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Americans are eating to much,have less exercise and obesity is on the rise.

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Started: 8/14/2013 Category: Health
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I believe that Americans are eating to much,have less exercise and obesity is on the rise.

My 1st point is that there serving sizes are just way to big.The bigger the serving size the more food, which means the more fat or food gets inside you.Now I know other countries eat way to much as well BUT America is one of the main ones.In New Zealand our large Cokes are Americas small size.

If you clicked the link you would have seen a image showing different portions.Now I can tell you that the smaller ones are in other countries such as New Zealand and Australia and the bigger portions are Americas.

Now you may say that some people don't go and eat at take aways,but if alot of people are obese in America than it means that most people are eating un healthy food and are going to restaurants and food courts.

America also has alot of technology and and instead of going to lay outside in the fresh air there sitting on there butts playing games on the computer.

If you clicked on the link you would have seen an article the percentage of how many people are obese and that they DON'T EXERCISE.

In conclusion America is eating to much,Have less exercise and Obesity is on the rise

Thank you.


Can I firstly start by correcting your atrocious grammatical errors.

'Americans are eating to much' should really be 'Americans are eating too much'.
That's a noob error, really. Maybe the problem is with the NZ education system?

But onto my point.

How much is too much? The GDA is around 2000 kcals for women and 2500 for men. But just because someone gives you 'advice' it doesn't mean you should follow it. If you want to eat tons, then it isn't 'too much' according to how much you want. If you wanna eat, why shouldn't you eat? You insist on comparing the US to New Zealand, they are two separate countries; US is more commercial and there are more fast food establishments than in New Zealand. But what if NZ aren't eating ENOUGH?

Your title says 'have less exercise'. Less? Less than what/when/who? Less than 10 years ago? 20 years? 100 years? Or less than 'advised', and we've already talked about that. Or less than NZ?
Who says New Zealand is the figure of perfectness and that we should all follow the Kiwi diet of...well..what DO you eat down there?
Eating less isn't always a good thing. There are a lot of fat people in the US, but there are a lot of PEOPLE in the US. America does REALLY well in the Olympics, there are a ton of athletic, strong, slim, talented people from the US; you forget to give them a mention.
Debate Round No. 1


My 1st point is that I wasn't saying that New Zealand is so great and so healthy that America should learn from us.I was comparing the two countries.I only compared New Zealand and America I also compared Australia and America.

Americans have stopped exercising when technology started to take place.

I never said that New Zealand is the figure of perfectness.New Zealand isn't perfect, but America isn't perfect either and by the looks of it, America cant take criticism.

New Zealanders don't eat as much as Americans do. They have the right portion for the average diet.Who needs a gigantic burger for themselves? Like I showed you in the 1st round, the portion sizes there,are 10x bigger than other countries burgers.
Its fattening and shocking to other countries,because of this America is feeding all of its corn to fatten cows to make burgers.But in reality all that corn can be used to take away starvation in Africa. Thats a fact.

You said how much is to much? To much is Americans portion sizes.The New Zealand,Australia,Middle east and Fijian diet have just enough food for what they need.So what im trying to say is that we have portion sizes that are enough for us and our bodies, but Americans over eat.

Now im not saying for Americans to eat only a little bit of food, but to eat food that is good for say there adult diet or teen diet.

As for the fit Olympic Americans who are talented.Well all of the countries have talented fit people.Yes there are strong,talented athletic people in America.But there are also obese Americans as well.If you look in the article I sent in round 1 you would have seen statistics of how many people are obese in America.

Also you said something about the New Zealand education system.Well stick to the moot.The people who are reading the debate will see the errors you don't need to point them out.So what I put to much instead of too much big deal.

Also in America there is a MacDonald shop in every corner.You don't need a MacDonald in every corner.

Also 30% of the worlds obese people live in America and 70% of all fast food CEO head quarters are based in America.
America has also introduced the Carl's Junior burgers to New Zealand and recent studies have shown that with one burger you can put up to 5kgs of weight on.And the oils that are used have serious health implication.

Therefore Americans are eating TOO much,have less exercise and obesity IS on the rise.

