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America good or bad?

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Started: 11/15/2013 Category: Society
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1)No bad mouthing nor disrespectful comments
2) Educated comments must no random arguments
!) Debate is about american society, military, and politics
The question at hand is America good? Or is america bad? From its begining America seemed like trouble. Military conquest showed that Americans are ruthless human beings. Economically the American corporations enslaved their workers then left those workers. Feared by all and known as the World Police America resembles the idea of a playground bully. Government spies on its own citizens stages terrorist attacks and shootings. Tried to Force the worlds biggest religion into paying a tax that goes against teachings. Entered several armed conflicts for personal/political/economic gain. Forces the action of abortion as a something that is legal throughout her lands, even though the majority oppose it. Focuses on foriegn policy then HOME policy. supports Al Qaeda and other organizations for the distruption of established Soverign States. Let the idea of civil inequalities in other countries unnoticed. Supports its 2 party system and supports the monopoly of social media. Does not legalize medicinal marjiuana for the protection of giant corporations. Continues to OWN common wealth's. Allows the destruction of those common wealths. Ect. To my opponent, dont take it personal. Family members served in military so dont think of me as a "commie". And best of luck.


I am assuming that this is for acceptance but let me explain my posistion. No nation is perfect of course America has some bad qualities who dosent? My dad is in the army and I have heard and seen many things. Of course America can be bad but I see only the government to blame. I believe that the "good" qualities of America outweigh the "bad"

I am looking forward to this debate.
Debate Round No. 1


I myself am looking forward to this debate.
I understand that a nation is not perfect, but when a nation continues to do the same actions in a similar pattern one begins to wonder. lets put it like this. Lets say im the usa and your another country. You have a certain amount of cookies, those cookies are what makes you prosper. I see you have those cookies, is it right for me to take those cookies even though i have other things i can sell? Lets say you and a neighbor are having a heated discussion and i ( the US) intervenes even though i have no political gain nor ally in this confrontation. Am I i justified to intervene rudely and pick a side? Lets say your country has a revolution is it right for me to intervene or even put an embargo because i don't like your government? The United States has numerous faults that are purposeful for their own greedy gain.


Opening Argument-

U.S. Foreign Aid and Assistance-

"I see you have those cookies, is it right for me to take those cookies even though i have other things i can sell?"

Im assuming you mean that America wrongfully steals from othe countrys with nothing to give back right? Well perhaps it is "unfair" that dosent make us entirley bad or the only ones to do it. I would counter that America sends a lot of aid to other countrys either for its own benefit or others.

Foreign Military Financing: Foreign Military Financing refers to congressionally appropriated grants given to foreign governments to finance the purchase of American-made weapons, services and training. Since 1950, the US government has provided over $91 billion in FMF to militaries around the world. The vast majority of these funds goes to Israel and Egypt to reward them for making a cold peace in 1979.

Economic Support Fund: Congress established the economic support fund (ESF) to promote economic and political stability in strategically important regions where the United States has special security interests. The funds are provided on a grant basis and are available for a variety of economic purposes, like infrastructure and development projects. Although not intended for military expenditure, these grants allow the recipient government to free up its own money for military programs.

International Military Education and Training: International Military Education and Training (IMET) grants are given to foreign governments to pay for professional education in military management and technical training on US weapons systems. Over 2,000 courses are offered, including some on human rights and civil-military relations. This program is said by its proponents to promote positive military-to-military contacts, thereby familiarizing foreign officers with "US values and democratic processes," though critics argue there is too much emphasis on military skills and not enough on human rights. The Expanded IMET program offered to certain states only focuses on the latter.

Counter-Narcotics Assistance: Through International Narcotics Control programs, the US government provides funds for military equipment and training to overseas police and armed forces to combat the production and trafficking of illegal drugs. These funds are generally dedicated to the export of firearms and the refurbishment of surveillance aircraft, transport planes and helicopters.Additional counter-narcotics training and equipment is provided by the Department of Defense, the Drug Enforcement Agency and other agencies. In recent years, human rights abuses by military and police units receiving this aid - especially in Colombia - have intensified criticism of the program.

Non-Proliferation, Anti-terrorism, Demining, and Related Programs: This category of funding provides resources in support of a variety of security-related foreign policy objectives. Funds go to nuclear non-proliferation programs, anti-terrorism aid, demining activities, and - a new item in FY 2001 - small arms destruction programs.

Work Cited above

With this I would suggest that America gives a descent amount of aid to other countrys and has made multiple programs to do so sucessfully.

Americas "intervanance" in conflicts-

"Lets say you and a neighbor are having a heated discussion and i ( the US) intervenes even though i have no political gain nor ally in this confrontation. Am I i justified to intervene rudely and pick a side? Lets say your country has a revolution is it right for me to intervene or even put an embargo because i don't like your government?"

I think by heated conflict and taking a side your refering to Isreal affairs Vietnam and Korea.

In Vietnam the North Vietnamese oppressed and killed numerous Southern Vietnamese to spread its Soviet like Communism around the country. America steped in considering this was part of The Cold War to aid and support the people and establish a democracy to create freedom and equality in Vietnam. The only problem was lack of support and sympathy from the American public.

In Korea nearly the same situation was in place. America and the UN both fought for the South Koreans to help them fight back against the North Koreans who wanted an all government state.Today if you compare South and North Korea you will see more freedom and equality in the South but poverty, genocide, oppresion, and famine in the North. Even though Vietnam independently is functionol if America had not taken a side you would see an oppressed Korea.

Of course America made mistakes but does that mean a bad title for intervening and taking a side make them bad?

Also by trade embargo I think you might be refering to Cuba right?

Cuba was allied with the rivals of America and rumored missles and supplys from the USSR were being supplied to them were true and needed direct action. Americans were threatened and a corrupt leader like Castro needed to be isolated so no bad thngs would occur. So trade with them was blocke and a blockade was formed. Does isolating an conflicting dangerous nation make America bad for protecting themselves?

I argue that some of the "rash" actions taken by America can be justifed and do not make America bad.

Debate Round No. 2


You misinterpreted the analogy, but we'll continue. America has always been corrupted this is even admitted by your own historians. And it is even corrupted those who are suppose to be closer to the People. Mayors, governors, and congressmen are common shining examples of corruption. From every economic sector the americans have managed to lie,cheat, and corrupt. This is known by the rest of the world but ironically not by the american people.

America is also known for being a great borrower of money yet a horrible country for honoring the agreement with the other countries This itself spells trouble for american citizens, their own country cant protect them from the wrath of the creditors .

The american political system is so corrupt that because of the two party system Germany has five parties. This two party system has made it easy for corruption to take place. How? Because nobody 'checks' the parties. The sudden shift in Pro Democratic party.

The Americans are all in all a sad mess. ( People pay more attention to pornography in the US then they do to their nations state. The american media is so pro sex yet so con family its sad that you guys continue to consider yourself a world power.

The only thing that is well taken care of is your military but thats only during duty. Off duty your soldiers are ruthless barbarics with no care in the world. The american military has more cases of rape among their ranks and sucide then your civilian population. Your chain of command is hierarchal mess. And your communication during non duty is horrid.

the eduction system *face plam (department o communication? the idea of common core)


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Debate Round No. 3


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Debate Round No. 4
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