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America needs more socialism.

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Started: 6/9/2016 Category: Politics
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The United States of America is facing a variety of economic issues. The country is currently 19 trillion dollars in debt which is quickly rising. 99% of the country owns 1% of the wealth, which is a worse wealth distribution than France's wealth distribution before their revolution in the late 18th century. Kids are leaving college with a world of financial problems due to extremely high college tuition. All of these problems are caused by capitalism and corporatism, which are two concepts that have been taken too far in America. When I say America needs more socialism, I DO NOT mean that it needs COMPLETE SOCIALISM (COMMUNISM). America needs more socialism in order to solve these economic issues.
Socialism can be defined as the public owning means of production, which are land, labor, and capital. The best way to incorporate more socialism in America is raising taxes on the 1%, significantly. However, this shouldn't be done to the point where it causes everyone's net income to be too similar. This would be a communist practice, and might cause lack of motivation to work hard in school and receive a high paying job. However, the taxes should be raised to the point where the 99% eventually becomes somewhere around 70%. Welfare could also help narrow the range. With a narrowed wealth distribution, poverty and homelessness would decrease, as well as the power of rich business owners and corporations.
Raising taxes on the 1% would also help decrease the US debt. Once that number hits around 24 trillion, the government will be forced to go into default and another Great depression would occur.
Again, college must be paid off by taxes. All levels of education below college are paid off by taxes, so why not college? These large expenses are wasting the potential of smart and capable students with families of low income. Middle class families must face a great amount of financial problems due to high college tuitions. For example, my LA teacher will continue to pay off his college debt until 2024! That's ridiculous!
In conclusion, incorporating elements of socialism would be best for the well being of the United States. The biggest reason for the amount of capitalism in the US is that people tend to support what best suits themselves. This is why it is unlikely that wealthy business owners would ever want to pay higher taxes. What they don't realize is that they make a very small portion of the US, and a government in an economic crisis affects everybody. Thank you for reading!


Socialism is what's killing us amigo!
Debate Round No. 1


Can you tell me why? In debates, you should support your claims with evidence.


harrytruman forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


It appears that my opponent has forfeit and didn't provide evidence for his claim.

bballcrook21: You are absolutely right about that section of my argument. I meant to say that raising taxes on the 1% could level the government spending that comes with socialism. I was tired and didn't know what I was thinking. Aside from this flaw in my argument, I stand by the rest of my evidence.

I thank my opponent for accepting my debate. Hopefully he will provide some evidence in the final round, but that seems unlikely. I am still new to and look forward to improving my debating skills (Note: Provide sources!! xD).


That was just round 1, anyway, we need less socialism because all of the issues you presented were caused by socialism!

Our deficit is a result of wasting all this money on socialist programs.

People are poor and have no jobs because the government is making it impossible to start your own business, is preventing drilling for oil, and taxing the crap out of the middle class.

Also, colledge shouldn't be payed off by taxes, college is so expensive because there is no competition.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by migmag 2 years ago
Socialism is MUCH better for EVERYONE who makes LESS than 6 figures
Posted by edawg99 2 years ago
Please vote pro since con forfeited a round and provided no evidence.
Posted by harrytruman 2 years ago
I didn't forfeit a round, I posted that in round 2, this things is crap.
Posted by OlaNordmann 2 years ago
While the instigator is making the argument that taxes should be raised, the contender is arguing a a different point - against socialist programs. Whilst they are somewhat relative it isn't necessarily the case. Even if you make the case that America shouldn't increase their socialist programs, that doesn't mean that tax levels need to be reformed. It's a completely different point, and for that matter this really isn't a debate.

Living in a social democracy my opinions may be somewhat biased. I do always try to eliminate my own bias and approach any issue from a rational, neutral point of view. However, I just don't see the contender making any good points. Just the regular "anti socialist" american propaganda based on absolute fiction and not actual problems more socialist countries face.

Also, to clearify a misconception americans often fall into about tax levels. The rich aren't taxed higher for every dollar. Tax percentage are fixed to tax brackets; for instance, the lowest one being 10 % (before deductions) up to about 18,000 dollars/yr, 15% up to 75,000 dollars/yr. If your income is higher then the first bracket, you will only be taxed higher on the ADDITIONAL income that will fall into the latter brackets. For the first 18,000 dollars the tax level is equal even if you make more or less then that. When big cats are complaining about tax percentage of 40 % that isn't the effective rate of income tax.
Posted by bballcrook21 2 years ago
Just to point out some things, it's preferable to respond to me in the comments, rather than in the debate itself, but judging the fact that your opponent forfeited, it doesn't matter anymore.

Raising taxes on the already very highly taxed rich will only stunt economic and job growth while giving them more incentive to move their money to other nations.
Posted by bballcrook21 2 years ago
I would HAPPILY debate this with Pro. Send me a debate if you would like, as Con isn't going to write anything useful as it seems.
Posted by bballcrook21 2 years ago
Ha, starts with 19 trillion in debt and says we need more government spending.
Posted by TheWorldIsComplicated 2 years ago
I believe socialism is a bad thing, but con hasn't given us a reason to support him.
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Reasons for voting decision: While I disagree with Pro, Pro gave more information. Con gave little to know information. Con didn't prove any of his points.