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America Is Rapidly Becoming More Like Nazi Germany

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Started: 4/9/2012 Category: Politics
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America Is Rapidly Becoming More Like Nazi Germany

I will be arguing that the US is becoming like Nazi Germany

The United States of America is becoming more like Nazi Germany every single
day. Most Americans simply have never learned what life was really like back in Nazi
Germany. Under Adolf Hitler, Germany was a Big Brother totalitarian police
state that ruthlessly repressed freedom and individual liberty. Under Adolf
Hitler, Germany adopted socialism, dramatically increased government spending
and raised taxes to astronomical levels.

Nazi Germany shows us what happens when the state becomes god. Adolf Hitler was
certainly more racist than the leaders of America are today, but other than that
there are very few differences between the road that Adolf Hitler led Germany
down and the path that the United States is being led down.

To prove these points, I am going to use extensive quotes from two
sources. Kitty Werthmann was a child living a peaceful life in Austria when
Hitler took over her nation. Her eyewitness accounts about what life was like
under Nazi Germany are invaluable and I will also be quoting from author Bruce Walker.


America is not becoming more like Nazi Germany.

The difference between the United States (and to that extent, any other modern 1st world country) and Nazi Germany is that the latter was defined by it's Nazism beliefs rather than by economic principals. Adolf Hitler preached hate and intolerance towards Jews and other "inferior" being.

To say that:

"Adolf Hitler was certainly more racist than the leaders of America are today, but other than that
there are very few differences between the road that Adolf Hitler led Germany
down and the path that the United States is being led down"

is like saying:

"Besides the fact that an apple is an apple and an orange is an orange, apples and oranges really aren't that different"

When you take away the defining feature of something, it loses it's identity, much like how a Ferrari would cease to be desirable to many if you take out its engine.

When a debate is titled "America Is Rapidly Becoming More Like Nazi Germany" you cannot then later say that you are going to redact the key difference between Nazi Germany and the United States. The United States will become more like Nazi Germany when Obama starts throwing Tea Partyers in death camps, in other words, never. Big Brother is joining Aryan Nation anytime soon.
Debate Round No. 1


The final nail in the coffin of democracy and justice was hammered into place with the passage of the National Defense Authorization Act. NDAA allows for the U.S. military to arrest, imprison, and torture American citizen without due process of any kind. Contemporary America has adopted the identical police state, economic military imperialist policies and operations that Nazi Germany did--though the enactment of those policies differs to some degree.

My opponent wants to quibble about contemporary America being, in essence, identical to Nazi Germany, pointing out that there are at present no known extermination camps in the United States. By saying that America is now identical in essence to Nazi Germany, we're acknowledging that not all features of the two societies are identical.

The reason the international capitalist scheme does not yet find it necessary to create extermination camps for surplus population workers is that capitalists are murdering workers worldwide rapidly enough and in sufficient numbers for the scheme's purposes: to maintain a sufficient "army of unemployed" to be able to pay the lowest possible wages and to maintain a sufficiently low number of persons on any kind of social safety net.

Germans in Nazi Germany were forced to spy on and betray their fellow workers. Americans in the 21st century are now encouraged to spy on and betray others through new cellphone apps that make it easy for any idiot to report to government agencies any behavior by others he believes without any evidence might be suspicious(Trayvon Martin ring a bell).

To illustrate the identity between Nazi Germany and present-day America, I will show three examples:

(1)Leaders in both regimes seized dictatorial, criminal powers by using the pretext of responding to terrorist-led catastrophes.
(2)The Nazi regime required the shutting down of all mainstream newspapers and radio outlets and the establishment of a propaganda bureau, to make certain that all news sources supported the regime's policy of invading foreign nations. In the twenty-first century, the predatory scheme finds that capitalist news sources (radio, TV, and Internet sites) are willing collaborators, supporting the present strategy of attacking foreign nations to bring about regime change.
(3)Hitler had his collaborator-film-maker Leni Riefenstahl and the capitalist scheme has its own collaborator: Michael Moore

The following signs that America is rapidly becoming more like Nazi Germany....

