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American Football is better than soccer/football

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Started: 3/20/2015 Category: Sports
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American football is by far the better sport when compared to soccer/football of other countries. from the in depth strategy and technique to just the plain out physical game the american football is.


I thoroughly enjoy both sports, but soccer is clearly the better sport! Challenge Accepted.
Debate Round No. 1


so, point one. People can only do so much with kicking around a ball on a field towards a goal with so many people on one field. plus, then there is the fact that while some players do some pretty neat tricks there is nothing that is extremely impressive. In soccer you can't really have that big of a game plan, i mean what can you tell your players but "hey, go put the ball in their goal".


I was really hoping to get a much better argument out of my opponent. Pro's argument is that association football has no discernible strategy. This is a typically myopic view of somebody with minimal knowledge of the game. It's like somebody ignorant of gridiron football saying "why doesn't the ball carrier just keep running"? I think my opponent owes it to the sport to defend it with more than a laughably uninformed opinion.

I on the other hand grew up with American football and only discovered the European variety late in high school. Even though I still watch football, I prefer soccer.


Whether or not the happenings on the field are to one's liking is entirely subjective. Some people think baseball is excruciatingly boring; others consider it a "game of anticipation". It's neither better nor worse; it's just different. I think soccer is more watchable. In football, it bothers me that you never see the secondary. If the QB misses a wide open receiver down-field, you don't see it until a replay shows it. Once again, this is just my opinion.

On the other hand, an element objectively in soccer's favor is the uninterrupted play. Soccer has 45 minute halves with no commercial breaks except during the 15 minute halftime. Football has numerous stoppages. Whether it's one of MANY commercial breaks or just a dead ball, the 3 to 4 hour game usually contains only 10-15 minutes of ACTUAL playing. Soccer matches last inside of 2 hours, and at least 90 minutes of that is live action.


Association Football is by far the most popular sport in the world. I would hypothesize this is largely due to the fact anyone can play it and become great.

Soccer doesn't require much equipment. To play in an organized league, a player only needs shoes, shin guards, and some kind of jersey. There are no pricey helmets, should pads, thigh pads, or special pants needed. The field doesn't need nearly as much work as its American counterpart does. This makes soccer much cheaper to conduct, and therefore more appealing to poorer communities.

But what I think separates soccer from the rest is that it favors acquired skill more than any other attribute. To be in the NFL, you need to win the genetic lottery in the size department. The average player is well over 6' tall. In soccer, the best players in the world are people of much more modest size who practice a lot. Lionel Messi, widely considered to be the best in the world, is 5'7" and was born with a heart defect. Pele and Maradona were both around 5'8".
Debate Round No. 2


If you know what to watch for when watching American football then you would see plenty. With soccer yes it is all lot more popular and has less equipment. plus, soccer is like you said an easier thing to watch because you only need to watch the ball itself. American football gives you 22 players to watch and if you don't know what to look for you are thoroughly confused. the confusion there would lead to an uneducated opinion on what is more fun to watch and play. Soccer gives very little to the watching of an opponents film. There is no game plan needed besides get, keep, the ball then score. where as with American football you never truly know what to expect because there is so much detail in strategy to watch for and be prepared for. If you miss the slightest detail or timing in say a hand off with a run then you may miss the fake hand offs. etc


Once again my opponent just assumes that there is no strategy in soccer, as if repeating it will make it true. American football certainly has more strategy to it; every ten seconds the game stops and the coaches interact with their players. With soccer, the players themselves take a role in strategizing. The manager will lay out the overall formation and gameplan, but it's up to the players to control there fatigue, positioning, aggression and when to push forward to attack. The ability for a player to think strategically is vastly more important in soccer than football.

I'm really hoping my opponent will respond to my points or at least come up with some new ones. So far Pro's argument has essentially been "I don't understand soccer/I like football better." Remember, Pro has to show why football is BETTER.

