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American football is vastly superior to soccer in every conceivable way

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Started: 11/23/2014 Category: Sports
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American football is to soccer what chess is to checkers. Football has a richness and depth to its strategies that soccer is sorely lacking. It is more exciting, more challenging and more entertaining. It requires more intelligence and skill both to play and watch. The strategies needed in soccer can be mastered by a child in a few minutes. The strategies needed in football can take a lifetime to master and may, in fact, never be mastered by many. The physical and mental skills necessary for football are incredible. Those needed for soccer are ....."can you run"?
Soccer: boring to watch AND play
Football: mankind's greatest acheivement in the world of sports


I accept by the resolution

Resolved - American football is vastly superior to soccer in every conceivable way

American Football - a form of team game played in North America with an oval ball on a field marked out as a gridiron.

Vastly - of very great area or extent; immense:

Superior - of higher quality

Soccer - a game played between two teams of 11 players in which a round ball is moved toward a goal usually by kicking

Conceivable - Imaginable

So let's break this down.

(a) The BOP is on Pro
(b) Pro must show that football is monumentally greater than soccer in every imaginable way possible

If there is a way imaginable that soccer is equal of value to football or has a higher value than football, his BOP is not fulfilled. He must show that football is greater than soccer in every conceivable and imaginable way.
Debate Round No. 1


The ways in which football is superior to soccer could fill a small library, so I will not be able to describe them all in this limited format. I will touch on the three most obvious aspects.

A. Entertainment value

B. Technical superiority

C. Socio-economic effects

There are several key reasons that there is more entertainment value in the game of football compared to soccer. I will be discussing only three of the major ones.

1. Higher levels of excitement produced by suspense and tension integral to football that is missing in soccer
2. Strategic complexity
3. Greater physical talent of athletes

The concept of ball possession, of two separate squads denoted as offense and defense, is vital to understanding the rich wellspring of passion that ignite American Football. When offense has the ball, and there is a turnover, whether it be a fumble, interception, or a failed 4th down conversion, the tension is extremely high. Each one of those occurences in a football game is an explosion of turmoil, as indicated by the reaction of all the players both on and off the field, as well as the fans. By marked contrast, when there is a change of possession in soccer, it is an event as commonplace as purchasing a soft drink in the stands, and incites slightly less fervor from the observers as this mundane action.

Another reason for the dramatic tension so prevalent in football and sadly lacking in soccer is the use of time in football. Each play begins and ends in a clear and exciting way. Tension is built as players arrange themselves in a pattern opposite each other without ever crossing the line of scrimmage. Fans are breathlessly waiting as they watch what position the speedy wide receiver or bruising running back take. Will this be a quick snap and end run? Or a deep drop to attempt a long pass into enemy territory? Or perhaps a trick play with the ball changing hands multiple times? The defense watches with hawk like intensity, desperately seeking to catch any clue which will give them the fraction of a second they need to read the play, gain the advantage, and stop the offense from gaining ground. All this before the play even begins!
Once it does, all the players explode into action, pushing the limits of human speed, strength and coordination for a monumental struggle condensed into an extraordinary few seconds. The dust settles, the new line is drawn as losers and winners realign themselves for another battle. Truly, a large part of the fun of football is trying to guess, or often second guess, the play choices of each team in each different situation. The variations are endless!
In soccer, a drooling 9 year old with massive brain damage and coke bottle glasses could guess that some guy is gonna run over there and try to kick it in the net. Yawn...
The time clock is essentially meaningless in soccer. Even long time, die hard fans and soccer officials alike are clueless when it comes to the actual rules for time management in this game. The closest one can come to a coherent rule is as follows: " Keep playing until the enraged fans storm onto the field, demanding their money back for boring them for the last 3 and a half hours."
Scoring is yet another reason that football is so much more entertaining than soccer. Scoring is widely varied, 6 pts for a touchdown, 1 or 2 for extra point attempts immediately following. Field goals are 3 points. Safetys are 2 points. (defense can score!)
Scoring in soccer.....1 point. Always. This lends itself to an almost funeral like emptiness. Tragic. In football, it is incredibly entertaining to watch as teams try to determine whether to go for the touchdown or settle for a field goal. Do you risk a 2 point conversion? Do you eat up the clock with running plays, then kick it away? Or try for the long bomb and take your destiny in your hands, gamble on your teams ability to stretch the field and win in heroic fashion? This excitement is completely missing in soccer.