(1)Nazi Germany was a totalitarian Big Brother police state that constantly monitored everything that German citizens did.
Today, the bureaucrats that run things in the United States are also absolutely obsessed with constantly trying to monitor us.

(2)Nazi officials often used their positions of power to force others
to do dehumanizing things.This is exactly what the TSA is doing today.

(3) In Nazi Germany, education was nationalized and God was kicked out of the schools.Unfortunately, the exact same thing is happening to U.S.public schools.

(4)Under Adolf Hitler, society became very highly militarized.Of course we are seeing the same thing in the U.S. right now.
Sadly, this is even happening to our public schools. According to blogger Alexander Higgins, students in kindergarten and the 1st grade in the state of New Jersey are now required by law to participate "in monthly anti-terrorism drills".

(5)In Nazi Germany, the prisons were absolutely packed. Right now, the United States has the highest incarceration rate in the world by far and the largest total prison population on the entire globe by far.

In the United States and the world today, we still can stop this escalating descent into total tyranny. We can learn to face up to the political, economic, and social oppression that is rampant; learn to think critically about what our leaders are doing, and join together to safeguard and re-establish our freedoms. But we must not delay, we cannot simply do nothing or we'll be plunged into the same terror that destroyed Nazi Germany.We like to delude ourselves that the 1930s German citizen was some special case. But Nazism didn't arise because a few maniacs somehow got into power and did something unique to the German people's minds. Those myths have been exploded once and for all by our more recent understanding that those same tactics have been used and are being used to enslave the minds of people in many different societies.



My opponent states that "By saying that America is now identical in essence to Nazi Germany, we're acknowledging that not all features of the two societies are identical." However, the features that he has explicitly described are not fact. defines a police state as "a nation in which the police, especially a secret police, summarily suppresses any social, economic, or political act that conflicts with governmental policy." Now I cannot speak as to the location in which my opponent resides but when walking around town, I do not see government agents going around and arresting certain Republicans and Tea Partyers who are so cleverly calling them out.

The NDAA did not vest any new powers in the office of the President of the United States. The courts have long since ruled that actions such as these may be taken in the case of national security to protect the public. This is completely different from Hitler's powers in Nazi Germany, where he could have a whole demographic arrested and executed on a whim or have his political opponents secretly executed. This is not going on in the United States.

The Nazis killed millions of people because they viewed them as inferior beings that were the roots of their problems. It was not for population control as my opponent stated.

I really feel no need to address all of my opponents points as I would also agree to them if they were true but they simply are not. He suggests that America is implementing policies that are identical to Nazi Germany in spirit and this allows him some leeway to defend against the fact that they are in no way the same policies. Using my opponents logic, I could say that a 6% sales tax which partially contributes to social welfare programs is in essence, like communism. This is not true as you can barely manage to maintain a meager standard of living on $400/month as opposed to communism where everyone is expected to live off of it.

My opponent has yet to make a solid argument based in fact. His examples are subjective and not widely accepted as truth. I think it is more plausible to say that my opponent is caught up in an emotional movement, that was perpetrated by individuals trying to undermine our current government, which is right now merely a current event, and which, 40-50 years from now, will be looked back upon as just another turbulent period that will come to pass in this great nations history.
Debate Round No. 2


If these were empirical facts there would be no debate my opponents point is moot.

Never in my short life have I seen a bill, which passed through congress, be so hated by the American public as the National Defense Authorization Act. The fact that the senate passed this bill with 93% support shows us how disconnected our leadership has become.

The NDAA authorizes our intelligence community to imprison U.S. citizens and hold them as long as they like without a trial. Obama vetoed the first draft of this bill because it did not give the executive branch enough powers over the intelligence community as stated in the “Statement of Administration Policy.” Obama, since, has lost a large section of his once supporters. Normally, when a president is affected by an election, people get irritated and say he is a lackey of some sort. This time reason and logic had a rare triumph. The White House was flooded with passionate complaints over the bill. The people were screaming at President Obama with an unusually united voice, “VETO THIS BILL”. He did not.