And for the record, I've owned 8 Maddens, 5 NCAA Footballs, refereed football games for a season, and spent almost 20 years watching it on TV. I know what to look for.
Debate Round No. 3


American football isn't just players being told what to do. the players need to be able to think and react in a split second your coach isn't out there with you. yes, soccer players need and have to figure their game plan out themselves however, that is still easier to do than American football strategy is. my opponent also never said anything back about film watching so there I assume I am correct. I also will say that soccer is by far the more speedier of games between American football and soccer. yet, just cause you own and or owned games that doesn't mean you know anything about the sport nor does the watching of the sport for "twenty years" anyone can claim they know what to look for but in reality most don't. unless you live the game with a burning passion for the game you know not what to watch for. that being said I admit to me even though I played soccer for about 5 years I still know nothing of what I should look for in a game, just that it isn't the better sport to me and many others. I also have noticed from my own personal knowledge that soccer players don't get paid as much as American football players do, which is probably irrelevant. you seem to think that American football never gets going because it is constantly being stopped which is true in a sense, this being said that sense of trueness is just that the game is stopped when a play is over, injury, penalty, planning. yet, that is all done in a matter of seconds usually and no other sport besides maybe hockey is as fast pace when the sport is being actively played as is American football. both sports stop when necessary soccer less than American football but you seem to think that the reason for that is American football being the lesser sport but then I could counter that argument and say by not stopping more soccer is the lesser sport. both sports have half times which are like 15 minutes long for both sports, both sports have fans and are fun to play. American football is just the better sport in general.


My opponent has finally made an objective point as to why Football is better. From the time the ball is snapped to the whistle, those 22 guys are hard at work. That said, there are plenty of moments in a soccer match when all the players are giving maximum effort, such as when a breakaway occurs or on set plays.

I would just like to add a supplementary point in favor of soccer.

Soccer is by far the more sporting of the two games. Players and coaches rarely criticize the match officials, and when they do it's in a calm, respectful manner (otherwise discipline would ensue). On the other hand, the officials on a Football game will take a verbal beating. The kind of abuse that would get a coach sent off in soccer is par for the course in Football.

There are also numerous acts of sportsmanship found in soccer that are absent from Football. Whenever a player is injured and requires treatment, the ball will usually be voluntarily put out of play and returned to the possessing team. There are also instances like Miroslav Klose's admitting to handling the ball into the net which correctly let the referee disallow the goal. You are consistently reminded during soccer matches that there are more important things than winning.
Debate Round No. 4


You've made a point on the apparent lack of sportsmanship in American football. while yes there are plenty of times and people who have bad sportsmanship there are people who have pretty good sportsmanship. so, I would say that there people like that in all sports no matter how big or small the bad or good sportsmanship is it is there. the refs of any sport have the rules they have to make people follow but they all still have their own personal limits, this is seen when a ref does say remove a player from the game in American football or red cards someone in soccer. the amount of patience is all up to the ref him/herself, ultimately they decide whether or not someone can be a mouthy punk or if everyone has to keep themselves respectful. I also never said that soccer players don't exert themselves to their fullest, I know they do I was just pointing out that in American football you have no other option to be anything but your best otherwise you lose. In the end whether or not we have knowledge we throw into this debate this subject of what sport is better between American football and soccer is solely up to every person's personal opinion. that is why I believe very strongly that why soccer is a good and possibly fun sport, American football is by far the better sport.


"...this subject of what sport is better between American football and soccer is solely up to every person's personal opinion."

The motion of this debate is that Football is better than Soccer. That means showing criteria beyond personal opinion. Pro has not shown anything beyond his own personal preference for Football.

With the wording of the motion, Pro had to show that Football was better, meaning a neutral result would see the motion defeated. Given that Pro has presented so little on Football's behalf and I have presented objective, unrebutted arguments, a vote for Con is warranted under the debate guidelines.

Thanks to all those who participated in this debate!
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by Masonh928 2 years ago
Yeah, soccer is lame and needs to be banned lol
Posted by WisenessNotWithAge 2 years ago
I'm on the pro side seriously, soccer is lame.
Posted by CentristX 2 years ago
Please don't mess this up, Pro. :(
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