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Americans on welfare should be subjected to random drug screens.

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Started: 12/11/2013 Category: Politics
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Welfare is a government program intended to assist American families in financial distress. People that use this benefit to purchase illegal drugs should be denied welfare funding. People that use this money for illegal drugs are taking money from the American people and putting it in the pockets of drug dealers.


Though I believe that poor people are ruining our country, you have to feel sympathetic for them. Unlike you and me, Hispanics and African-Americans can't afford cocaine. Without drugs, they'll be even more violent than they are now. The last thing we need is more savages running through our streets, coming into our house to rob us because they have to be taken off welfare for failing a drug test.

Also, look at what Jesus said in Angelo 4:13.

"Over thy seas, as I watch the disciples drown in their own sorrow, I fear of their escape from my control. For I shall take a stake if I have to, and write thy name of my own father into their skin if I must, but, he hath allowed the marijuana plant to be emitted from our land, into the bodies of thy disciples."

What Jesus was saying is that as long as you believe in God, you can smoke weed. For many of these people on welfare, God is all they have left. Allow them their drugs.
Debate Round No. 1


1) Religion doesn't belong in American politics. It's a place for logic, factual information, and common sense that should be used to make decisions that will benefit the American people as a whole and not just a particular social class. America is a country of free religion, and what maybe a moral decision in one religion may not be a moral decision in another.
2) Poor people are not ruining this country. It's the rich and privileged that are ruining this country.
3) Welfare recipients aren't the only ones that should be tested, it should be any one that is using government benefits for illegal drugs.
4) "Savages" running through our streets will be dealt with by law enforcement.
5) Hispanics and African Americans aren't the only people that use illegal drugs.


Okay, how will we afford to drug test everybody? That will cost billions of dollars, taxpayer money, bro. You're worried about taxpayer money going to drugs, well it'll cost double to keep em off drugs.
Debate Round No. 2


The cost will be expensive, but not as expensive as one might think. The testing would be random and rare. Less than 100 tests per year in all 50 states. If we legalize marijuana we will save over $7 billion in funds spent on enforcing marijuana prohibition. We would also create over 60 billion in additional tax revenue for the taxing of it. There really aren't as many people on welfare using drugs as one may think, but there are some. I would actually like to see random drug screens conducted on all people that receive money from the government. I receive money for the G.I. bill every month to go to school. All I have to do is get a good grade and I get paid. I have heard of people using that money for illegal drugs. The problem isn't just in the lower class, and in fact it's actually more prominent in the middle and upper classes. I honestly think that the legalization of marijuana will reduce the amount of people that fail drug screens because marijuana wouldn't be tested for. I think that if a person is wanting help from the government, then he needs to use that help responsibly.


If we rarely did it people would still use drugs. Nothing would change. And we can't afford to do it to everyone. Let's just keep everything how it is.

Can't we all just get along? Or have we forgotten the words of the Reverend King.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by GoverningDynamics 3 years ago

I see your point, However... suppose you do impose this rule and everyone failing the drug test loses welfare. Do you really want to support a position that would literally created circumstances mirroring those of a third world country? (ex, starvation, child labor,etc) That will happen if you take people off welfare. Also, drug addiction is a disease. Not only is it a disease but it is MOST prevalent in poor populations...hence people on welfare! So, you will also be supporting a position that punishes the sick! Again, I see your point but is it really better??? #dilemmasdilemmas
Posted by chunkysoups 3 years ago
Honestly... Con... Your argument is slightly inane. Jesus-speak is entirely irrelevant and may only serve to increase emotional appeal of your side. I am not sure how you see it as evidence. Also, your argument makes it seem like you are just giving in to terrorism. You say "Let's give them drugs so that we can get them off our back," when it is a better idea to take them off of drugs so that they may have an opportunity to maintain a stable job and not have to rely on us to pay for them. If they commit a crime because they are suffering from symptoms of withdrawal, then at least they might realize that they screwed up a bit... Stop trying to control the world, liberals. Thanks! :P
Posted by Ragnar 3 years ago
Welcome to the site.

I hope you have a counter argument ready when someone brings up the cost of drug testing.
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