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America's Two Party System.

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Started: 4/23/2012 Category: Politics
Updated: 6 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Con will argue that political divisions in America are detrimental and should be abandoned for for a non-partisan system.

Pro may argue that the Democratic and Republican parties are beneficial.

First round not acceptance, though final round is a 500 character max closing statement. This is so each side gets 3 full rounds to debate.

No semantics
No trolling

Reminder: Other governments should not be referenced in this debate; no other country has a comparable mentality. This goes for both sides.


it is in my opinion that the American government's democrat and republican parties is a very good thing in the constitution that sets balance to the American Government.
for example, back when the american government was first set up, their were three parties, Democrats, Republicans, and the Whig. if your views were not democratic, or you didn't agree with them, you could go over to the Republican side of the government. Whig is not imporant because they are basicailly neigther party. it balances out the government and help gives something both parties are happy with
Debate Round No. 1



Pro fails to justify any of his statements. He
essentially says “It is good because it’s balanced,” which it is not. It shifts
with the will of the people, as it would without the parties.

And later:

“It adds variety because people can’t change
their views without a party to guide them,” a statement that is blatantly
incorrect. I will proceed to argue that the party system inhibits a person’s
ability to adjust their ideologies.

Oppression of thought-

Political divisions essentially stop democracy by
shutting down independent thought.

Effects upon thought the legislative branch: The recent budget plan
passed through the house with no Democratic support. This not to say that none
of the 190 democrats in the House of Representatives would have supported the
bill had it been presented without any predisposition; I firmly believe the
opposite. Rather, the Democrats were afraid of voting against party lines;
afraid to piss off their base. Many fewer republicans may have supported the
bill also, but they feared the onslaught of negative press that they would have
received had they would receive for voting for what they would truly believe to
be best. Political parties essentially bully representatives into forfeiting their votes.


Effects on the general populace: News organizations rule over our
country’s democratic process in that they have a stranglehold over many voters
in the same way that drugs control addicts in that once a person has been inducted
into a school of thought they only look to confirm their beliefs. Republicans watch Fox and become even more conservative; Democrats watch NBC and become even more liberal. This continues until both
sides are hopelessly brainwashed, incapable of fairly considering the opposing
view. When neither side is willing to consider the view of the other,
conversation fails. This breads misunderstanding, which breads hatred and division.

Effects on progress in the legislative branch: Like the general
populace, Senators and Congressmen quickly become incapable of considering the
opposite view due to their political orientation. Debates in the legislative branch
are often worse than useless: blind posturing that accomplished nothing: the
words of the deaf landing on deaf ears. Made worse with Filibustering and other
wasteful tactics, the Senate and The House of Representatives are two massive
garbage bins into which we throw taxpayer dollars, dollars that could be used
to fund honest, open minded conversation if America abandoned the party system.


Political parties do nothing but divide America,
closing ears and destroying thought.

Vote Con!



i dnt have anything. i forfeit
Debate Round No. 2


Continue all arguments.


RyozoTabikashi forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Continue all arguments. There really needs to be a way to end a debate when one's opponent forfeits.


i am sorry for the lack of debate. i thought i had a solid argument, but i didn't. btwn that and graduation, i am terribly sorry
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Ixaax 6 years ago
Are you F*cking kidding me? He forfeits and it ends in a tie?
Posted by Poontanglife 6 years ago
I come from a country with 8 parties in the parliament, where 3 of those is in the government.
It works... creates better debate and much more diversity so that all different opinions are listed.
From a european viewpoint, the US is not very democratic.
Posted by brian_eggleston 6 years ago
Government by commitee, sounds like a good idea until you visit a country governed in such a manner.
Posted by InVinoVeritas 6 years ago
Completely agree with Con's standpoint. I look forward to reading this debate.
Posted by 16kadams 6 years ago
Agh, Republicans > Democrats, Constitution party > All
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