Strategically speaking, football is comparable to soccer in the way that a large group of engineers, architects, plumbers, electricians and laborers get together to build a skyscraper is compared to a mildly retarded 2 year old building a sand castle.....using it's own excrement instead of sand.
Football is infinitely more complex than soccer. Infinitely more demanding mentally and physically. The play calling in an offensive huddle requires knowledge of all the secret codes created FOR THAT SEASON ONLY, as well as an understanding of the positions of a given players teammates and opponents. The passing routes memorized by wide receivers, the complex routines that blocking offensive linemen must choreograph perfectly, the split second decisions required by multi talented tight ends and fullbacks when they go from blocker to receiver, all require not just great physical ability, but mental acuity as well.
The many games within the game of football could take volumes to describe with any justice. The offensive linemen versus the defensive linemen, otherwise known as the battle in the trenches, is half wrestling match and half mindgames. This miniwar is fought every single down between 350 pound plus men who could snap Lionel Messi in half and pick their teeth with his skinny leg bone.
Some of the other battles taking place are the duels between an ultra quick defensive back and a lanky wide receiver. They have to try to outmanuever and outthink each other constantly. The defensive safeties, meanwhile, are prowling deep up field, hungry to bring a massive load of muscle and bone into any offensive player foolish enough to drive deep into their territory. My favorite matchup is the cat and mouse game between the middle linebacker and the running back. The MIKE or middle linebacker, usually the leader of the defensive squad, has to oversee the whole field, ready to help out his team with a well timed tackle, but always has one eye on the elusive running back whose favorite pastime is squeezing through a crack in the defensive front line and ripping upfield for huge gains to the screams of his adoring fans. The MIKE likes nothing better than lowering his helmet and crushing the wind from the runningback as he makes his cut, jarring the ball loose and making the crowd cheer for HIM once in a while!
In soccer, well....everybody runs......and runs.....and runs.....

I have already described a few of the positions, so I will not go into too much detail now, but the comparison here is almost laughably one sided so a brief outline is all that is needed to appreciate the superiority of football over soccer in this category.
Requirements for a professional soccer player: "Can you run?" ok, you have the job. "What's that? You can kick a ball, too?" Not bad, but since each player only contacts the ball for a minute or two in an entire game, not really necessary.

Requirements for a professional football player: Like the sport itself, a rich and diverse answer!
Are you lightning fast? Defensive back
Are you huge and strong? Lineman
Can you run, out jump a kangaroo and have hands with the dexterity and skill of a safecracker? Wide receiver is your calling
Are you able run full speed while carrying a ball through a gauntlet of monstrous men trying with all their might to crush you and rip that ball out of your hands? Running back
What about...Quarterback?..Now you are talking a whole new level of athlete.


I'm not even going to refute pros arguments. As I stated in my acceptance, we are not debating if football > soccer in a on balance manner, but we are debating the fact that football is greater than soccer in every possible way. If there exists a way where soccer is greater than football in some possible way then the resolution is negated

C1) Cardio

Soccer requires so much more cardiovascular power than football that there is no comparison. In football you often get breaks in between plays or can go on and off the field depending on who is going to be used for a certain play. You get breaks and water when you switch between defense in and offense. You spend half the amount of time on the field in football than you do in soccer. Soccer is considered one of the most difficult sports that require cardiovascular training. [1]

C2) Endurance

Same concept but to maintain the level of cardio that soccer requires you need a great deal of endurance and your body needs to be able to run without stopping for great periods of time. As I stated in football you get breaks, water, and pauses while most times in soccer you are trudging up the field without a break and extremely fast paces and you don't get a break

C3) Global Reach

Soccer is famous and enjoyed all over the world. It's played in Brazil, Spain, Europe, and even America. You can think of more countries where it is played easily as well. The same is not true with Football in that sense. Football is primary enjoyed in America while Soccer has a global fan base. [2]

C4) Olympic Sport

Needless to say soccer is so relevant and viable that it is an Olympic sport where football is not.

