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An all out religious war in Syria is inevitable.

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Started: 10/13/2015 Category: News
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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There is no way forward to progress in this already moving furious war between pretty much every major and Syria.
The only way forward is war although technically some say that it is already happening.
A religious war is a war primarily waged by religious partisans to propagate or defend their faith. In terms of what is going on at the moment, this is already happening.


I disagree.

I will take your words for exactly what you stated, and so we will begin with the broad statement you stated that to move forward and progress there must be a religious war between the majority of "major" countries.

I will assume that by you saying "progress" and "move forward", you mean that the country of Syria be restored to peace in which the thousands upon thousands of refugees whom have fled the country in fear of their life and well being, be able to return to their life in their home country. It must be mentioned that in this debate we will not say that there also be a motive to improve the terrible human rights issues that have been spotlighted for years, but instead return the country to a type of "status quo." And by your statement, you are saying that for this to be accomplished, for peace to be restored, there must be a religious war between Syria and multiple other countries.

I will first contend the statement, "Religious War", in which I believe this is not what will restore peace and stability to a country already in unrest. Not only are you imposing a war between Syria and other countries, but that it will be stated we are not just at war with an unethical leader, but with the religion of the innocent civilians. To constitute a "Religious War" would be declaring war on the country, the minority terrorist group of ISIS that is a radical Islamic group that kills even other professing and practicing Muslims. In this war, you are saying it is a war on all - Syrians tyrannical leaders, innocent Syrian Muslims, and radical terrorist groups touting a religious name.

To do the above stated would then cause even more unrest in that countries with people of faith of the same faith being waged war on, also feel instating a sense of fear. And also relinquish to a backlash of others forming militias in the name of their religion to wage war on the "Major Countries."

It would also, for the United States, be for the first time in history declaring, "We Are Run By The Religion Of Christianity." And thus, in opposition of the Constitution of The United States imposing no religious aspects, starting a war within our own country of pitting the peaceful Christian against his humble Muslim neighbor.

Lastly, to declare a "Religious War" would put citizens of our country that is founded on individual liberties and freedoms, in direct opposition of the country if they do not profess the same ideology and stance. It would impose that all American citizens profess they are "Christians".

To do this would cause such unrest and collapse of Syria, but also innocent civilians and groups within our own country of the United States. To declare a "Religious War" would be detrimental to the national safety of American citizens both home and abroad.

A religious war is not the only way forward, and more so would get the opposite effect of what is even wanted to be completed. It would be completely futile.
Debate Round No. 1


BellStew forfeited this round.


I suspect my opponent forfeited due to seeing the misstep in his allegation. I never fault anyone for seeing their error and changing their opinion, that is the mind of a smart, intellectual, and well equipped person.
Thank you for your time and have a wonderful day.

Matt Steadman
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Berend 2 years ago
Drop ever single nuke on the nation. There, you stopped the religious war.
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