As the government appears to be clamping down on the rights of citizens and appears to be gearing up for a "hostilities against the United States" mentality, I urge you to look back at the best historical example of a regime doing to very same thing.. Nazi Germany.

The first step must always be to consolidate power and eliminate opposition, two things Hitler did exceptionally well. "Fear" was the key component to keeping Germans loyal and "in line." Remember how Hitler required the Gestapo and the SS to pledge loyalty directly to him.. not Germany.

Are we headed for a police state? We will once the Supreme Court hands over gun rights to the government. (Ginsburg has already made it known that "when Obama is re-elected and appoints another liberal justice or two," the Court would like another chance to hear a 2nd Amendment case so they can "get it right this time." -- Something to think about.

R.I.P. Bill of Rights: 1789-2011

My opponent is saying my points are not true or valid but not showing why or how my points are not true or valid he said "I really feel no need to address all of my opponents points as I would also agree to them if they were true but they simply are not." So my points are not true because he says so. If it was that simple we would not be having this debate.

This debate is titled America Is Rapidly Becoming More Like Nazi Germany I did not say that America is "identical" to NAZI Germany. I am showing the similarities between the two.

Are Parallels To Nazi Germany Crazy?

My neighbor was a Nazi soldier and he realized during the war what he and most of his generation was led into. I have learned from him that a nation can be guilty and that we must stop the arrogance of the powers at the very beginning. To me, America is becoming truly scary and the parallels to the development in Germany of the thirties (although the reason behind it are totally different) are sickening. I respect experience, so I'm inclined to believe what he is telling me. His memories explain how the attitude of the American administration these days are similar to the attitudes of the German administration of the 1930's

He was been there. He knows what a corrupt government smells like. There were thousands of German soldiers that were not war criminals. Enlisted men went back to trying to rebuild their destroyed country and like soldiers in every war and every country, trying to put the war behind them as much as they could. Most German soldiers fought in battles against the Russians, French, British, Americans, etc. and had nothing to do with the Holocaust and things like that. But thier experinces shed light this topic.

“Not knowing at that time that our minds were being poisoned, we believed that Adolf Hitler was our chosen leader,’’ Schulz said “We joined the army not only because it was our duty, but because we believed it was an honor.’’

Schulz, of Strasburg, shared his story of military service with Lancaster’s World War II Oral History Club — a new organization devoted to hearing and preserving stories of service in World War II.

As the group’s first speaker, he transfixed 30 listeners, including several soldiers who had fought against him on the German front.

The former Nazi lieutenant provided a candid and sometimes apologetic view of his side of the war. His heavy German accent and staccato delivery accentuated a point of view that is rarely heard in this country.

Now 84, Schulz joined the Hitler Youth in 1931 and the Nazi army when he turned 18 in 1939 — just in time to participate in the entire war.

He fought in Poland, Yugoslavia, Italy, France and Belgium. He was wounded and recuperated in Berlin. He surrendered and spent 18 months in an American POW camp.

During his six years in the army, Schulz said, he often felt depressed, especially as “one by one the German cities were reduced to rubble’’ by Allied aerial attacks.

But he remained loyal to Hitler because, along with millions of other young Germans, he had been indoctrinated during his formative years.

And Schulz remained loyal because he never understood the full extent of Nazi activities. He said he knew nothing about the 6 million Jews killed in Nazi concentration camps until American planes dropped leaflets describing the atrocities.

“We could not believe it,’’ he said. “We were always on the front. We thought it was propaganda. ... I never thought that something like this could take place.’’

Schulz said the Allied destruction of the massive weapons base at Peenemunde in 1943 convinced him that the Germans could not win the war. Adolf Hitler, however, never wavered.