C5) Less Strain on Body

Soccer requires you to be more fit than football but does not require the strength football does. Some may think that is a point for football but it is a point for soccer. Soccer is a better sport to keep your body health, build up some strong cardiovascular workouts, and doing so without the strain that football puts on you. There are also less injures in soccer due to this. Basically soccer allows you to be more healthy and have a stronger body without the downsides of football


In short Pro has to show that there is no possible way that soccer is not better than football in every conceivable manner. If i manage to show just one way in where soccer is better than football, I win.

Debate Round No. 2


Ok, unlike my opponent, who has admitted that there is no way to refute any of my arguments, I will crush each of his feeble assertions in the same manner that JJ Watt would crush Ronaldo if he ever dared step foot on a" gridiron. It won't take long. Then I can continue detailing the glory that is football.

"" C1 and C2 (c1 c2? Where did you get that? Never mind..... ) Cardiovascular and endurance: This is a misleading claim. Most soccer players are definitely NOT in better cardio shape than football players. The game may be more start and stop, but far more intense in every play. But even if this were true, this would not make soccer superior to football in any way. I must insist that my opponent stick to the debate at hand. That football is superior to soccer in every conceivable way. It is the superior sport. Water boarding gives great cardio and" breathing stamina but that does not make it superior to football. Soccer may be a great form of torture, more effective even than waterb o arding, both for the players and the fans, but it is not a superior sport. If my opponent wishes to compare tortures, he should start his own debate.

"" C3 the Olympics? Seriously? You seem to be on MY side of the debate with this one. A star football player will make millions for a decade, be very popular and famous for a lifetime. A star Olympic athlete will make a couple grand in perks for a year, than spend the rest of his or her life desperately seeking relevance in a world that has forgotten them completely before dying penniless and alone in a cardboard box in Vegas. In short,
being an Olympic sport makes soccer inferior to football, not the other way around. Badminton is an Olympic sport. BADMINTON. Score one for me on this one.

"" C5 Global reach. Ok, in what comparison of anything does the more common, everyday thing claim superiority? Is the penny superior to the $100.00 dollar bill? Is lead superior to gold? Why would the commonality of soccer mean anything EXCEPT that it is inferior? It is true that soccer is cheaper and easier to play than football. A mcdonalds hamburger is more global than a fine porterhouse steak. It is not superior. That proves my point: football is superior to soccer in every way.

C5 Less strain on body. Right. Because sitting in a chair is superior to football for the same reason. This is just silly. Soccer is less strain on a body than football, yes, but that is because it is inferior in every conceivable way. Sex with your hand is less stressful and less likely to end in injury than sex with a partner. I do not know of anyone that would claim the former to be superior to the latter. Except perhaps Mikal....but I will let our mature and insightful audience make the decision here.

On to the delights of the pinnacle of human sports on planet earth. Football. I was just scratching the surface of the abilities and demands on the players. The Quarterback position would need its very own section in a library of football, it is that deep and complicated. No position in any sport requires such a rare combination of size, speed, coordination, power, reflexes, reaction time, and intelligence. The decisions that a quarterback makes dozens of times a game would melt the brain of your average soccer player. Quarterbacks must throw a ball farther, faster and with more accuracy than any kick required in soccer. And that is just half the play! Then, it must be caught (caught!) by a man running full speed with other men trying to end his life as soon as he touches the ball.

In closing, I regret that I could not go into more detail. There is a lot of great football to watch today. Happy Thanksgiving everybody! I
believe that I have clearly shown the superiority of football vs soccer in every way. My opponent has failed to show any ways in which football is NOT superior.


C1 and C2 )

Pro makes an assertion that football requires more cardiovascular training than soccer. Which is false.

Cardiovascular exercise - uses large muscle movement over a sustained period of time keeping your heart rate to at least 50% of its maximum level.

It literally means to run for extended periods of times without breaks. Not even run but use use large amounts of muscle movement without getting much of a break (50 percent of its own level). Running by far is considered to be the most viable form of cardiovascular exercise. Anywhere you look running is considered to be the most viable type of cardio [1]. Coming from an 8 year workout buff myself I can attest this. Running is the best way to build up a great cardiovascular track. From there it's only logical as to which sport is better. Football you have breaks and pauses in between plays, breaks when the ball switches hands from defense to offense. Football requires more power but not near the amount of energy that soccer requires. Soccer participates run down the field without breaks for 15 - 30 mins sometimes, just with brief pauses to get the ball back in play. This is supported by sources in the past round but soccer is considered by most one of the hardest cardio sports that there is.