Thank you.


Let me start by saying that I am a Grammar Nazi. Your arguments make me CRINGE; of course, I will slip up every now and then but your argument is LITTERED with mistakes.
You have still failed to address the flaw in your title, the part: 'have less exercise'. Less exercise than whom, exactly?

' the looks of it, America cant take criticism [sic]' This seems to be a poke at ME, saying I, as an American, cannot take criticism. Let me assert the fact that I am NOT an American, I am a Briton and I'm capable of taking criticism but I am not capable of watching you slag off 320million people because you have been tripped up by the media who insists they are a nation of uneducated, overweight idiots.

'New Zealanders don't eat as much as Americans do. They have the right portion for the average diet' Hmm... average diet? For who? Oh yes! A New Zealander, because you guys are so perfect and we could ALL take a leaf out of your book.

'Its fattening and shocking to other countries,because of this America is feeding all of its corn to fatten cows to make burgers.But in reality all that corn can be used to take away starvation in Africa. Thats a fact. [sic]'
Again...the rhetoric! This is SUCH a left-wing take on the issue. Why should we give corn to Africa? Whenever we give money to these governments, they spend it on themselves because they are all corrupt. Giving them corn is only going to help Mugabe fund his next banquet with his other evil associates.

You said 'To much is Americans portion sizes. [sic]' But this isn't addressing my question, you're just slagging off America again.

Also, you failed to answer my point about Olympians. The US claimed 104 medals in the Olympics...NZ only 13...

'Also in America there is a MacDonald shop in every corner [sic]' That's not quite true either, my dear, have you ever been to America? I've visited New York, even though it's a big, BIG city, there is not a McDonald's round every corner. The intersections of 9th Avenue and W14th St all the way up to W49th St are entirely McDonald's free...look for yourself.

'70% of all fast food CEO head quarters are based in America [sic]' Your point being what? Most Hollister factories are in Vietnam, doesn't mean all the Vietnamese go around in designer brands.
Debate Round No. 2


sahaam forfeited this round.


So...thanks for the debate. But PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE correct your grammar. It's 'too'. How difficult can it be?!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by dawndawndawndawn 4 years ago
As a fitness professional, the starting point for most of these ideas makes me
get out my soap box.
P'r'haps I shall makey debatey
Posted by SeanCEyler 4 years ago
also, saying that eating 1 burger can add 5kg (11 lbs) of fat to your body, is rediculous. Those Carl's Burgers only contain up to 1 lb of meat (+bread and vegetables), how can a person gain 11 lbs from 1-2 lbs of food? They can't. Just from my personal experiences, there are 2x as many gyms/fitness centers in the city where i live, than there were a few years ago. At my university, there are several times the amount of people going to the gym now than when i started. There are more healthier food restaurants and food trucks than there were 5 years ago. Every major public athletic event sells out now. i.e. the broad st run sold out in 4 hours, and had over 40,000 people running. the philly tri-rock triathalon sold out. The jogging trails around the city are consistently more populated every year. (i've been using them for 5 years)

and the scale for BMI was recently changed. They moved the numbers down to encourage people to reach for lower weights in an attempt to pressure obese and overweight people to lose more weight. my father went through a period where he was working to lose weight. he was at the 'normal' level, and then the next time he went for his check-up, despite having lost another 5 lbs, he was technically 'overweight'. Everything is relative.
Posted by SeanCEyler 4 years ago
and I could find an equally valid study showing the opposite. Just because you found it for free on the internet, doesnt mean it is 100% true. Unless every single citizen was studied, you can not get accurate results.
Posted by sahaam 4 years ago
to seanCEyler read the moot: Americans are eating to much,have less exercise and obesity is on the rise.
Posted by SeanCEyler 4 years ago
The food debate is not about serving size or volume consumed, it is about quality. And you need to be more specific about the obese population within America. It's like starting a debate as to why everyone from NZ is as crazy and anti-semitic as Mel Gibson, and blaming it on NZ-ers drinking too much goat milk. Isn't fair, and doesn't make sense.
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