“Hitler’s outlook throughout the war remained unchanged,’’ Schulz said. “Even if Germany couldn’t win, he thought, he could drag half the world along into ruin.’’

Instead, Schulz said, Germany was ruined. In the war’s aftermath, people starved to death. The Russian occupation would not permit Schulz to return to his native East Germany. He did not see his parents for seven years.

And he had to live with the recognition of what the German army had done during the war.

“The thought that I was one of the millions of soldiers who carried out the dictates of Hitler will always be on my mind,’’ he said.

In 1955, Schulz and his wife and children came to America. He taught German in a York County school for many years, then moved to Strasburg.

He left his listeners with a warning: “The overwhelming majority of German people surrendered their democracy to Adolf Hitler. ... Don’t take the beautiful freedoms of America for granted because every system can collapse.’’

Dan and Judy Mastros, of Columbia, who videotaped Schulz’s presentation, patterned the World War II Oral History Club on a similar group in Harrisburg.

“Obviously, we’re losing World War II veterans right and left and it’s time to get them while we can,’’ said Mastros.

Read more:


My opponent says I have yet to make a solid argument based in fact. Well look around study a bit you will see the similarities for yourself then tell me I am wrong.

Most of what America does is right that is the same thinking the German people had look where it got them......



My opponent seems to like to make lengthy arguments that really don't support the topic. I urge the audience to look past this charade. The fact of the matter is that America bears no striking resemblance to Nazi Germany at all. When we talk about Nazi Germany several key traits stick out:

1. Nazism
2. Lebensraum (Living Space)
3. Hitler Youth
4. Totalitarian Regime

If these traits were redacted or modified, we would no longer be talking about Nazi Germany. My opponent says that America is not identical to Nazi Germany, only similar. I am telling you that without these 4 traits, it's hard to even define what Nazi Germany was and therefore there is not resemblance whatsoever when analyzed closely.

1. Nazism was the belief that the Aryan people were the ultimate race and that undesirables (Jews, Slavs, Roma, Homosexuals, Communist, and disabled people) should be eliminated. I see how my opponent might mistake the power granted to the government under the NDAA for those that the Nazi's used, however there is a major difference. The NDAA is merely solidifying a power that the courts already determined that the government possessed. It is used to insure that another 9/11 doesn't happen because we protected someone like Anwar Al Awlaki who preached that Muslims should kill Americans (something that is not protected by freedom of speech). This power has only been used once to the best of my knowledge (against Awlaki). It is beyond a stretch to say that this has turned us into anything resembling Nazi Germany.

Second we have the practice of Lebensraum. This is essentially an extreme example of of imperialism. At one point, America was considered an imperialistic nation. That time has long since passed. America no longer invades other countries in order to try to annex them (as was the case with the Philippians in the Spanish-American War. Hitler invaded other countries for the sole purpose of growing the German empire and in all cases he was the aggressor. In Iraq, Saddam refused to comply with orders from the UN to allow WMD inspectors into the country. In Afghanistan, the Taliban government was giving shelter to bin Laden, the man who saw it in himself to take 2819 American lives on a bright September morning. In both of these wars America was not the instigator and only acted to defend it's citizens from death at the hands of people who would do this country harm.

Next there was the Hitler Youth, Hitler's efforts to make the next generation blindly follow him. One thing that could be said in general about Nazi Germany was that there was overwhelming unity for their cause, whether that was due to fear or loyalty is irrelevant since either way their is no unity of any kind for or against the leadership in America today.

Finally, we have the fact that Nazi Germany was a totalitarian dictatorship while the US is a republic. In Nazi Germany, you suddenly disappeared if you had unkind things to say about Hitler and The Nazi government. In America we still have MSNBC to call out Bush on the fact that Iraq never had WMDs and we have Fox News to call Obama out on Solyndra's failure.

