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America needs more socialism.

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Started: 6/9/2016 Category: Politics
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Round 1: Rules and position clarification.
Round 2: Opening Statements.
Rounds 3 and 4: Evidence/Rebuttals
Round 5: Closing statements.

I will be arguing that America needs more socialism. Best of luck to my opponent!


Nope, we need less slavery and theft.
Debate Round No. 1


America needs more socialism mainly because the country is facing a wealth distribution in which 99% of the country owns 1% of the wealth. With a more equal wealth distribution, poverty and homelessness would decrease, as well as the power of individual business owners. To improve the public ownership of capital, the rich need to pay significantly higher taxes, including college taxes. With socialism, more government spending could help smart and capable individuals reach their full potential, and this spending would be paid off by increasing tax rates for the 1%.


All of human history has shown your position to be a foolish fantasy. Only capitalism frees people from poverty. Enslaving people to the state increases it.
Debate Round No. 2


"All of human history has shown your position to be a foolish fantasy."

First off, the word "fantasy" is the correct word to describe socialism and its benefits. The definition of fantasy is something that you imagine [1], and socialism is certainly not an imaginary concept. In fact, history has shown socialism to be beneficial. For example, extreme socialism (communism) caused Russia to come out of a period of time with a weak czarist government that was unindustrialized compared to the Western world. I am not saying that the US needs communism as the country is currently in a much different situation than WW1 Russia, although I have now proven socialism/communism has worked in the past to boost the economy, which is not a "fantasy". Socialism has also shown to be successful in modern societies, such as Denmark. Denmark is currently ranked #1 in the world in terms of the happiness of its people, and other countries that follow are Iceland and New Zealand [2]. These countries aren't considered to be "socialist", but they are some of the most socialist countries on the earth (excluding communist nations). Keep in mind this debate regards America becoming more socialist, not completely socialist.

"Only Capitalism frees people from poverty. Enslaving people to the state increases it."

This is completely untrue, as the goal of socialism is for the public to own means of production. It focuses on benefits such as free healthcare, free college, child care, etc. [3], as illustrated in Denmark. Capitalism causes poverty and homelessness because it focuses on private ownership of means of production, therefore the small amount people that own corporations and even smaller businesses hold most of the power. In the United States, the large amount of people that don't own businesses (99%) only contain 1% of the wealth, therefore a large portion of this population suffers financial problems. Communism enslaved citizens of China in the 1950's during the Great Leap Forward, although this debate doesn't regard communism, but rather regards an increased amount of socialism the the United States.




Name one country where the state owning the means of production has resulted in a economy that matches the GDP of the United States. Start with Venezuela.

And, btw, there is such thing as a free anything. What you propose is slavery to the state, period.
Debate Round No. 3


Considering you have provided almost no evidence for your claim, there is not much else to say. I have already provided evidence that more socialism would not be "enslaving Americans", as it actually does the opposite. Again, I am not suggesting that America become extremely socialist or communist., but rather MORE socialist. Communism often enslaves. Socialism wouldn't enslave people in a nation that contains too much capitalism, such as the US. The key is balance.

You told be to mention one socialist country that has a higher GDP than the United States. This question actually goes in my favor since Switzerland and Norway, two countries that practice a good amount of socialism, are currently ranked ahead of the US in terms of GDP per capita [1]. Venezuela is also a communist nation, not rather socialist like many economically successful countries in Europe. The question regards America becoming more socialist, not communist.



ViceRegent forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


It appears that my opponent forfeit this round. I believe I won this debate because I provided evidence for my claim that America needs more socialism, and sources were also used. My opponent made a variety of false claims, usually misinterpreting the debate as he often mentioned communism. He also didn't back up any of his evidence with claims or sources.

I thank my opponent for accepting this debate. I also thank all other viewers of this debate.


ViceRegent forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ViceRegent 2 years ago
Most of these mindless kids could not define socialism if their lives depended on it.
Posted by parkerwil 2 years ago
The United States doesn't need to be the next Venezuela.

The only equality Socialism gives out is everyone sharing in the misery it brings.
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