Cardio is one way soccer is conceivably better than football, and one which my adversary failed to refute. This point is literally uncontested other than my adversary making bare assertions without proof.

C3) Olympics

Pro literally drops the intention behind my point and dries to bring up money. That is not even the point I was making. Olympics tie in with my global reach point to show that soccer is adored by fans all over the world while football is generally speaking, an american sport.

C4) Global Reach

He uses an ad populum (Which I don't even think he's aware he made this point) to address my global reach argument. Basically asserting that just because a great many people like something, does not make it good. Population =/= value is the primary argument. Which fails to address the key point. This is true in a lot of scenarios but not when the contention itself is derived from preference. I am essentially asking which sport is preferred by the high majority, and the answer to that is soccer. So while this may seem like a question an ad pop can answer, it really doesn't because it is actually provoking preference and the majority which is what an ad pop relies on. A majority of people support and like soccer in all types of countries while football is strictly an american thing.

C5) Less strain on body

He fails once again to address this point. This point is based on health impacts. Football has a high strain rate on the body and has one of the highest injury rates in sports. View this graph [2] At first glance it seems like other sports have more injuries but you have to compare the actual number of people playing the sport. When you break this down on a per 100 level, football nearly double the amount of injuries soccer has. Injuries occur on a more regular basis in football than soccer [2]. Which once again pro has failed to contest


Pro fails to affirm the resolution because I have provided 5 ways in which soccer is conceivably better than football. Res negated.

Debate Round No. 3
16 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by Rickenbacker4001 2 years ago
I was robbed! Mikal's mother is the only vote? This system is corrupt!
Posted by Moso 2 years ago
I think soccer is better because of the fact that it is the most popular sport in the world that's why it has its own event and it is one of the important Olympic games. On the other hand even though football is fun to watch and interesting it has a little to do with using your feet, so the name makes no sense, and it is not played all over the world and it is not an Olympic sport.
Posted by DudeHouse 2 years ago
Well mirza smirza,

Collectively, in my opinion, my opinion is objectively better than other's opinions. And way to dance around the question in a conducive manner.
Posted by Mirza 2 years ago
Football. The point you are trying to make, DudeHouse, will not stretch far. You can dismiss what I said, but it will not change the fact that our views put side by side will not, certainly, be any better than one another. When, however, you move on to trying to convince someone of what is superior, you must often do so in an effective manner that does more than allude to your own feelings.
Posted by DudeHouse 2 years ago
Ojectively smobjectively Mirza,

Let me ask u a question, what ball is shaped more like an egg.... a football or soccer ball?
Posted by Mirza 2 years ago
Introduce to me a reasonable argument, then. You cannot. Watch what you enjoy, but think not that your opinion is objectively true, or true for most people if based on experience.
Posted by DudeHouse 2 years ago

I'm telling you what you what your opinion should be, not what it is.
Posted by Mirza 2 years ago
DudeHouse, It is a legitimate interpretation of the resolution. Read it again. As for the rest of your comment, keep in mind that you being unable to get entertained by soccer doesn't mean it has zero value in the area of entertainment. If personal experience determines the value, then you are clearly wrong, as billions of people happen to like soccer.
Posted by DudeHouse 2 years ago
I hate it when people try to win on technicalities. Soccer is better because the player are in better cardio shape? Really?

I played soccer since I was 5 years old, and played in high school too. I still can't stand to watch a game. Great workout, and fun when you're playing, but watchability, it has 0 value.

American Football - amazing to watch, and that's all that should really matter in professional sports.
Posted by Mirza 2 years ago
Rickenbacker, At first, I was disappointed with Con's response. I made the mistake not to carefully read the resolution; specifically this: "in every conceivable way." It is your duty to demonstrate that AF is superior to soccer in every conceivable way - NOT just in general. If Con manages to prove that there is even one way that soccer is superior to AF, he becomes victorious in the debate. It's important to word resolutions carefully, and elaborate upon them in the debate.
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