My opponent seems content to try to prove a imaginary comparison exists between Nazi Germany and the US. His original argument was that the US was rapidly becoming like Nazi Germany. When I pointed out that the policies in the US and Nazi Germany are not at all the same he proceeded to change his argument to say that the spirit of these policies are like those in Nazi Germany. I am now telling you the motives for implementing these supposedly like-spirited polices are not even the same. I look forward to seeing what his new argument will be. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence and my opponent has failed to present anything that can support this absurd claim. America is still a free country and these laws are merely tools to protect those freedom. Like anything else, those tools can be used for good or evil but the fact of the matter is that there is no indefinitely lasting figure that controls all military operations like Hitler did. Without that perversion of the law that allows a person or group of people to rule a country indefinitely with an iron fist, America will never be like Nazi Germany. Before my opponent continues to argue his fruitless point I ask him only one question: What makes you think that if America is so rapidly descending into tyranny like the one that existed in Nazi Germany, that you wouldn't be taken out of your house in the middle of the night and shot in the back of the skull by some secret government agent since assuming you are correct, you are calling attention to something that is not in their best interest to become common knowledge?
Debate Round No. 3


To understand Nazism and where we are heading today in America, we must understand western thought in the twentieth century. The acceptance of what passed as for scientific knowledge led to weakened spiritual faith and the blatant rejection of Christianity, which is the stabilizing force in the world. Man has elevated himself to the position of a god (the essence of secular humanism), determining that he can better understand the forces of nature than the God who established them.

The 1920s and early 1930s in German’s Weimar Republic saw rampant inflation and debt accumulation, monetary, economic, social, political, moral and spiritual decline on a scale unprecedented in German history. America since 1980 has experienced quite the same thing.

Throughout history, when countries have become to our present state of decline, they have collapsed, and either been swept away by foreign invaders or sunken into totalitarian dictatorships as Russia did in 1917 and Germany did in 1933. In many instances (as with Israel in the day of Isaiah, Jeremiah, and in A.D. 70, when the Roman Legions under Titus destroyed Jerusalem) the Lord has judged nations. As the Lord said in His handwriting on the wall, the night that Belshazzar and his Babylonian kingdom fell to the Medes: “MENE: God hath numbered thy kingdom, and finished it. TEKEL: Thour art weighted in the balance, and art found wanting. PERES: Thy kingdom is divided, and given to the Medes and Persians.” (Daniel 5:26-28) God has removed His hand of protection from such countries, and turned them over to a spirit of delusion or blindness, and allowed their greatness to be destroyed. This can be seen in ancient Greece, Egypt, Assyria, Babylon, Persia, Israel, Rome, and in modern day Russia, Germany, China, South Africa, and as I believe in the not too distant future in America.

There are a number of frightening parallels which should be contemplated:

* In the 1930s the German people began to have a preoccupation with death. Via abortion they killed forty percent of all babies conceived. Then they moved on to euthanasia (killing of the elderly), then to the killing of the crippled, deformed and handicapped, and then to the killing of Jews who were deemed as a sub human race by the Nazi regime. At one point in the 1930s, the Nazi emptied hospitals, clinics, and sanitariums, and killed up to 275,000 old, sick, crippled, retarded, or otherwise handicapped persons. This was well before the Nazi death camps opened.

As in America today the lines of Moral absolutes are being erased as the disposal of the unwanted are being rationalized as making room for the capable, competent, or productive. As Germany evolved into a culture of death, most Germans barely took note of it, or saw anything wrong with it. Extermination of Jews, Christians, and any other undesirable was a natural progression of this culture of death.

In America we kill 1.6 million babies a year; over 40 million in the past twenty years. We are rapidly moving towards a culture of death as in Germany in the 1930s. Each day we see and hear of gratuitous violence and murder on television. The movie and video game industry has pulled all the stops when it comes to blood and gore. Drive by or freeway shootings and violent murder have become a way of life in America. We are gradually becoming more and more anesthetized to violent death each day.

