control of. Not some skank who decided "I don't have any self control and I'm going to let everyone know that. But if anything not good happens to me because of it, I'm going to act like I'm surprises and kill myself.". Seriously?
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