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America should stop accepting immigrants for a few years.

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Started: 4/30/2017 Category: Politics
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Starting this one short. We need time to develop culture. Right now our Culture is Kim Kardashian butt and our national debate is tranny bathrooms. America is divided and mass flow of immigration is partly to blame.


Unfortunately, America doesn't have just one culture does it. It is a Multi-Cultural society.

So which particular Culture do you want to develop?

Let me take a wild guess and suggest you would like to develop Your culture.

So putting your proposition into it's proper context -

"America should stop accepting people who have a different culture to me, as my culture is the only one America should develop"
Debate Round No. 1


Cultures are developed using multiple outlets.
For example my culture was developed over time stemming from multi-cultures.

It's called the melting-pot and it only works if there is a pause on immigration.
America used to understand that up and until around the 1960s when they seem put profits over morality.

A society's morality and law is a side effect of it's culture.
In mexico the legal age of consent is 12 years old. For me this is wrong because my culture helps determine that moral belief.
It has gotten to a point where people are not integrating and they live in their own slice of pie not needing to learn English.
Yes, Even language is important because without proper communication it requires more resources to teach children.

To the point you were trying to make, YES my culture is better! I am a Culturist. If you think something is wrong with that i'd say there is something wrong with you.

We are America, So when we do take in people from other countries we should be picky about it.
Unlike our European immigrants that built this nation, the people coming here are coming to steal this nation and tear it apart. They all want to change it versus becoming American. Our language and culture is becoming more diluted.

Immigration hurts American workers especially BLACK PEOPLE who happen to be labor workers.
You see America first as some villainous racist statement and its not. At most it's tribal.

The whole idea that it doesn"t matter whether we bring in large numbers of uneducated people from socialistic countries with backward cultures where they don"t speak English or large numbers of highly educated people from capitalistic countries with Western cultures that speak English makes no sense. Yes, there are always exceptions to the rule, but unquestionably members of one group are much more likely to fit in, assimilate and add to the tax base than the other group.

Worse yet, America"s immigration system is family-based instead of merit-based. How does it make America better for us to favor someone"s uneducated Grandpa from a Third World nation over a rocket scientist in his late twenties from Israel or Australia just because Grandpa has a relative in the United States?


You've broadened the debate somewhat here so I'll only deal with points about the culture question.

Race - You haven't said whether you would like to preserve the racial makeup of your culture so this is just a statement and
not an argument against anything you've said. Anybody who seeks to preserve the racial makeup of their culture will
not be developing/protecting it, but will achieve something along the lines of Nazi culture. I don't think anymore needs
to be said about that.

Language - I do agree that America should have a national language, and that language should be the one it was built on.
English. However, the founding principle of America was one based on Individual Rights. So you can't force
someone to speak English or stop them from speaking Spanish.

However, what happens in a truly free country and what has happened throughout history, is that immigrants, out of sheer practical necessity, have eventually learned to speak English. Any immigrant who wants to make the best possible life for themselves will need to learn English as it makes them more competitive in a free market place.

However, one of the main obstacles to this is the Welfare State. This substantially reduces the need for someone to compete. If you are concerned about the language issue, I suggest you oppose welfare programs and welcome immigrants.

Lifestyle Preferences - This relates to your founding principle of the right to pursue your own happiness. i.e. The right to seek your own values whilst respecting the rights of others to seek theirs. Including immigrants.

The only culture to which anyone can have a right is a culture of respect for and protection of individual rights. Fortunately for those who love and want to preserve American culture, the principle of individual rights is the basic principle of that culture; respect for that principle is an essential characteristic of a true American; and foreigners who immigrate to America, for the most part, embody that characteristic.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by ElliottR 1 year ago
I didn't assume it. I explicitly said it wasn't about anything you'd said. However, I wanted to address it as some peoples idea of preserving a culture could include the race question.
Posted by Herooftheyear 1 year ago
Why do you assume i mean race? I believe its because you a predisposition from political rhetoric.
Black Americans are apart of the same culture as myself and have had about the same amount of time as Scottish whites to assimilate.
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Reasons for voting decision: I wasn?t happy with either side on this debate as they didn?t provide supporting information, or made convincing arguments. The only reason I?m giving the point to con is because both sides said America is multi-culture (not that either of them followed up on what being mult-culture means) Given that multi-culture tends to imply immigrants (more than one culture) I?m giving a point to con.