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America should stay out of Israel-Iran relations, because both sides are wrong.

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Started: 3/20/2012 Category: Politics
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First argument is acceptance.


I accept this debate and will argue that the US should take a role in Israel-Iran relations

Other than that

Debate Round No. 1


I'm going to keep this short, sweet, and to the point. I have three main points that are hard to refute. Just for clarity, I am not an anti-Semite, nor am I a subscriber to Islam.

The Palestinians are correct when they say that the current state of Israel was artificially created. What I mean by this is that it wasn't fought for, handed over in a treaty, or any other way of naturally gaining land. The western countries gave this land to the Jewish people after the Holocaust, to which those who lived in the region had nothing to do with.

Getting in these relations only cause problems for the United States; it does little good. A majority of anti-American groups don't hate the fact that we're America, they dislike the fact that we like Israel. Staying out of these relations would save us billions of dollars and would keep Americans safe around the world. What does Iran have against us other than the fact we are strong supporters of Israel?

Both sides are to blame. It would be different if one side was brutally killing citizens in rocket attacks, or if one side was threatening to wipe the other off the earth, but both are. Both instigate the others. Both have threatened nuclear war, and from history we learn that Israel is not scared of going to war. Israel is just as wrong as Iran is.

In conclusion, it makes no sense for the USA to pick sides in this increase of tension.


I will argue that America should take a role in Israeli-Iranian negotiations, not necessarily a central role, but a role nonetheless. I will first address the Pro's arguments then introduce my own.

I apologize for taking so long, my life has been pretty hectic lately.

1) Israel was artificially created, but when Israel was created Palestinians were perfectly fine with it, and for a short period of time the two got along splendidly. But the Zionist movement caused problems, along with claims over the holy city of Jerusalem, territory lines, and displacement of Palestinians. Then in 1947 numerous predominantly Arab countries began acting hostile towards Israel, and war broke out very quickly. Israel though kicked plenty of a** and soon began to occupy territory originally designated for Palestine and its inhabitants. Over time though Israel still controls these lands, displacing people, and wars broke out numerous times.

Israel was established with backing from Palestine, it was only until a clusterf*ck of activities did such turmoil engulf both sides, and both sides did play a part in the current state of affairs today. So where does Iran come into play? see the next argument.

2) Israels conception was a little controversial to begin with, and the actions of both Israel and surrounding countries has been nothing less than problematic, but how does Iran fit into this equation?

Iran has recently emerged to become one of the biggest threats to destabilize relations in the Middle East right now. Threats to blockade the Straight of Hormuz and the possibility of ending Israel's nuclear monopoly over the region have caused a lot of worry for everyone over how much longer the temporary peace in the Middle East will last.... While its true that most people from the Middle East that hate us do so because of our support for Israel, Peace in the Middle East doesnt just affect the US or just Israel, it affects most of the world. Because the Middle East plays a large part in global economics regarding oil and natural gas exports, stuff that the world needs lots of, and at cheap prices too, peace in the Middle east is essential to allowing nations to have stable economies that are built partially off of foreign imports of such energy resources.

The reason that the US plays such a large role in these issues is because 1) we are already in the region due to Iraq, Saudi Arabia, and our alliance with Israel, and 2) The US has deep ties to Israel because for decades Israel was the window into the Middle East for information to the US. After 9/11 more attention was focused on the Middle East, and naturally the US only had one real ally in the region to support them, Israel.

Recently though the US has been on friendlier ground with other nations, most notably Saudi Arabia, Qatar, and Kuwait, nations the US gave protection to against Saddam back in the 1990's. The US has always been a part of issues in the Middle East, and that is still true to this day. American intervention into the Middle East has helped identify and wage war against terrorists, dictators, enemies, and others who were not just a threat to the US or Israel, but to the world or even their fellow countrymen.

Iran though, Iran has hated us for a long time and they have had a good reason to. The Us has a very colorful history of giving chemical weapons to Iran to fight Iran in the 1990's war those two had, the US also had previously installed a puppet government in Iran that was overthrown in 1979. The US has also had its share of issues with Iran that ended badly, particularly a couple of coups, a hostage crises, embargoes, axis of evil thing, etc.

Iran hates US for a long list of reasons, many of which are understandably justified. However the US still plays an active role in the Middle East, The US has always played a hand in trying to establish peace, and the US is currently the go to player for trying to keep the region in peace and not break out into possibly nuclear war.

3) Both sides are arguably wrong. Israel has ticked off its neighbors with some rocket attacks and settlements in areas they shouldnt be settling in here and there, Iran has its share of not abiding by UN protocols too. However just because both sides are wrong that doesnt mean we should turn our backs on both of them and pretend that whatever happens doesnt affect us because whatever happens WILL affect us, along with many other countries too. The factthat Iran may be going nuclear though and threaten up to 20% of the worlds oil supplies makes the Middle East a very important issue to be handled, and the US has had a larger and longer presence there than anyone else so it is unfortunately up to the US to handle such relations.

I personally dont like it, and neither do many other people, but at this point for the sake of the world the US should continue to mediate between the two nations about to ignite a powder keg, because if we turn our backs on them they could go to war, and that would be and for all of us
Debate Round No. 2


gmoney2013 forfeited this round.


I extend my arguments
Debate Round No. 3


gmoney2013 forfeited this round.


Vote Con :)
Debate Round No. 4
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who gave right to America lnvolve in israel- iran relations.
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This could be good...
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im not trolling this
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Imabench....please don't troll a legit topic.
Feel free to noob snipe, though.
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this could be trolled, as I could accept and define iran as a fat hippo.
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