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America should become multiple (6-9) nations operating under an EU-style central government

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Started: 9/20/2014 Category: Politics
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Although as an American citizen I am (one way or another) going against the 2 amendment. Although Peirs Morgan challenged this topic on his show (and got hated for it); he was a bit extreme on things.

See, I don't believe in restricting WHAT gun an American citizen can own. However, The biggest challenge with firearms in the United States is getting them into the right hands. There are cases in which one with mental problems or a felony gets his hands on a gun (like how the Sandy Hook shooter did), but this happens rarely. It's getting firearms out of the hands of gang members and convicted criminals that is the challenge.

I propose this:

- Have more intricate background checks on people who want to posses a firearm.

- Do not allow people to conceal their firearm, but DO allow them to carry it in the open (guns are great deterrents)

- Require that person to prove they were member of a shooting range for two years (min) before they acquire that license

- DO require special (and more strict) licenses for those wishing to purchase a sniper-rifle, or heavy-duty machine gun, and make it illegal to use such weapons off their property(s) and gun ranges.

Although these laws seem awfully vague and hard to enforce... they a


First, I have no idea what your first round argument has to do with America splitting into 6-9 smaller nations and act as the EU does. Despite my agreeing with you on your proposed gun ideas, they are completely irrelevant to this topic. I would like to ask why you think that the US should split into multiple small countries? What is the benefit? How would borders be drawn? Would borders be open or are passports needed? You say they would be one central government, but the EU doesn't have a central government. We currently have one central government, but the nations of the EU each have their own government. How would the governments of these new nations really work? Does each nation have it's own Congress and President? If each nation had it's own government, what is to say that the governments would choose to work together? What happens when the extremely liberal nation in the northeast disagrees with the very conservative nation in the deep south. Will each nation have it's own army? Can each nation declare war on it's own? The EU doesn't declare war together, in fact they have fought wars within the EU. Over time, will the "nations" of America fight wars against each other? You would be taking one of the most patriotic countries in the world and dividing it. You would be taking one of the most powerful countries in the world and dividing it. Millions of immigrants come to America because of it's freedom and economic opportunity. They are chasing the "American Dream." Why would be destroy this country that so many view as the greatest country in the world? Not only is this plan unrealistic and not very practical, but it would anger and disgust many Americans, including myself. I am an American and I am extremely proud of my country. I firmly believe that this is the greatest country in the world and would not want to live anywhere else. Throwing away everything that this country has built up over the years would be just plain dumb. Why would you ever want to separate the UNITED States of America. Without real arguments and answers to most, if not all, of the questions I proposed I see nothing of value from you in this debate. Great arguments on gun control, but that is an entirely different debate.

Debate Round No. 1


ramramgeorge forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


ramramgeorge forfeited this round.


I guess this is it.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by DrRAC 3 years ago
The UNITED STATES by its very name contains 50 units, called states.

Every 2 years we elect or re-elect Congressmen, 2 per district, for a period of 2 years. These Congressmen propose legislation.

Every 6 years, we elect or re-elect Senators, 2 per state, for a period of 6 years. These Senators also propose legislation and approve/disapprove many Presidential appointees and other responsibilities.

Every 4 years we elect or re-elect a President for a period of 4 years to a maximum of two periods.

The President is term limited to 2 consecutive terms. His major obligation is to Administer the law and protect the US Constitution.

All these people are Americans, either native born or naturalized.

Adding a group of other NATIONS would provide no additional valuable balance to an already well-balanced political system.

The proposal seems somewhat quasi-utopian. However, I would point to another quasi-utopian system, the United Nations with its nearly 200 members, only 5 of which can determine if Resolutions ultimately get passed.

It is - kindly put - politically useless in that only its social, medical units have had genuine utility.

It was formed between the two World Wars ostensibly to PREVENT the massive destruction of future great - and not so great - military actions. It has failed in that objective - perhaps as expected given the general truculence of humans of whatever background.
Posted by dancampbell869 3 years ago
It's okay. I do agree with your gun control views though! This would have been a very interesting debate and I will definitely be giving time and thought to this topic. Thanks.
Posted by ramramgeorge 3 years ago
Forgive me for my first argument.

For some reason. Whenever you begin to setup the debate, you have this "preview argument" you get in the debate box. Right when I started to type in the box my computer crashed.

However, right when I got back on (assuming my debate got deleted automatically) this preview argument took my argument's place.

Forgive me. For technology is a real pain sometimes :(

The argument I posted in the first round is not my real argument, and since there is no real way to correct this, I forfeit this debate due to technical difficulties.

BTW Keenan the EU is more like a confederation with a slightly larger central government to prevent the EU from becoming an "articles of confederation America part II".
Posted by Keeyan 3 years ago
What exactly does your intro have to do with America splitting into smaller nations? And the EU isn't really a government; its more of an economic alliance.
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