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American schools were designed off of jail.

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Started: 4/15/2015 Category: Education
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First round is for accepting. The next and final round is to prove why it was based off of jail or not. The Con has to successfully prove that it wasn't based off of jail and Pro has to prove that it was, at least most of it was.


I will accept your challenge.
Debate Round No. 1


Sorry, I forgot to mention that American schools are referring to American public schools.

1. School food is pretty much the same as prison food maybe a little bit worse. Even though prison food is at the cost rate of $2.62 per prisoner and students in American schools have the food cost about $2.68 per student. But this 6 cent difference doesn't mean anything if prisoner are fed more nutritious food than students. Students are getting less essential vitamins and mineral than prisoners, students being only served just half a cup of fruit or vegetables, compared with a prisoners' half cup plus one piece of fruit. They are also given less meat - a maximum of two ounces - while prisoners get three or four.

2. The head counts in prison are like the attendance checks that the teachers have to do in the morning. To make sure that there isn't any prisoners/students missing or if they don't make it to the counting place/classroom in time they will receive disciplinary action. For prisoners it can be physical punishment, punitive segregation, losing visitation privileges, restricting visitation privileges, monetary restitution, water deprivation, reducing shower privileges and extending sentences. For students repeated tardies or absents without an excuse can result in email home, conference between teacher and parent, or detention.

3. The prison warden and the principal of the school has similar jobs. A prison warden seeks to maintain the fair and safe operation of the prison at all times. He or she enforces rules, regulations, policies and laws regarding incarceration and employee conduct, and maintains records of infractions by staff or inmates. The warden also coordinates the response during crisis situations, such as an emergency, a riot or a natural disaster. The principal does the same except for he or she does this for a school. Also in order to be a warden or a principal it is required for you to have some sort of experience and a bachelor's degree.

4. Like in prison there is a black market like thing in schools. In prison, prisoners use a complex barter system. Prisoners who want something that can't be purchased at the commissary, such as better books, illegal drugs, nicer clothes or a weapon might trade cigarettes, commissary stamps or personal protection from other inmates to get what they want. These outside items might be smuggled in by visiting relatives or guards who make their own profit from the black market. In some cases, inmates have produced bootleg alcohol or illegal drugs inside the prison itself. Every since the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act was passed kids in schools in America kids have been smuggling in candy, soft drinks, and like objects to school trading with things such as pieces of paper with monetary value and can affect your grade for certain teachers or with things like homework answers.

As you can see from my arguments it obvious that American schools were based off of jail. Thank you and please vote for Pro.



Baconface2000 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2
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