* The Nazis passed thousands of laws, rules, and regulations to regulate and control every aspect of the German people’s lives – so many, that virtually anyone could be branded (or labeled) as a criminal and have their property seized, be jailed, or executed at the whim of the Nazis. Highly complex financial, currency, cash reporting, and privacy laws were passed which almost no one understood. Christians who sent money out of the country to missionaries had their assets seized and were often jailed (or worst) under Nazi money –laundering laws. Raids on homes (often in the middle of the night) by the Gestapo became commonplace, along with widespread property seizures.

The same thing has happened in America in the 1990s as the least 2,500 new laws were passed by Congress. The bureaucracy, consisting of dozens of alphabet agencies (EPA, FDA, OSHA, BATF, FBI, IRS, DEA, etc…) then write over 86,000 pages of regulations carry criminal as well as civil penalties and have led in recent years to the seizures and forfeiture of the property of roughly 250,000 Americans per year, who have inadvertently violated one of these regulations. Raids on homes by the BATF, FBI, and others federal agents (often at dawn) have become commonplace along with widespread property seizures.

Hence in the 1990s every American has become a potential criminal (just as in Nazi Germany) and is probably in criminal violation of a number of regulations at any time- and doesn’t even know it! And just as in Nazi Germany, anyone who is politically incorrect can be fingered, arrested, and jailed – or stripped of their assets. As in Germany and it is all done legally!

The United States is similar to Nazi Germany just open your eyes to see it.



Where to even begin...

Let's ignore the fact the my opponent in no way whatsoever refuted my last argument for a moment. We shall look at my opponent's most recent argument. He blamed science for the loss of faith in Christianity which is the stabilizing force in the world. Now I in no way want to bash Christianity or any other religion but how blind must an individual be to suggest that without (presumably) their religion, the world would plunge into complete chaos and disorder. Many other areas in the world such as those in Asia are as, if not more, stable than the west while being predominantly non-Christian. In my personal opinion that mindset is one of the worst types of arrogance and intolerance; comparable to the Nazi's view on Aryan supremacy if you will :)

My opponent wants to bash technology and science as one of the roots of our current problem. Might I remind him that it is science and its theories that led to the development of modern media (Internet, television, radio, etc) which has allowed religion to reach out to a wider audience on a whole new level. If he is referring to evolution as one of those things that has managed to pass as scientific knowledge, I wish to point out that the Theory of Evolution is the reason why we have any sort of understanding of biology, which allows us to make drugs that combat lethal diseases, vaccinate individuals from those diseases in the first place, and allow geneology to create a new breed of potentially lifesaving procedures. If my opponent is suggesting that it is not our responsibility to try to cure people of life threatening diseases, then I question the validity of his supposedly higher moral standards.

I will admit that I am not necessarily the most religious individual but if anyone suggests that that in any way makes my morals any less valid than someone who has "faith", I am frankly insulted. I believe I can speak for all non-religious people and atheists (who are sometimes considered a separate religion) when I say that I just choose to be defined by my own set of beliefs rather than someone else's. That doesn't make me hesitant to do the right thing when I see someone being mistreated or when I am being asked to violate my own set of core beliefs. I respect that other people have different views but it crosses the line when someone suggests that another is inferior in some way because their belief, a personal opinion, differs from their own.

Now as for my opponent's statement about how we are murdering babies, I have to disagree once more. A baby refers to the fetus after it has been born. The landmark Supreme Court case Roe v. Wade established a fair compromise between both sides of the abortion argument. During the first trimester of a pregnancy, when a fetus has no brain function yet, the Supreme Court ruled that all abortions are legal. During the second trimester, when the structure of the fetus has essentially taken form but when there still is no brain activity, the states may regulate abortion. In the third trimester, when the fetus is pretty much completely developed, abortion may be completely banned at the state level. The Bill of Rights protects personal privacy in the 4th Amendment and guarentees all other innumerable rights that are suggested but not explicitly stated such as a woman's right to their body in the 9th Amendment. Saying that the abortions of fetuses that are arguably not yet entirely people (until they have brain activity and are aware at least) is anywhere comparable to the murders of existing men, women, and children is just simply incorrect. People who supposedly like the Bill of Rights such as my opponent cannot pick and choose which protections people should get and which they should not. The Bill of Rights is an all or nothing package and since the Roe v Wade decision is 40 years old my opponent can hardly argue that it has come on rapidly. Again, I cannot speak as to where my opponent resides but where I live, the mentally disabled, Jews, and other "undesirables" are not disappearing in large numbers and I would certainly notice if they were as I am Jewish myself.

I would like to conclude by thanking my opponent, Killuminati, for the opportunity to debate this topic however much I disagree with his position. I would also like to leave the audience with a message. Every Jewish family lost some relative in the holocaust. As for me, an entire branch of my family on my father's side that stayed back in Europe when my great grandfather came over to America was wiped out during the Nazi campaign in Europe. This is why I take such offense to a claim that America is rapidly becoming like Nazi Germany. It's maybe hard for someone to understand who, if their great-grandfather had not come to America, would still very likely be here to debate this topic. America is still a great nation. We have gone through many turbulent periods in our history but we always bounce back. My opponent is caught up in a contemporary controversy of a government trying to adapt in a new world. I'm not saying that our system is perfect but to summarize a quote by Ben Franklin, it is the best out there. Nazi Germany is remembered for the extremism of their their policies and the four points that I illustrated earlier, none of which are present in America in any comparable way.

I am not saying that the US cannot become like Nazi Germany but I also cannot say that a giant asteroid won't hit earth tomorrow and wipe out all life, only that it is extremely unlikely.


Thank you!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by KILLUMINATI 6 years ago
Of course but it is not plagiarism though if you do not claim it as your own I did not try to hide the fact I read and copied it
Posted by DouggyFresh 6 years ago
Even his comment is plagiarized!! OMG
Posted by DouggyFresh 6 years ago
Pro blatantly plagiarizes from this website. It's also not the first debate he's done this is. Fail.
Posted by SocratesDissatisfied 6 years ago
Communism is a type of Socialism, but there are many different types of Socialism, many more moderate than Communism.
Posted by jkovar 6 years ago
They actually are not the same thing.
Posted by Zaradi 6 years ago
Posted by Stephen_Hawkins 6 years ago
The Labour Party in Britain does not promote Syndicalism. The Liberal Democrats are not social democrats (the second half of the name). Hitler's policies were certainly not socialist.
Posted by SocratesDissatisfied 6 years ago
i know that, however, the nazis were a party before hitler joined, he kept the name once he came to power, but eradicated all the socialist elements of it (the extent of their existence already being debateable). you can call him a socialist, but in no way does that make him one.
Posted by KILLUMINATI 6 years ago
Nazism, the common short form name of National Socialism was the ideology and practice of the Nazi Party and of Nazi Germany.
Posted by SocratesDissatisfied 6 years ago
hitler was not socialist at all, he hated socialism in all its forms (why he eradicated the parts of the nazi party that could be argued to be socialist).
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Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: Pro had BOP. Pro gave convincing evidence America is like NAZI Germany in some respects, and probably is becoming even more so in a small number of ways. However, he completely failed at proving the transformation was rapid, or that it was significant. For example, when he cited how long it took to overturn the bill of rights, it completely undermined his whole argument. Con focused much on the significance part - more focus on rapidity would have been good. Still pro fails their BOP. Neg win.
Vote Placed by airmax1227 6 years ago
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Total points awarded:04 
Reasons for voting decision: Con refutes most of Pros most important arguments. The BOP is to show the US is becoming like Nazi Germany, in such that those specific characteristics we identify with Nazi Germany are now a part (or becoming part) of the US in general. I believe Pro fails in this aspect, therefore Con gets argument points. It also appears that Pro plagiarized parts of his arguments, therefore Con gets conduct as well.